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Asia » Macau » Macau September 29th 2018

Hey there. After a bit of a late start we made it to Macau today. Not without the traditional mistakes and delays, of course, but made it we did. One small complication we've been having is that there's too many of us to go in a taxi these days, so some of the more simple ideas don't work out as simple as we'd imagined. There's no small amount of dissatisfaction with a system when you're dodging motorbikes on a footpath and avoiding open manholes and crossing at zebra crossings that are purely ornamental, to then be told that it's too dangerous to have an extra person in the taxi. We did find a dodgy way of getting to where we wanted to go though, so we piled in the cab and he took us to where ... read more
Macau out or hotel window
Ritzy Casino
Kids + Fountains

Asia » Macau » Macau May 26th 2018

Macau: img= 1:09:01 2018- 5 Thailand, Laos, Macau, Hongkong DVD 191703 0 ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau July 19th 2017

19-7-17 After a very busy lead up work wise for both of us, we had decided to stay at the Park Royal at Tullamarine before our morning flight to Hong Kong. What a fabulous way to start our trip, finally taking time to relax and wind down with a pint for Ron and a glass of red for Alex over dinner at Irish Murphys at the airport. 20-7-17 A nine hour flight saw us land in Hong Kong airport, we purchased tickets and were able to board the ferry to Macau before going through customs so did not actually go into Hong Kong. The airport somehow organised for our suitcases to be found and transferred to the ferry, we were happy to see them when we disembarked in Macau. 21-22/7 After our late night arrival we ... read more
Arriving in Macau
View from our room at the Sofitel

Asia » Macau » Macau June 14th 2017

There have been times on our trip where we have felt that Lady Luck has been working against us, for example our stressful 33 hour delayed exit from Xi'an. And then there's been times it's felt like she has been very much on our side. This was one of those times. We left Hong Kong on a beautifully sunny Sunday morning, perhaps the most beautiful day so far, and enjoyed the picturesque catamaran journey across to Macau blissfully unaware of Typhoon Merbok. That evening the first level of Hong Kong's 5 stage Typhoon warning was issued in both Hong Kong and Macau and all Hong Kong / Macau ferries were suspended. We were totally unaware of this until the following morning when Paul stumbled across it on the internet. It was Monday, three days before our ... read more
Arriving in beautiful sunshine
The view from our hotel room
Nighttime view from our hotel room

Asia » Macau » Macau March 22nd 2017

The pathway to reach Macao are multiple (including by plane) but, for me, I stuck to the normal method of sailing on the ferry from Shekou Port. But even this path has two possible routes: direct to Macao or entry through Zhuhai. I did have a long time visitor of Macao acting as my advisor during this trip which started with the decision to either go straight or the round-about way through Zhuhai. With the ferry to Macao tickets sold-out, we travelled first to Zhuhai to cross the bridge into Macao. Zhuhai: Overview At first glance, it appears as a small city in comparison to Shenzhen (gateway to Hong Kong). The streets appeared less crowded and relatively cleaner than many streets I’ve seen in China. A place had been reserved here for tonight at what is ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau January 3rd 2017

After a late checkout from the Baiyoke and a half hearted final look round the market we were on our way to Don Muang Airport yet again, this time to catch our flight to Macau. We arrived early evening in the dark to an almost deserted airport, thankfully Howard had sussed out which bus we needed so all we had to do was get some MOPs out of the ATM and then find a shop so we could get coins as that is all the bus takes. Eventually we had coins, found the bus stop and then the bus arrived, the driver had no idea what we were saying, everything was in Chinese but Howard just stuck some money in and off we went. He knew it was only 4 stops so we counted them off ... read more
The Grand Emperor Macau
The Grand Lisboa
Macau Portuguese area

Asia » Macau » Macau August 25th 2016

You haven’t really experienced luxury until you have been to Asia. No matter the grandeur, the amenities or the price you pay… there isn’t a place in the western world, that can compete with the feeling ,of lavishness one can experience in the East. Wynn Macau Beside having incredibly stunning facilities (that are made even more epic ,by the tropical lush that frames them), it’s the people’s philosophy that makes, all the difference. Ambra Wynn Suite I guess it’s a cultural thing, but the level of service here is simply outstanding. You feel pampered, cherished, almost revered. And what feels so good about it is that it’s actually genuine. People truly do care. They don’t spoil you to get a larger tip. They do it because it’s their custom.Because that’s how they manifest their appreciation for ... read more
01 The Most Luxurious Suite at the Wynn Macau
02 The Most Luxurious Suite at the Wynn Macau
03 The Most Luxurious Suite at the Wynn Macau

Asia » Macau » Macau August 16th 2016

Mardi 16 août 2016 fut le jour de la rentrée sur le campus de Macao, et aussi premier jour de la "semaine d'intégration". Tuesday 16th August 2016, was our first day in Macau Campus, and also the first day of the "introduction week". L’IFT Macao, (Instituto de Formaçáo de Turismo, en Portugais) est divisé en 2 campus. Macao est composé de 2 îles : Macao et Taipa. Je suis logée à Taipa. Les cours de 1ère et 2ème années se déroulent à Macao et les cours de 3ème et 4ème année à Taipa. Oui, ici le Bachelor dure 4 ans au lieu de 3 ans en France et en Angleterre. Comme je fais partie d’un programme d’échange j’ai pu choisir mes cours en fonction de ce qui m’intéresse et non en fonction de l’année, ce qu’il ... read more
Macau Campus
Macau Campus
Sur le chemin de l'école

Asia » Macau » Macau April 14th 2016

Casinos and Portuguese cultural heritage A few weeks ago we went with Emma’s sister and a friend of ours to Hong Kong and Macau for a week. We will begin our stories from this journey by writing about the Macau part of the journey and cover the Hong Kong adventures in a separate blog entry. First a short background on Macau. The Portuguese were in control of Macau from the 15th century. They had it as a colony or trade station and as such the area had special privileges. The Portuguese presence ensured that there were a lot of European influences in the architecture, cuisine and culture. Macau was like a chunk of Europe thrown in right on the border to China. Chinese authorities however have always considered that Macau should have been a part of ... read more
Ruins of St Paul's
The theme of the Venetian is Venice
The theme of the Venetian is Venice

Asia » Macau » Macau August 1st 2014

Hi All, The Portugese originally came to China in the mid 15th century trading with the Chinese. In thanks for clearing the area of pirates the Portuguese were granted a lease on Macau and paid rent of 19 kgs of silver annually. Macau flourished as a centre of trade until the British acquired Hong Kong in the Opium wars, after which it started to go into decline. In 1966 riots broke out in Macau as the cultural revolution started on the mainland. The Portuguese government tried to hand Macau back to the PRC but the Maoist government was afraid what effect this would have on Hong Kong and refused. It was finally returned as a S.A.R. along with Hong Kong in 1999. Since the deregulation of gambling casinos have sprung up all over Macau making it ... read more

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