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Asia » Macau » Macau February 9th 2011

Heute war der vorletzte Tag in Hong Kong. Bin früh aufgestanden um zur Jetfähre nach Hong Kong Island zu fahren. Dort habe ich dann ein Ticket für Macau gekauft, umgerechnet 30€. Die Überfahrt dauert mit der Jetfähre etwa eine Stunde. In Macau angekommen bekam ich erst mal meinen Einreisestempel, um meine Sammlung zu erweitern. Am Fähranlieger bin ich in den ersten Bus gestiegen, der dort wartete. Dies war ein Bus vom Casino "The Venetian", der einen umsonst dorthin fuhr. Das Venetian ist ein riesiges Gebäude, dessen Umgebung der von Venedig nachgebildet ist. Es gab Gondeln, Kanäle, den Campanilo-Turm und die Rialto-Brücke. Sah echt aus, kann ich aber nicht bezeugen, da ich noch nicht in Venedig war. Im Inneren sah es auch wie in Italien aus, mit großen Fresken und Säulen. Das Casino war ziemlich groß, mit ... read more
The Venetian
The Venetian
Rialto Brücke und Campanilo

Asia » Macau » Macau December 15th 2010

1 day in Macau to walk around and drink lychee martinis. 3 days in Zhuhai to eat irish canadian food, shop, and hot spring it up(in really silly hot spring uniforms) 2 days in Macau to play poker, and drink lychee martinis. again. --- Zhuhai was particularly difficult for Matt. We found 1 Canadian/Chinese pub, of course a wonderful healthful McDonalds (which was host to the only other English speakers in the whole city), and a random diner that served egg and ham sandwiches. It was not a culinary destination. It was most a destination of oddities and the ever present shopping.... read more
mmmm noodles for Annie

Asia » Macau » Macau October 28th 2010

It was going to be a hot one. The weather forecast advised an average of 21ºC today. Chris and Roisin had decided to travel to Macau just to experience what all the fuss is about. Macau is, along with Hong Kong, one of China's two special administrative regions. It lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta, bordering Guangdong province to the north and facing the South China Sea to the east and south. It takes about an hour on the ferry. First Chris and Roisin had to fathom out how to get from the hotel on Lantau Island to the Macau ferry terminal on Kowloon. It couldn't have been easier. The Novotel City Gate hotel backs on to a shopping outlet centre that is adjoined to the train station. Roisin had read about ... read more
The Casino Lisboa complex
The Wynn Casino
Macau towe and bridge to mainland

Asia » Macau » Macau September 1st 2010

We picked a slow ship to Macau from Hongkong unknowingly. It took an hour and a half instead of just 45 minutes. I got dizzy. Make sure not to make the same mistake. Saw the coastline of China. Not much beach there, and the water looks cold. The line at the immigration was looooong. When we finally got out two Filipina girls approached us and offered to be our guides. We only had to pay 50 HKD each! Thats a steal! Macau tours cost 80USD per day. Theyre cleaning ladies in Macau and work as tour guides on their free time. The only catch is that we had to register at two casinos that gave free game credits and we had to give them the cards that had free credits. We didnt mind at all. It ... read more
Main St
The Ruins

Asia » Macau » Macau August 14th 2010

Wow Macau has a lot more things to do than I thought (gambling). We saw a ton and I feel exhausted. We took a ferry which I thought was going to be a really quick trip. But I actually had to go through immigration and customs, getting more stamps on my passport :) The ferry ride was an hour long and it was really comfortable. There were about 6 or 7 columns of seats, with 2 in each column. And the seats were really comfortable. I thought you would be able to walk around on the deck, but no :( you couldn't. The ferry station was kind of similar to an airport. But it was also a mall. (there are sooo many more malls in Hong Kong and Macau then I had thought originally, they are ... read more
Photo 17
A-Ma, the sea goddess

Asia » Macau » Macau August 4th 2010

Asia » Macau » Macau August 4th 2010

This last weekend I FINALLY got a chance to go to Macau. Macau is the 2nd special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, the other being Hong Kong. It was once a Portuguese colony and is now a 3 island territory connected by long stretches of bridges. It is located about 37 miles SW of Hong Kong and takes about an hour to get to by turbojet. The gambling and casino life in Macau is said to be much greater than Las Vegas. We left Saturday morning and arrived at the Ferry station around 10:30am. We left earlier than the group because we wanted to get as much time to explore as possible. After much confusion as to where to go and how to get tickets, we eventually got on the 12 o'clock ferry. ... read more
boarding the turbojet
Turbojet speed vessel
on the ferry with Sarah and Alexa

Asia » Macau » Macau July 16th 2010

Simply cool and relaxed.I was there onthe 15th of Apri 2010. It is a ideal place for a vacation... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau June 11th 2010

Off to Macau today, Adam tagged along and we took the bus to the Macau ferry terminal on a rainy day, it was the last stop and since i had my big pack with me on my shoulder the whole bus trip i felt like my shoulder's about to fall off! Finally we arrived at the ferry port, we sorted out tickets, we bought the 11aqm ferry ticket as it was cheaper, had breakfast at LMX and went to the MTR to surrender my octopus card to get money back. We got back to the ferry terminal and one dude ushered us in and changed our ticket to 10:45am so off we go, the ferry is Turbojet and is fast and efficient, we both fell asleep on our 1 hour journey, raining hard too. I was ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau May 5th 2010

We visited Macau a few times now, every time accompanied by different people. Sometimes we visit this place to get away from the bustling life of Hong Kong, watch the Grand prix, Cirque de Soleil, live bands and or simple chill and try our luck in the roulette. Here's a wee bit description about this place: - Macau is located in the Guangdong province, which is on the western bank of the Pearl River Delta. -The first settlers in this place are the Guangdong and Fujian fishermen. This place in short was a trading gate and mainly the trade are for silk. - This city was first known as Ou Mun, now called Macau after the Portuguese. Macau is now a trade hub between China, Japan, India and Europe - To get to Macau from Hong ... read more
Macau Museum
West Pearl River
Grand Prix

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