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Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima March 26th 2012

M – At 8am on August 5th 1945 the world’s first Atomic Bomb was detonated 600m over the center of Hiroshima. It destroyed virtually every building within a 3km radius. The blast and the illnesses causes by radiation have killed more than 300,000 people, effectively the whole of the city. Apart from the memorials and the museums, to visit Hiroshima today you would not believe these facts. The city is a modern bustling city and the people are as friendly to a visitor as anyone we have encountered on our travels. However the museum and the memorials are a pretty sobering reminder of how destructive man can be. Apparently our modern day weapons are more than 3,000 more powerful than the first Atomic Bomb. The genie is certainly out of the bottle on nuclear weapons but ... read more
Floating Torii at the entrance to Itsukushima-Jinja Temple
All ready for my meeting with the bank manager
Total Devastation for a 3km Radius

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima March 15th 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012 I was up at 5:00 am this morning. Since everyone was still asleep, except Jenny, I went to the hotel lobby to work on my blog. When arriving in the lobby there was a man, in a suit with his briefcase, sleeping in a chair. Within 10 minutes he moved to the floor for sleeping. By 5:30 am, it looked hotel security woke him up and asked him to leave. This is pretty funny. Jenny was skyping a friend when I returned to the room around 6:45 am. We headed to breakfast around 8:00 am. Breakfast was as good as Wednesday. I had the yummy Miso Soup again. We made our way to the Osaka train station to get our seat reservation for our journey to Hiroshima. We arrived around ... read more
A-Bomb Dome
Children's Peace Monument
Children's Peace Monument

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima January 2nd 2012

We were sad to leave Kobe, one day didn't feel quite enough, but we had Hiroshima and Miyajima Island to look forward to. It took pretty much a whole day of travelling on local trains, with several transfers, to get to Hiroshima from Kobe, so it was early evening by the time we got to our hotel. Off the back of a Rough Guide recommendation, we tracked down an area in the city called "Okinomi-Mura" (okonomiyaki village), my idea of food heaven! Two floors of basic diner-style eateries that serve up Hiroshima's famous local dish. It was an excellent place to eat like locals, sat on swivel stools at an unpretentious counter, with our food cooked right in front of us. Hiroshima style is different to the Osaka style I was used to. It contains more ... read more
Floating torii
Daft man feeding a deer money
Torii at night

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 20th 2011

Yesterday we arrived at Hiroshima in the afternoon, after 4 hours and a half in the Shinkansen (bullet train). Despite having to change trains once, and despite the fact that we spent the last leg of the journey in the smokers’ car (irony, can’t smoke in the streets but more than half the trains in the Shinkansen are reserved for smokers!) I enjoyed the ride, listening to music whilst watching the Japanese green landscape pass by. As everything else in this country, the train was punctual, the inside clean and comfortable, staff efficient and ever-respectful (the ticket inspector bowed when coming in and out of each car!!) – what can I say... everything in Japan is tourist-friendly and works perfectly in general. Hiroshima is no different – we took a bus to where we’re staying and ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 16th 2011

Kobe is a smaller city compared to Osaka, built on a narrow strip of land between the mountains and sea. My time there was relaxing - I planned my time there to take it slow and see the few sights of interest. The hostel was in a bit of a strange neighborhood. There was a mix of residences, big commercial/industrial buildings and sake breweries. My hostel was on the second floor above an auto garage and right next door to what appeared to be a distribution warehouse for some kind of delivery company. The place itself was nice though. Very quiet, only a couple of other people were there. Kobe has a nice port area with some green space around a maritime museum and the Kobe tower. So I walked around there for a while. There ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 8th 2011

Before we went to Hiroshima neither of us really knew anything about it. Ang knew a bit more from watching old war films but all we knew was that an atomic bomb was dropped and this ended the war between japan and the allies. We took a shinkansen from Osaka to Hiroshima which took 1.5 hours and were greeted by a beautiful blue sky scattered with fluffy white clouds – Great weather compared to the typhoon conditions we had experienced in Kyoto! We took a short tram ride to Peace Memorial Park which has the atomic bomb dome, Peace memorial museum, the cenotaph and the flame (which will be extinguished when the last atomic weapon is dismantled). We read more about the bomb dome, which used was the Industrial Promotion hall in a thriving Hiroshima which ... read more
View from the river

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima April 15th 2011

Vanuit Beppu zijn we vertrokken met de trein naar Hiroshima, één overstap en we zaten in de echte stop-shikansen, binnen een uur waren we op het station. Daar aangekomen heeft Patrick ons meegenomen met tram naar Dobasi, en van hieruit moesten we nog 3 blokken lopen eer we bij de ryokan (traditioneel hotel) aan kwamen. Dit bleek een business ryokan te zijn, erg klein en kaal. we hadden een eigen toilet, wastafel en tv. Een opvouw matras en een laag tafeltje. Voordeel hiervan we was dat alle bezienswaardigheden op loopafstand waren. Na het stallen van de koffers gingen we een rondje door het park lopen. door het park heen kwamen we in het zoveelste winkelcentrum met diverse eetgelegenheden - deze zitten op, onder en achterin winkels verstopt, alleen aangegeven door een half laag hangend gordijntje en ... read more
De vredesvlam bij nacht

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 12th 2010

Supported by his wife, an elderly Japanese man broke into tears in front of the Memorial Cenotaph at Hiroshima's Peace Park. The monument's arched shape protects the souls of the victims of the world's first atomic bomb attack, whose names are etched into its stone structure. As he limped away, it became clear to me that August 6, 1945, is not part of Hiroshima's history, but its present. In the midst of the neighboring restaurants, office buildings and casual flow of city life, a gutted ruin bleeds like an open wound. The city has re-grown around it but the A-Bomb Dome, the shell of a destroyed building, is preserved as a memorial of the horrors of that day and its aftermath. After spending Hiroshima day number one sipping happily away at a sake festival, these sights ... read more
Peace Bell
Miyajima Shrine

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 6th 2010

Having successfully negotiated our way from the station to the hostel we were able to dump our bags in our private ensuite room and begin sightseeing straight away. Almost immediately after leaving the hostel the rain began to fall in biblical proportions. We were able to grab an umbrella and commence without too much difficulty. We boarded the tram to the Atomic Bomb Dome. This is a building which was very close to the epicentre yet remarkably its shell and metal dome like structure withstood the bomb. It was decided that the building should remain as a monument to those who lost their lives. As we crossed the peace park we arrived at the “Children’s Peace Monument” Sadako Sasaki was exposed to the A- bomb when she was 2 years old but survived however when she ... read more
Monuement for the children
Chains of paper cranes
war memorial

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima August 29th 2010

Hiroshima We caught the local train from Kanzawa and switched at Shin-Osaka for the Shinkansen to Hiroshima. Once checked in, some of us caught the tram to the Peace Park. At the entrance to the park is the building above which the first atomic bomb exploded leaving the building partial damaged, but the surrounding area was completely flattened. The museum is well laid out with the before and after story, coming out you feel a bit depressed. From here we decided to walk the couple of miles back to the hotel. We'd not had lunch so followed a sign for an indoor market. Here there was plenty of choice to eat but decided on McD's (I don't like visiting chain food outlets but I have to say you know what you're getting at Mac's). The ... read more
Hiroshima - local trains
Hiroshima - local trains
Hiroshima - Tram

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