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Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima March 15th 2014

Weekend in Hiroshima March 15-16 After a week of traveling, I stayed in Kure on Saturday and hung out with Ellen. In the evening, we went to Hiroshima to meet up with her friends at a place they call “Beyonce’s Bedroom.” The floor is covered in mattress and there are pillows everywhere, with the tabletop being directly on the soft floor. It was a bit feminine and after the other guy left before we had dinner, I was the only male left. It was a bit silly, but it was nice to meet more of her JET friends. Many of them are from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia as well as the United States. The way Ellen made it sound, I thought we were going to be out all night because you either catch ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima January 29th 2014

La météo à été un peu moche mais j'ai quand même été faire mon pèlerinage à Miyajima, un lieu pas mal sacré pour les Japonais. J'ai monté en haut du Mont Misen mais les nuages et la pluie ont gâché un peu l'expérience.. Mais c'est pas grave, l'endroit est tranquille et j'ai bien aimé prendre l'air. Les chevreuils sont un peu comme les vaches sacrés d'Inde à Miyajima, ils se promènent un peu partout.. il faut regarder ou on pose les pieds disons.. Les autorités locales demandent aux touristes de pas les toucher et surtout pas les nourrir.. mais il y a toujours des imbéciles dans n'importe quelle ville.. Ils disent même de s'en méfier de ces bêtes.. Ma consigne : si vous avez des peanuts dans vos poches vous allez vous faire attaquer.. Donc après ... read more
Itsukushima Tori
Un chevreuil dans la ville.. banal!
Itsukushima Temple

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima January 27th 2014

Définitivement le meilleur service de train au monde.. Le Shinkansen c'est confortable et rapide, le TGV en France c'est du pipi de chat comparé au Bullet Train japonais.. Donc après quelques heures dans le fameux train me voici à Hiroshima. Avec une vitesse de 240 à 320 km l'heure ça va vite.. Donc fantastique ballade en train, belle vue sur le Mont Fuji (randonné prévue la semaine prochaine), passage devant la brasserie Kirin (ou plutôt présage..), un voyage sans encombre. Hiroshima a bel et bien reçu la première bombe nucléaire, bein aujourd'hui ça ne paraît plus. Les japonais ont très rapidement rebâti et c'est aujourd'hui une ville prospère et grouillante d'activité. Une chance qu'ils ont conservé quelques vestiges parce que tout le monde pourrait oublier l'histoire tragique de la ville. Les japonais reconstruisent le S... read more
dans le train en quittant Tokyo..
Le Mont St-Hilaire...
Snack de train..

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 5th 2013

Friday was a late start because I was heading to Tokushima, which is much closer to my base in Takamatsu. The train ride was just under an hour. I was a bit concerned when a group of school kids (I think they were a table tennis team actually) sat near me because I was expecting a rowdy trip. Not so, it turns out, because they were deaf kids. And besides, Japanese kids are pretty well behaved anyway. I arrived in Tokushima and my first stop was the castle. Or what’s left of it. I had the impression there was more left than there actually is, though. Turns out there is not really much at all. But there is the Tokushima Castle Museum, which had some interesting displays of items that belonged to the rulers of the ... read more
Tokushima Castle Garden
Tokushima Castle Garden
Tokushima Castle Garden

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 30th 2013

Early start with our luggage. We took the local train to Tokyo station to catch the shinkansen to Hiroshima. A four hour trip including change of trains at Shin-Osaka station. Travelling at almost 200kmh we passed Fujiyama on our right...a clear view of Japan's highest mountain. Once in Hiroshima we put our luggage in the station lockers and caught the romendensha (tram) to the Peace Park . Finally we were able to hang our 1000 paper cranes made by Seacliff PS. students . Another train ride and ferry over to Miyajima island . We arrived after check-in and walked 20 minutes with luggage now with two flat tyres ! We arrived at the Miyajima Seaside Hotel to be greeted in true Japanese style. Aussie thongs at the entrance and Andrew's giant feet squished into hotel slippers! ... read more
Sadako monument Hiroshima 300913
Riley and Kate hanging cranes 300913
Peace flame and park

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 17th 2013

The sad memorial of where the bomb fell.... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima August 12th 2013

Today we left Osaka for the day and took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Hiroshima to visit the Hiroshima Peace Park at the site where the atomic bomb went off. First off, I am including a video of the shinkansen super express train as it blasts through a train station so you can get an idea of just how fast it moves, and also one of the Japanese countryside while on the Shinkansen. Inside it's very quiet, so it almost feels like your are floating at high speeds.Shinkansen passing through the rail station:Japanese countryside from Shinkansen:... read more
Surviving building info
Hiroshima before
Hiroshima after

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima June 9th 2013

This will be my almost final Japanese blog – and actually written on the JR Beetle jetfoil from Hakata to Busan in Korea on 11 June. I left Kyoto on one shinkansen then had to change to the Sakura Kyoto shinkansen at Shin Osaka. Osaka is so close it is only about 18 mins, then the Sakura is pretty fast to Hakata as minimal stops and about 2 hours. Fortunately coming in (I knew where it was anyway) I saw from the train the green neon of the Green Hotel where I was staying in Hakata. In case you are confused, Fukuoka/Hakata are the same thing – originally two towns but the station is in Hakata so they call it that. Nice to have a hotel so close to the station – in fact the 11thfloor ... read more
Hiroshima tram
Hiroshima the A Dome
Hiroshima A dome with tree fringes

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima May 21st 2013

Tuesday, 21st May 2013 Against the backdrop of the cool evening breeze and the voices of a Japanese girl singing by the banks of Ota River, this was a particular sombre evening for me. I took an early morning tram to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park to begin my fulfilling day of museum hopping while retracing the footsteps of the Second World War. Like Nagasaki, Hiroshima also suffered from the effects of atomic bombing during the war. In fact, the world's first atomic bomb was dropped over the skies of the city on the morning of 6th August 1945. Coming from the tram station, it was the Atomic Bomb Dome (Hiroshima Peace Memorial) that greeted me. Formerly known as the Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall, parts of the dome-shaped building managed to withstand from the bombing raids ... read more
Hiroshima Tram
Inside the Peace Memorial Museum
Children of Hiroshima

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima April 22nd 2013

I spent two days skiing in Hakuba where the snow was actually quite good considering it was the middle of April. The ski area wasn't massive however, and some of the runs to the valley were already closed due to a lack of snow at that level. This meant one day's skiing here would probably have been enough. I'd originally planned to go to one of the other nearby resorts on my second day, but the advertised free shuttle from the hostel wasn't running anymore as I was pretty much the only person there skiing at the time. I did a second day in the same ski area which I enjoyed, but by the end of the two days I knew most of the place backwards. I enquired about whether Apres Ski exists in Japan or ... read more
Mt  Fuji
Cherry Blossoms
Cycling by Lake Kawaguchiko

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