Photos from Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan, Asia

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Hiroshima Castle
life goes on, a grey heron in the Peace Memorial Park
Children's Peace Monument
strings of paper cranes at the Children's Peace Monument
Five tired pagoda
Itsukushima Shrine
Itsukushima Shrine
Torii gate
Itsukushima Shrine
Us and the torii gate
"Two coffee and two doughnuts, please"
I told Shenton not to climb that building but he wouldn't listen
The Dome: An Eerie Relic of the A bom
The cool toilets!
The Crane given to me my a school kid
Mother nature's firework display
The red five storey Pagoda
Dusky torii
The red torii
Yet more BLOODY steps
Staff of a Pilgrim
Full moon bridge
Beautiful strolling gardens
The real Madam Butterfly
A thousand paper cranes
Past surrounded by the present
The twisted dome
Blue sky, red, yellow & green leaves
A hotel room with a view
A-Bomb Dome Hiroshima
The Power of Life Over Destruction
Rock Gardens
Hiroshima - Children
Sulphur gas bellowing out of the volcano
Nara - Dragon Boat
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