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Allan R Hanckel III

UNC rising junior Studying in Beijing, traveling through East China, and then studying abroad at National Taiwan University

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an December 3rd 2011

GOBBLE GOBBLE ‘MURIKA! Late happy Thanksgiving(Gan’En Jie) everyone! Last time I celebrated a national holiday overseas (4th of July) I went all out by studying Chinese non-stop. We’ll have to see if I get Thanksgiving right or not. Reviewing last week, I battled sleep depression, educated the world on the best president in US history (Teddy Roosevelt – LuoSiFu), and started learning Korean! Alright, lets see how I followed it up. Nov 23rd: Yup, next to no sleep, which meant me being basically useless in Chinese, and lucky to be sitting upright in Chinese Philosophy, a class I’m not really getting anything out of anymore. I then went to the hospital and got my medical forms for my visa – and to no ones surprise, I didn’t have HIV (which I mention because me not having ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an November 22nd 2011

Hello everybody, so last time I posted on my weekly blogs, I educated my friend on higher comedy, I went to war with mosquitos, and my sleep schedule got all out of whack (spoiler alert, that didn’t change this week!). So while I’m high riding the sleepless-color dream coat, lets see what I remember. Nov 14th: Well I spent most of the night being awake studying for a Chinese midterm, and was pretty dog gone tired when taking it, but I think I did well. I finished faster than most (which is only good when I’m taking Chinese tests – oh look, I was taking a Chinese test!) and the oral was a freakin’ joke. We were given a small passage (maybe 10 lines?) and were told to read and summarize, and could refer to the ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Danshui November 20th 2011

Queue the Who! (CSI Miami reference) Alright, so in my attempt to play catch up with my blogs, I’m going to cover my three trips to the beach I made so far (not counting my time at GaoXiong, which will be a totally separate blog). So pitch the super umbrellas and lay out the towels, it’s time to catch some rays of light (see what I did there? That can mean the sun and enlightening knowledge! Awww yeah). Sept 10th: So being new to Taiwan and the coast, Ben, next door neighbor Cuauhtémoc Reale (I’m not going to lie, I still can’t pronounce his name, so I’m calling him by his last name from here on out. And if you’re curious, he’s half Mexican and half Canadian – which if you average the two makes him ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an November 13th 2011

Howdy everyone. I know I’m not done playing catch up but I also want to get back into the habit of doing weekly blogs. Well, Let’s a-go! Nov 6th: I spent the day being a studious student (alliteration > redundancy), reviewing for a Chinese quiz the next day and working on a “cheat sheet” for my Computational Linguistic Midterm Tuesday (it’s an open note test – hence the quotation marks). I was happy to have such a productive day, and couldn’t wait to rock socks tomorrow. Also, I started a work out schedule for myself, which I’m proud to say I’ve been sticking to. Grant it, it’s a very easy and quick workout, but it’s more than I was getting before. I just do as many push-ups, sit-ups, squats, dips, and calf raises as I can ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an November 7th 2011

Hello again, in an effort to get caught up on these, I’m going to try to make a push this week to get these done. Last time, I talked about my arrival in Taibei, my dorm, and my surrounding location. Now, we will conversate (yes, I know it’s converse, I just want to mess with Dad) about the daily life of Robby Hanckel, boss extraordinaire. From Sept 4th to Nov 7th: So I guess I’ll just do a weekly schedule so y’all get the idea of my daily life. Before I start, it’s interesting to note that classes here (except for languages) are only once a week, but it’s a 3 hour super block. It’s an interesting format, and generally speaking, I like it. Though if I was still doing pre-med and had to do a ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an November 7th 2011

Sup everybody! So if by next weekend I meant this weekend, then I totally kept my promise. A blog is here, and you may now continue your life. As a heads up, this blog isn’t going to have any form of sense or chronological order (so it’ll be like talking to me in real life!) unlike my other blogs. So last time I was in Hong Kong I encountered Berlin Bears, realized I could run an amazing rugby team, and got some artifacts for my growing collection of all things awesome (and Chinese). And now on to chaotic review of events (in no particular order). From Sept 4th to Nov 6th: So in Taiwan I landed. After going through yet another round of customs (5th time this summer – I’m a pro international traveler now) I ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon October 15th 2011

Hello everyone, so after a long break, I finally have time to write another blog. So last time I got lost in Macau, fell in love in Macau and won big in the casino only to lose it all (I actually was winning at one point – should have walked away). But anywhozles, lets get this over with. Sept 1st: So I went through the Hong Kong customs at the Ferry and then went back to the hostel to pack. Because once again, I had to switch hostels in the same country – this time in the same city. God dang it, this is annoying. Sept 2nd: Ok, so I woke up, finished packing up, went to check out – only for the guy not to be at the front desk. After waiting, looking for him, ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau September 15th 2011

Hello everyone, in today’s blog, I visit Macau, hence the painfully corny title (no, I seriously winced when I typed that, my hand tried to cramp up in an attempt to stop me – obviously it failed). So last time I outsmarted the Taiwan Visa requirements, I actually got my Taiwan Visa, and realized that Hong Kong isn’t my jam. Thus I decided that maybe a side trip to Macau would be the boost I needed. Let’s continue on this magical journey of magic and adventure, shall we? Sept 1st: Rising and shining around 7:15, I packed up my backpack with my guidebook (which doubled as a map), some water, and a sense of adventure (each sold separately), and got on the 7:45 shuttle into town. Got off, ran into 7-11 to grab a quick (and ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon September 3rd 2011

Sup everybody, so last time I had a nice little detour to Ngong Ping where I got in touch with nature, saw the biggest bronze Buddha statue in the world, and translated like a boss (haven’t said “like a boss” in a while - for shame on me). And as unexpectedly fun as Ngong Ping was, it was time to get down to business. Aug 28th: So after asking the hostel guy which bus I should take, and being lucky enough to know where to get off - since it’s where I had to get off after I flew in to Hong Kong – I lugged my luggage (see what I did there?) down to the bus station, and hauled it onto the bus. After about a 40 minute bus ride, we got to the bus ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island September 3rd 2011

Hello everybody! So last time I made a return to Shanghai to finish up the city, see a bunch of art, even though I generally don’t like (western) art, and become the Shanghai socialite I always knew I could be. And now to Hong Kong Island! Aug 25th: So about Hong Kong Island. I woke up, packed up, and then pulled out my laptop to double check where my hostel was. And as it turned out – there was a mix up in the hostel reservations. The first few days I would be at Ngong Ping, on LanTau island. This is very west of the actual Hong Kong city, stuck up on a mountain top, and a good 40 min bus ride to the metro station, which is then another 40 min metro ride to where ... read more

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