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Asia » Macau » Macau August 1st 2014

Hi All, The Portugese originally came to China in the mid 15th century trading with the Chinese. In thanks for clearing the area of pirates the Portuguese were granted a lease on Macau and paid rent of 19 kgs of silver annually. Macau flourished as a centre of trade until the British acquired Hong Kong in the Opium wars, after which it started to go into decline. In 1966 riots broke out in Macau as the cultural revolution started on the mainland. The Portuguese government tried to hand Macau back to the PRC but the Maoist government was afraid what effect this would have on Hong Kong and refused. It was finally returned as a S.A.R. along with Hong Kong in 1999. Since the deregulation of gambling casinos have sprung up all over Macau making it ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau December 11th 2013

And a quick 1h flight later, I was out of Guangxi and in the so-called Special Economic Zone of Zhuhai in Guangdong, gateway to Macau, gambling capital of the world, and Monte Carlo of the Orient. (Or should Monte Carlo be more aptly known as the Macau of the West these days?) I had read about the exorbitant room rates in Macau itself (USD50 upwards for crappy singles and shared baths??), so my plan was to base myself in more affordable Zhuhai, and cross the border daily. Plus I get the added bonus of a cheaper flight to Zhuhai, and the chance to check out the spill-over prosperity in this border city, which in its own right offered some interesting nightlife. But the game (literally) was Macau -- once an absolutely sleazy backwater with smoke-filled rooms ... read more
Macau Tower
Bars of Zhuhai
Lianhua Street

Asia » Macau » Macau October 29th 2013

Macau has a long and intriguing history. Administered by the Portuguese from the mid-16th century until late 1999, when it was the last remaining European colony in Asia, currently Macau may be best known for its gambling industry, the largest in the world, with many famous casinos as major tourist draws. Disregarding the promises of glitter and gold that exist for most tourists to Macau today, I spent my time there exploring its past glory during one very busy day. Highlights for me weren’t the museums (Macau Museum of Art, Macau Museum), gardens or historic homes as much as the beautiful architecture, churches and temples and witnessing some of the visible fruits of centuries of cultural exchanges in terms of food, shopping and street life. The temples – Kun Ian Temple, A-Ma Temple, Na Tcha Temple ... read more
Kun Iam Temple
Guia Fort
Guia Lighthouse

Asia » Macau » Macau September 5th 2013

I returned to Macau as part of a class field trip during my History of Hong Kong course at Hong Kong University. I liked Macau a lot the first time I visited back during a cloudy day in 2009, and I like it even more with blue sky. Macau is a delightful blend of Chinese and Portuguese, epitomized by the infamous Macau egg tart which is a cross between the Portuguese custard tart and Chinese egg tart. So delicious. The first stop on our organized tour was the Ruins of St. Paul. Then we visited the Macau Museum and Mount Fortress, from which there are some incredible views of the city. We had some free time after that to roam around the pedestrian shopping district, distinguished by its wavy patterned street and colourful old historic Portuguese ... read more
Guia Fortress
View from Guia Fortress
Macau from St. Paul's Ruins

Asia » Macau » Macau September 1st 2013

Macau trip ( 澳门 ) - Vegas of the East Land of Grambling , Casino and luxury everything come true city neversleep and worldclass performance. ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau April 2nd 2013

At China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, I buy my ferry ticket to Macau. As the name already suggests, there are quite a few ferries to mainland Chinese cities like Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan and Gaoming. Thus, the ferry terminal is heaving with mainlanders, all of whom seem to have come to Hong Kong to go on a shopping spree. Their presence doesn't really faze me, though, as I don't have to compete with them for seats. I pass through immigration, where I get stamped out of Hong Kong, then walk to the gate to wait for departure. The ferry itself takes only about an hour to get to Macau. The ride reminds me of the one I took from Ko Tao back to mainland Thailand. The South China Sea is rather choppy that day, making ... read more
Ruins Of Saint Paul's Cathedral
Pasteis de nata
Little Buddhist shrine

Asia » Macau » Macau March 1st 2013

I had been to Macau once for work 10 years ago and thought I would check it out again....thinking that I love Vegas and China has been cool. So, why not see how they mix. Well, it was not that at all. Macau is very tame and the casino games are not at all what they are like in Las Vegas. But I had some time to see the why not get a feel of old Portugal/Europe and new China?... read more
Sorta Looks like Europe hey?
From St. Peter's Church Ruins Hill
Around Macau

Asia » Macau » Macau November 4th 2012

Only one word can describe about Macau, it is enchanted. Why so? If you happen to visit Macau you would feel and see all glamorous yet humble atmosphere. Noon version of Macau offered delighted humble city with European touch in it. Small streets, city cars, motor bikes, and lots of people. The touch of Europe would get stronger if you visit Senado square. In Senado square, there are a lot of pieces of Europe that would fulfill your greedy eyes. Those would be Ruin Saint Paul, Saint Peter Church and many more. Night version of Macau was very glamour. Big and wide buildings would start their lights attraction. It was very colorful. All gambler around the world will gather and makes Macau looked more likely Vegas. Bingo machine and people's chattering rings unto your ears when ... read more
Street Beside The Ruins Saint Paul
View From Ruins Saint Paul
View From Ruins Saint Paul

Asia » Macau » Macau October 25th 2012

Day 2. Macau. We get up bright and early. Again. Well technically I was up at 1 then 3 then finally got up at 6. Today we take a trip to Macau. I'm afraid I didn't know much about it except its an Asian Las Vegas. It's a mix of Chinese and Portuguese influence. I'm excited to see the architecture and of course the food. The mix of Portuguese and Asian flavors not to mention the Portuguese egg tarts. We get ready and head down o the ferries. I assumed tht this ferry would be similar to the ones servicing Vancouver to Victoria type thing. I forget that we are technically going to another country and we have to go thru immigration. Don't worry, I tell my motion sensitive friend, these ferries are big and you ... read more
Dam ferry
Inside Lisboa

Asia » Macau » Macau October 18th 2012

Brevity cannot be said to be my strong point on these blogs, case-in-point being that I am writing about Macau nearly a week after our daytrip there. Even though it is absolutely freezing here in this room metres away from the Great Wall in northern China, and there is nothing better (or warmer) to do but curl into a ball in bed and write on my phone, I'll try keep to keep this one short. Macau is China's other Special Administrative Region along with Hong Kong, and was similarly diplomatically wrestled from its colonial master, Portugal, in 1999. It is now most famous for its casinos, and is considered a larger gambling centre than Las Vegas. I expect this is predominantly due to the coach loads of Chinese citizens who cross the border for a flutter. ... read more

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