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Asia » Macau » Macau August 17th 2011

Macau! Endelig kom dagen. Dagen DH har ventet på siden februar iår på å få oppleve. Dagen han tok sats og hoppet utfor verdens høyeste bungy-jump, 233 meter! Vanskelig å rettferdiggjøre høyden på bildene som er tatt. Spesielt når fotografen (Seb) har en høydeskrekk på alt over 2 meter. Så anbefaler linken til videoen som nå ligger ute på youtube: Bortsett fra bungy-jump (!), så har vi idag forflyttet oss fra Hong-Kong til Macau med ferje. Seb slapp inn i landet uten å bli sjekket av lege denne gangen. YEY! (Selv om forkjølelsen er verre). Vi ble imponert av hotellet ved adkomst, og ikke uten grunn. Men idet vi var ferdige med å sjekke inn at vi virkelig fikk sett hva The Venetian egentlig er, 51 tusen kvadratmeter med casino! Resten av hotellet er 100 ... read more
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Photo 4
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Asia » Macau » Macau August 16th 2011

It's my first full day in Macau and I am ready to go! I slept surprisingly well considering how tall my walls aren't and even managed to sleep in! I went to Pacific Coffee for brunch around 10am, thus saving a meal and giving me a chance to read an actual newspaper. It was a lovely way to start things off. My plan for the day didn't go according to plan. But that's okay since it went even better than what I thought was going to happen. I set off through Sendao Square and stopped briefly at St Dominic's Church. It was built in 1587 and tucks neatly into a corner of the square. Watching the other tourists was the most fun. For many, it was clear that this was their first time in a church. ... read more
Senado Square
Senado Square
Senado Square

Asia » Macau » Macau August 15th 2011

I left home at 830 am, made my way into downtown Guangzhou, bought a bus ticket to Zhuhai, and made it to Macau customs by 130pm. It's amazing how something so close can still be so far away. I took a taxi to my hotel. It's a former brothel in the former red light district. When they said that the rooms had character, they weren't kidding! My walls reach 80% of the way to the ceiling and if you bump them too hard, they move a bit. It's evident that they used to go only 50% of the way up, so I guess this is an improvement. But I do have my own sink and the room is pretty clean. I'm not quite sure how they think two people fit into the bed, since it fits ... read more
The walls were 80% tall
But I did have a sink in my room!
Old Fireworks Factory Office

Asia » Macau » Macau July 10th 2011

Our last day in Macau was about its Portuguese cultural heritage. Even though Macau is known for its gambling, there are parts of the city where its heritage can be seen and appreciated. Today we heard a lecture about Portuguese cultural heritage and how it is visible in the architecture. We took a quick tour through the Macau Museum and then had free time to explore the shops near the historical center. I was able to snack on pork buns and almond cookies, which Macau is known for. We took our last field trip as a group to an old Catholic church, which is from the Portuguese presence. In order to get from Macau to Guangzhou we had to go through immigration. It was a process because we had to depart Macau, then wheel our suitcases ... read more
Macau Museum

Asia » Macau » Macau July 7th 2011

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- macauAsia » Macau » Macau July 4th 2011 Published: July 7th 2011 « Previous EntryA PRIVATE BLOG ENTRY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oct 26 Macau Took a catamaran ferry over to here. Fast, but rough. For an hour we all either slept or quietly starred out the window…anything to keep the stomach intact. Not too much in Macau. It is on old Portuguese settlement that has been turned into the Vegas of Asia. 33 casino on this small rock. The downtown core was interesting as it is old, but other than that it was just another long day. Back in Hong Kong our group of six went for a Mexican dinner and desert. Best meal since coming to China. China is quite the country. We were definitely shown what the government wants to show off…t... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau April 16th 2011

Tourism is a huge part of Macau’s economy. It is considered the Las Vegas of China and home too many of the same brands of casinos. The Wynn, MGM, Venetian, and Hard Rock are all brands that can be found in both places. This brings a lot of weekend trippers to Macau and it was much cheaper for us to travel there during the week. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Macau and they also had a casino on the 3rd floor. Although we did no gambling, the casinos were still interesting places to see and explore. They are their own micro culture within the city, very different from many other traditional Chinese areas. It feels a lot the same as being in an American casino, with the largest difference being Language.... read more
Wynn Fountain

Asia » Macau » Macau April 11th 2011

The first day of the trip we flew to Zhuhai, China. This city shares a border with Macau and we walked through customs there. The weather was much warmer there because it is south of Shanghai. I traveled with two friends who are local Chinese people; their names are Wang Shi Kun and Lixi Zhou. Wang is my friend who helped me get settled here and they were going to Macau for the first time like me. After we found the hotel, we went to a popular bakery that is known for being the original maker of Macau style dan ta. Dan ta translated means egg tart and Macau is famous for this treat. Dinner was at a popular Portuguese restaurant and this was one of the two times on the trip English was more useful ... read more
Dan Ta Shop
Dan Ta
Portuguese Restaurant

Asia » Macau » Macau April 10th 2011

I just returned from Macau! I have been quite busy for the last month and have a lot of material now to catch everyone up on. My trip was what foreigners here call a “visa run.” This is when my legal stay in China is about up and I need to leave and return. My duration of stay is limited to 90 days so I have to take small trips to be here legally. It is inconvenient and a blessing at the same time. Because of this I get to see some parts of the world I wouldn’t have otherwise. Macau is one of the top 50 densest cities in the world. I didn’t know this before I went but I could feel it. The streets are narrow and all the buildings are tall. The residential ... read more
Tourist Lane Entrance
Tourist Lane
Popular Food Stand

Asia » Macau » Macau April 9th 2011

Bags on our backs we made our way across Hong Kong to the Macau ferry terminal, timing it perfectly as a ferry was just about to leave. We were sold the tickets at a last minute discount and rushed through customs where we boarded the catamaran. The journey between Hong Kong and Macau takes around an hour and it passed quickly as the back and forth motion of the boat rocked us to sleep. On arrival in Macau we by-passed all of the big, glittering casinos and headed for the older part of the city. China meets Portugal here as warm egg custard tarts sit side by side with dried seafood and meats, churches rub shoulders with temples, and winding cobbled streets are filled with Chinese antique shops. We walked around, seeing the cathedral and the ... read more
Photo 3
Dirty Felix!
Photo 5

Asia » Macau » Macau February 16th 2011

So I'm just going to come out and say it. After living in Hong Kong for almost 4 years, I have never been to Macau before. Yep! It's pretty ironic since it's only about an hour from here, right? Well, I finally had the chance to see Macau for myself today, and I have to say - the city was very spectacular and unique. And hey, what do you know - that means I've already been to 4 countries this year, and it's not even halfway of 2011! I started very early today, waking up at 7:00 to catch the 8:00 TurboJet service to Macau. Unfortunately I got a bit late & wasn't able to catch that one, but the bright side is that the ferries to Macau are very frequent; they leave from Hong Kong ... read more
CNY lanterns
TurboJet ticket (Hong Kong - Macau)

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