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Asia » Macau » Macau January 21st 2008

Macau is apparantly the Los Vegas of China. I would not know because I have never been to Vegas, but I'd probably agree with the statement. So I spent the weekend in Macau. One of the guys that goes to school here has an uncle that owns a casino and hotel so we got free rooms. Definitely an incentive for going. That and another stamp on my passport. =) So we took the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau Friday afternoon which is about an hour long trip. After we arrived and checked in, we had some local food, and headed out to the casinos. I lost some money playing Roulette (not a lot) and after watching one of the guys win $2,000, decided that my new favorite game is Sik Ball. I held back though ... read more
Fortuna Casino
Tapas restaurant

Asia » Macau » Macau December 13th 2007

I watch u while you're sleeping Messy hair, chest bare, moonlight on your skin I wanna breathe u in In the silence, words come easy I can tell u now just how simple it's been 2 let u in Don't move, this mood is a painting We'll never find the same thing Love, let's make time stand still Let this moment last until 2 become 1 Like a bird owns its wings Like a song belongs 2 melody U belong 2 me I fold your arms around me Let your flesh, your breath, your love, surround me Oh, u feel like home On our first day he told me that we had to find our lovers' way to sleep together, and today i think we found it. We took the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, ... read more
Casino Lisboa
Ruins of Sao Paolo

Asia » Macau » Macau December 12th 2007

After passing through the over-crowded Zhuhai-Macau border, we managed to reach at Macau city by bus from the border's bus terminal at around 1pm. You can take bus to anywhere you want in Macau but you will have to get ready your coins beforehand (no change provided). Metropole Hotel was a newly renovated hotel and located quite near to the Largo Senado. Booked through for HK$450 per night. After checking-in, we immediately rushed to Taipa Village to get the famous and delicious pork chop bun. There was already a long queue when we reached there even though they haven't started selling the buns. The pork chop bun with their special milk tea were yummy! After the fulfilling meal, we walked around Taipa and bought some almond cookies to bring back home. Taipa was very quiet ... read more
Where shall we go next?
The famous Koi Kei almond cookies
St Augustine Church

Asia » Macau » Macau December 3rd 2007

Zaterdagnamiddag zijn we aangekomen bij Mariana in Macau. Het was een heel leuk weerzien en de sfeer zat er meteen in. We zijn direct in het westerse eten gevlogen met een zalig broodje en achteraf een ongelofelijk lekkere Portugese galao (koffie) en pastei de nata (gebakje). Daarna hebben we nog wat rondgelopen in het historisch centrum van Macau (Unesco Werelderfgoed) en 's avonds hebben we ons begeven in de wereld van de casino's. Eerst naar Lisboa, het bekendste en oudste casino van Macau, vol vergane glorie. Ze gaan er prat op dat ze in meer dan 40 jaar tijd NOOIT hun deuren gesloten hebben. 24/24 uur, zeven dagen op zeven en 365 dagen per jaar. Als er een tyfoon de kop opsteekt is Lisboa de enige plaats die zijn deuren open houdt. Moorden en zelfmoorden, prostitutie ... read more
Casino Grand Lisboa
Casino Venetian
Casino Venetian

Asia » Macau » Macau November 22nd 2007

...on täällä muutakin tehty, kun suomalais-eurooppalaista elämän menoa murehdittu ja pohdittu. Viime viikko vei miehen (pojan) pois Hong Kongin kotoisista oloista. Kotoisista todellakin: Hong Kong tuntuu melkein kotikaupungilta - ainakin väliaikaiselta sellaiselta. Tiistaina ilta venähti tietokoneella pitkäksi, yli viiteen asti. Niinpä aamuinen herätyskello kymmenen aikaan ei 4,5 tunnin yöunien jälkeen hymyä saanut huulille. Reppu kuitenkin oli nakattava urhoollisesti selkään ja liikkeelle oli päästävä. Paikallisjuna, metro, lautta -yhdistelmä vei viitisenkymmentä kilometriä länteen päin Macauhun. Macau on Hong Kongkin tavoin Kiinan erityishallintoalue, mutta siihen yhtäläisyydet Hong Kongin kanssa käytännössä loppuvatkin. Hong Kongin historiaahan värittää pääosin brittiläinen perintö. Macau sen sijaan on kasvanut portugalilaisen hallinnon alla ... read more
Just another casino

Asia » Macau » Macau June 6th 2006

Woke up well before my alarm, well about ten minutes and that's good for me! I was totally knackered but hyper at the same time. I quickly finished packing and checked out leaving my bags at the guesthouse. Then it was time to go and meet Neleh and Michael for our trip to Macau. First of all we headed to the Starbucks in the ferry terminal building for some breakfast. We were amazed because they sold sausage roll, it's the little things that make me happy! Was lush, not as good as home, but deffo passable. Then we headed upstairs to buy some ferry tickets and to get on our merry way. However the ferries were fully booked and we couldn't get on one another hour. We had to go through loads of immigration and customs ... read more
Chinese Style
Delicious Haagen Daz
Famous Church Facade

Asia » Macau » Macau May 30th 2005

Here are some pictures from Macau.... read more
Outer ring of the Macau Tower
Macau Tower
Sao Paulo Church

Asia » Macau » Macau April 2nd 2004

Tony woke me about 5.30 am – apparently he couldn't sleep due to my snoring!! Decided to get up anyway & get an early start – going to catch a ferry to Macau today. Ate breakfast in our room (we bought cereal & milk yesterday) & were on our way by 7 am. Our first stop was the KCR station to see if we could buy train tickets for our trip to Shenzhen tomorrow. We had to walk a long distance through a flyover and several hotel lobbies before we found it, and then discovered you buy your tickets on the day. Tony yelled at me and made me cry. We then caught the ZMTR from Prince Edward Station to Sheung Wan, which is where the Macau ferry leaves from. The ferry costs HK141 (about $25) ... read more
Senado Square
Senado Square
St Michael Cemetery

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