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Asia » Maldives October 8th 2006

2nd day in paradise... so surprise Joe woke up so early today.. waiting in my bed for him to finish shower and pampering himself made me fall asleep again.. then he jus t told me he'd go to restaurant have breakfast and go snorkeling and let's meet at restaurant.. I had a quick shower rush to see him at restaurant.. couldn't find him there.. so I had breakfast alone and spending time on the island by myself.. walked to the shop bought postcards and wrote to friends.. Joe backed to room at lunch time he said he waited for me at restaurant but couldn't find me.. he told me he went snorkeling saw dolphins.. about 10 of them ... woww.... so I decided to go snorkeling at 14:00 afternoon session. While waiting for Joe to ... read more
I saw this fish..
another perfect sunset..
nice..sunset but messy hair..

Asia » Maldives October 7th 2006

Morning... Maldives.. around 10 in the morning I woke up.. slept so good...and forgot where I was.. oh yes.. Maldives trip.. Club Med - Kani, Male Atoll, Kanifinolhu... reading brochure on the table.. still not fully wake up.. so excited how the outside look like.. open curtain watchin beach through out window... oh.. so nice couldn't wait to go out and had a look .. so I go shower.. After spending an hour showering, washing my hair, pampering myself.. then I was ready to drag my ass out to say hello to the beach. Walking out from my room notice the sun is quite strong but the sunlight's not buring my skin maybe because of suntan oil I put on.. The sky is so blue and very beautiful just like in the postcard. Taking picture ... read more
blue lagoon blue sky
exploring the island..
Joe & Kay

Asia » Maldives October 6th 2006

Wow don't know what to say... i've never thought that my dream come true... at least one.. going to Maldives... one of the dream come true.. Back to 7 or 8 years ago when my good old friend since university, Joe,and I discussed about dream place to go... and we did agree with Maldives... and chitchat like gal talk day dreaming about romantic honeymoon of each own.. Then last month having dinner with Joe, and he mentioned about to go to maldives.. eventhough we are now totally single and no bf but still we wanna go to Maldive.. nothing can stop us... Then the plan is we will meet at Suwannapoom airport.. 2 hours before the flight. Going to Suwannapoom airport is difficult to estimate the time since it's first time to go to new airport ... read more

Asia » Maldives October 3rd 2006

The luxury started the moment we stepped off the Sri Lankan plane in Male. We were ushered into a beautifully furnished waiting room where we were greeted with fresh fruit juice and ice cold towels. We completed the check-in process whilst we waited for our seaplane transfer to Kanuhura. The seaplanes in the Maldives are essentially a taxi service flitting between the islands. We had 1 stop on our flight to Kanuhura to drop off passengers at another resort and then a 1/2 hour flight on to One & Only. On arrival we were greeted by name and introduced to our butler Hammed. He invited us to take our shoes off and then showed us to our Beach Villa just a few minutes walk down a sandy path. Our room was stunning, huge double bed, open-air ... read more
Phil and Laura

Asia » Maldives March 2nd 2006

save your money head to Sri Lanka Male - airport is the most exciting thing that happens expensive is the key word for the Maldives even to get to islands from the airport costs a small fortune but at least aboard a speed boat captive audience within the hotel/resort and so expect to be ripped off ... read more

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