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Asia » Macau » Macau August 6th 2012

This blog comes to you mid way through our time in Hong Kong. We have left the city for the day to hit the bright lights of Macau. Although expensive to get to and from at 600HK$ roughly £50 it is cheaper than most air fares and adds to our stamp collection! The former Portuguese colony now bears the same title as HK as a special administrative region of china. The country is Cantonese through and through with English coming third to mandarin. The hour ferry crossing was easy enough although a little choppy, the welcoming was anything but. We must have switched queues at immigration four times, each line coming to a standstill! After 45 minutes, stamp gained, we were on our way to the worlds largest casino, The Venetian. Luckily all the thirty odd ... read more
New dress Lauren had to buy
Love the woman in this pic!
First on the hydrofoil!

Asia » Macau » Macau May 12th 2012

Macau China is a former Portuguese Colony and is now a Special Administrative Region in China just like Hong Kong. It has both the influences of Chinese and Portuguese Culture. 95% of the people residing here are Chinese and the rest are mixed races called Macanese which are Chinese with a mix of Portuguese. Macau is mainly known as the “Las Vegas Of Asia” as Gambling is one of its main attraction here. However, Macau’s Economy is still largely based on its Tourism. Now, Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson will explore the cultures, attractions, people and tourist spots of Macau and he will try to know why Macau’s Tourism became a success not only in Asia but in the Global Market as well. He will get as many ideas as he can so that he could ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller In Macau!!!
Happy Loner Traveller In Macau!!!
Happy Loner Traveller In Macau!!!

Asia » Macau » Macau December 5th 2011

Macau is actually not that big, only 29sqkm to be exact. It consists of a small peninsula jutting out from Southern China (60 km from Hong Kong Island) and two bridged islands that have been merged together through modern engineering and a lot of backfill, and it continues to grow more and more with land being reclaimed for new buildings every year. It was colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th Century and acted as their trading headquarters for China, Japan and South East Asia. The Portuguese brought with them culture, religion, food, wine and architecture that is still present today in a unique mix of European and Chinese sights, sounds and smells. In more recent history Macau became a gangsters paradise with endless opportunities on the black market. Gangs, Chinese Triads, could operate their business ... read more
Me & Dale
Largo do Senado
Church of St Dominic

Asia » Macau » Macau November 26th 2011

As the perceptive amongst you might remember, we left our last blog with promises that we were off to Macau today. Well, we can deliver on that promise. We struggled out of bed comparatively early to the soupiest day we've seen yet and made our way down towards the Ferry terminal. Turned out to be the wrong ferry terminal, but that's okay. Tickets for the return trip to Macau cost about $30AUD, so pretty cheap. Due to Macau being another Special Administrative Region of China we had to go through Immigration there and back (score, more stamps for the passport!). The ferries are fairly large Catamarans - a bit like the Sydney Rivercats on steroids and 2 months hard workout - and they do the trip in about one hour. Right on the dot we disembarked ... read more
Perfect summation
City of God
Down the old streets

Asia » Macau » Macau November 15th 2011

Danes seveda nisem imela te srece in je Nemec nad mano posteno smrcal. Nic hudega, sem se zato vsaj zbudila ob primerni uri, da sem spet lahko odskakljala na bliznji market in pograbila pekovsko pecivo z nadevom iz rdecega fizola, sojino mleko in nudlne s sojino omako. Odkrila sem se sosednji market na Marble road in bila vsa srecna. Razpolozenje mi je malce skazil nakup buddha fruita, ki je bil posteno drag in povsem zanic (jebiga, neizkusenost pac), zato sem morala nujno kupiti tri zrele mange za $15 (1,5 evra), da sem se primerno potolazila. Glede teh pekarnic: ti so tu velika rec in jih je precej vec kot pa v JV Aziji. Vsi ti maslenasti kruhki (polnozrnati in podobne zadeve so redkost, na Tajvanu so bolj pogosti) so loterija, saj nikdar ne ves, kaj bo ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau November 10th 2011

So it goes, or so it ends: z Luyo sva sli pred sesto uro se na zajtrk na dan bing in sojino mleko in nai cha, potem pa na MRT do central station in na bus za letalisce. Scalo je, kar je bilo precej primerno mojemu razpolozenju. Jebiga, 125 dolarjev in eno uro kasneje sem bila z ekspresnim busom na Taoyuan letaliscu. Res je lepo, ceprav prenavljajo terminal 1, od koder sem letela, ampak je vse, kot se sika - in imajo racunalnike z zastonj internetom. Kot na singapurskem Chiangiju. Privoscila sem si se en Illy cafe (mater, ta pa nikdar ne razocara) in adijo Tajvan z Air Macau. Oziroma vsaj mislili smo tako, saj smo morali potem cakati se eno uro, kerje bila baje guzva na pisti. Ob 12.30 smo le pristali v Macau, kjer ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau September 15th 2011

Hello everyone, in today’s blog, I visit Macau, hence the painfully corny title (no, I seriously winced when I typed that, my hand tried to cramp up in an attempt to stop me – obviously it failed). So last time I outsmarted the Taiwan Visa requirements, I actually got my Taiwan Visa, and realized that Hong Kong isn’t my jam. Thus I decided that maybe a side trip to Macau would be the boost I needed. Let’s continue on this magical journey of magic and adventure, shall we? Sept 1st: Rising and shining around 7:15, I packed up my backpack with my guidebook (which doubled as a map), some water, and a sense of adventure (each sold separately), and got on the 7:45 shuttle into town. Got off, ran into 7-11 to grab a quick (and ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau September 15th 2011

Asia » Macau » Macau August 18th 2011

I stayed up late last night watching a movie so today I slept in really late. I did most of the sight-seeing I care to see, so a new plan was needed for the day. I went to Margaret's for brunch but was disappointed to see that they don't have an actual breakfast menu. So I ended up with a delicious (but too large) sandwich and egg tarts. But I think we all know the egg tarts are the main reason to come! I took a bus south and across the bridge to Taipa, another part of Macau. I planned to spend the day there and then return after dinner. I wandered, I looked, I got lost. Just when I wasn't sure what to do next, I stopped on some stairs and pulled out my map. ... read more
Along Avenida da Praia
Old Fireworks Factory

Asia » Macau » Macau August 17th 2011

It was one of those mornings where nothing quite went right. By the time I was done with breakfast I decided there was only one way to fix things: gelato. This time I opted for lemoncello and black sesame flavors. Then I caught the bus to the ferry pier to buy my ticket for Friday. It took quite a while to find the one window selling tickets to Shenzhen; one woman even directed me outside by where the buses are, which I knew couldn't be right. Finally, I got my ticket and left to visit the Guia Fortress, but the only stop for the fortress is only hit in one direction, so I ended up riding the bus the full route. Because the entrance is in the middle of the city and next to a large ... read more
Lighthouse at Guia Fortress
Hello, view
A Ma Temple

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