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Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll June 11th 2008

Day 2 on Palm Beach Island started with the promise of sunshine. I awoke early leaving Liisa to snooze away whilst I sat on the deserted beach watching the last of the sunrise with clouds of yesterday dissipating. I was rewarded with the company of a lone heron starring out to sea probably sizing up his next meal for practically a whole hour. The clouds were clearing nicely and the sun was breaking through so we headed to the coffee bar for breakfast around 11ish, which was a typical continental affair of pastries galore, brioche, a selection of waffles, omelette's made to order and a delicious fruit bar with cold sausage meats and cheeses. We sat at a table closest to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful view and sea breezes while we ate. Having eaten ... read more
Lone heron
Wistful Gail
Breakfast time

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll May 17th 2008

Apres de longues hesitations entre le trip sac a dos a Pekin pour enfin voir la Chine, et les Maldives notre coeur a penché cote mer, comme d'hab, pour ce long w/e du mois de Mai. Et puis.... c'était l'anniv de Flo alors il fallait marquer le coup quand meme!!! Bref, grace a Kris notre copine rencontrée en australie a long time ago, et qui bosse dans ce resort de fous, eh oui le property development a de gros avantages, même si la vie sur ce bout de sable n'est pas facile tous les jours..... nous avons pu nous offrir a un cout "raisonnable" cette abondance de luxe, beauté et perfection pendant 4 jours. Kris I summarize b4 u get bored with the french WE LOVE YOU, IT WAS AMAAAAAAZING - we had the best ... read more
Arrivée sur l'ile depuis les bungalows
Lagoon Bungalow
Utile et agreable

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll March 16th 2008

March 11 - 15, 2008 MALDIVES Arrived early in Male, The Maldives and were picked up at the airport by a motor launch from our Resort Hotel for the 20 minute ride out to the Full Moon Resort. WOW !! This is a nice place. Our room is on posts over the lagoon and we literally have snorkeling out the door as we have a short access pool ladder to the lagoon from our patio and from there it is a short swim to a small reef. This is a few days of recharging our personal batteries and we plan to do a lot of just hanging out. As Alice is happy to lounge and relax at the pool, I took the opportunity to do some scuba diving and upgraded my Padi diving certification. We had ... read more

Asia » Maldives » Raa Atoll » Meedhupparu March 5th 2008

Birthday Girls Special Day February 27th……………Happy Birthday to me!!! Happy 37th Birthday to be precise, and what joyous delights does Mother Nature have in store for me today?? Sunshine? Birds singing blissfully in the palms above? Water gently lapping on the pure white shores? My tanned handsome husband serving me a breakfast of exotic fruits in bed?.......................Forget that!! Mother Nature thought “oh, it’s your birthday, well you spoilt brat, I think today of all days you shall have DELHI BELLY” For those that don’t know about Delhi Belly, I shall explain………The TROTS, there you go, that’s what I got for my 37th birthday……a day in bed with The TROTS!!!! I had it all, cramps, burning temperatures and that horrible sickly feeling that makes you want to curl up and die. Never mind, it’s only my bloody ... read more
Splashing around
Birthday Bed
Sea plane moored for the night

Asia » Maldives March 4th 2008

Well, what can I say about The Maldives……..Wow! is the first thing that springs to mind followed by: Breathtaking, Beautiful, Amazing, Colourful, Relaxing, Heavenly-Paradise. I think from that you’ll all get the picture, and I imagine that the next few Blogs will include LOTS of pictures - purely because there’s really not a lot to do in The Maldives apart from snorkel, dive and chill on the most pure white sands surrounded by the clearest deliciously inviting waters. Therefore, not a lot to report….but an awful lot of photo opportunities!!! SRI LANKA Once again we were forced by the Indian Government to take a "Holiday", or as they see it, leave the country for at least 24 hrs. Rather than spend £500 on two flights to Sri Lanka and back in order to get the all ... read more
Smiling sarong sellers - Negombo Beach
Browns Beach - Negombo
Shopping for tat

Asia » Maldives March 2nd 2008

We arrive in Colombo after a great flight with Jet Airways. Unfortunately we discover later that someone has tried to get into the bag - nothing missing though! As we have 8 hours to kill we negotiate an afternoon out in Colombo with Sanath a local Sinhalese cabbie. Unfortunately we hit Colombo along with a downpour so he drives us around to see the main highlights. Go into the Galle Face Hotel - very colonial, very touristy - for some tea which was fun & drive back to the airport to catch our Emirates flight to Male¢. Security is understandably tight. The flight is unimpressive but only lasts just over an hour. We get picked up at the airport to go to our sumptuous & over priced hotel - Hulhule. Spent the first day recovering ... read more
For Sarah & Louise
Awesome snorkelling

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll January 20th 2008

If there is one place I could travel over and over again to, then its the Maldives. Some people don't like the Islands much, but for me the combination of beach, reef, water, palms, sun and the friendly Maldivien people could get hardly any better. One of the things I like most here is the calmness. The Islands really slow you down and coming from a rather hectic european work environment myself, i know for sure there could be nothing better. We are here for work again and so I have to get up early and grumpy. Its part of any work environment. But not for long. As soon your feet walk on that white sand and the sea breeze touches my face the mood changes and I feel just fine. This time around we had ... read more

Asia » Maldives November 25th 2007

Yo ho ho. Life doesn't get much better than cruising the Maldives. Did little else but swim, snorkel, eat and laze about. What's more - no honeymooners! The first night was the captain's 30th birthday which we celebrated in grand style with chocolate cake and Gin & Tonic's. Each mid-morning and mid-afternoon we travelled to a different snorkelling spot. There was a huge variety of marine-life; just like being in an aquarium. Almost as good as the Barrier Reef (I had to say that). I'll just post a few pikkies so you can all get the gist. No underwater shots unfortunately. ... read more
Catch of the Day
Beach BBQ dinner

Asia » Maldives November 1st 2007

Well, I MADE IT!!! After the incessant spending in Europe and the weakened dollar, I almost bagged my side trip to Maldives....but then I remembered that my desire to go there was the inspiration for this entire trip, so I had to do it! I made the mistake of booking through a travel agency instead of on my own on the internet, and she had me go through the crappiest of intineraries to get to Paradise! After leaving my hotel in Goa at 5am, hanging around the airport in Mumbai for 6 hours, a flight cancelling, getting rerouted through Chennai, then Sri Lanka, and the fourth flight of the day being delayed, I finally got to the Maldives 24 hours later! (ALso insert one minor meltdown at the end of that when my watch flew off ... read more
My first Maldivian sunset
Paradise - note the capital P!
I would travel all year to get to this place!

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll October 30th 2007

Instead of taking 6 hours from Mumbai to get to the Maldives, it took me 16 hours! Sri Lankan Airlines never explained the reasons for the delay. 10 of us missed our connecting flight from Colombo to Maldives and were put up in the airport hotel. I seriously thought that the liveaboard would leave without me and was forced to take interest in my travel insurance for reimbursement. Luckily for me, the weather was very bad in the Maldives as well and they decided to dock at the airport habour for the night and only leave the next day. Advice to avid but novice divers: make sure you are diving in the right season. I booked a one-week liveaboard and to my recollection, only 2 dives were memorable. Although the bad weather saved me from missing ... read more
Sunset in the Maldives 2
Ideal getaway accomodations
Air taxi transporting guests to island paradise

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