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Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima June 22nd 2023

Heute frühstückte ich wieder gut in Mutsamoto. Man kann sagen, dass in dieser Stadt bedeutend weniger Westler als in Tokio, Kyoto oder Hiroshima sind, aber sie hatte definitiv ihre Highlights. Ich lief also den kurzen Weg zum Bahnhof zurück, besorgte mir eine weitere Reservierung für übermorgen und trank erst einmal einen Frappuccino im Starbucks. Dann bestieg ich den Shinkansen nach Hiroshima, wobei ich wieder das Glück hatte, dass neben meinem Fensterplatz keiner saß. Mein Zug hatte wieder 8 Wagen, wobei es immer so zu sein scheint, dass der 1. Wagen zur südlichen Endstation in Kagoshima und der 8. nach Osaka zeigt. Allerdings sitzt man immer in Fahrtrichtung und wie die das genau hin bekommen, weiß ich nicht. Auf jeden Fall sind in den Bahnhöfen Barrieren, so dass man nicht aufs Gleis kommt, und die Nummern der ... read more
Im Shukkei-en Park von Hiroshima.
Im Shukkei-en Park von Hiroshima (man beachte die Koi Karpfen).
Im Shukkei-en Park von Hiroshima.

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima June 19th 2023

Heute nahm ich mir nach dem Frühstück die Hauptsehenswürdigkeit von Hiroshima vor: den Friedenspark mit Friedensmuseum. Das ganze ist eine schön gepflegt Anlage und ich war hier auch schon 1995. Es gibt auch eine ewige Flamme und einen Friedensdom mit einem übrig gebliebenen Gebäude. Mein Besuch war am Vormittag, bevor es richtig heiß wurde. Anschließend ging ich noch in das Starbucks gegenüber des Hotels. Hier gab es dann doch noch die Größe Venti mit einem wieder verwertbarem Plastikbecher und den Papptrinkröhrchen, die es woanders auch gibt. Abends aß ich dann wieder im japanischen Restaurant meines Hotels. Diesmal Aal mit Reis und zweierlei Suppe. Aber vielleicht habe ich auch etwas falsch verstanden. Morgen geht es dann weiter nach Kumamoto.... read more
Im Friedenspark Hiroshima.
Im Friedenspark Hiroshima.
Im Friedensmuseum Hiroshima.

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima June 18th 2023

Heute frühstückte ich wieder gut mit zweierlei Fleisch (eines davon war polynesisches Huhn), zweierlei Fisch, Spiegelei, Käse, Brot, zweierlei Milchspeisen, Orangensaft und Kaffee. Danach fuhr ich mit dem kostenlosen Shuttle zum Hauptbahnhof. Also zu den Vorzügen meines 5-Sternehotels in Kyoto gehört neben dem sehr guten kulinarischem Angebot und dem Pool auch noch kostenloses Wasser (1 Flasche am Tag), Kaffee auf dem Zimmer, die Japan News Zeitung täglich und der kostenlosen Shuttle, wobei ich am Ziel noch einen kostenlosen Grünen Tee einnahm. Dafür kostet es nur etwa 5 Euro mehr, als das 4-Sternehotel in Tokio. Am Hauptbahnhof von Kyoto, den ich heute zum ersten Mal von außen sah und der sehr eindrucksvoll modern ist, spazierte ich noch auf dem Skywalk in der 10. Etage. Dorthin kam ich mit einem Aufzug und das Gebäude ist deswegen so groß, ... read more
Hiroshima Castle.
Ehemaliges Hauptquartier der Kaiserlichen Armee in Hiroshima.
Der Skywalk am Hauptbahnhof von Kyoto.

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 28th 2019

Hiroshima was hard. We arrived in the afternoon did a luggage drop and decided to get lunch before the Peace Park. Some old dude tried to mack on Susan the entire train ride to our hostel. Fun fact about Hiroshima is that, like San Francisco, they buy their streetcars from all over the world so it's kind of a cool hodgepodge of cars on the streets. We, as has been the theme, were bad about getting breakfast so were hangry searching for food and wound up at an Italian place near the Peace Park that wasn't too bad. I was feeling anxious about actually going to the memorial sites and the museum and it started showing up in my body around the end of lunch when I started expelling all manner of bad energy through my ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 9th 2019

Hi All, I spent the morning visiting the Peace Park, A-Bomb Dome and Museum. The park is very pretty with loads of Japanese school children learning about the horror of the atomic bomb attack on 6th August 1945. The museum is very poignant with lots of artifacts from that fateful day. There was the steps from a bank with the shadow of a person who was vapourised on the steps, lots of burnt clothes, melted bottles, stopped clocks and watches and many drawings done by the survivors depicting the destruction to the city and its population. From living in China I have visited quite a few sites in which the Imperial Japanese Army commited terrible and disgusting atrocities so I do find the Japanese take on history a bit difficult to take. In the section on ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 9th 2019

Hi All After visiting the Peace Park in the morning I went to the Shukkei-en Gardens which were a short walk from my hotel. These gardens feature heavily in John Hersey's article, called Hiroshima, which was published in the New Yorker magazine in August 1946. It was the first article to be printed in The US about the horror and destruction caused by the atomic bomb and it won Hersey the Pulitzer Prize. Hersey's article tells of the survivors gathering in the gardens and sheltering from the fires which were raging throughout the city. It is hard to imagine what those people went through when sitting in those beautiful and peaceful gardens today. I sat by the river and read the chapter in the article describing the suffering and bewilderment of the people on that day. ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima June 30th 2019

Sunday, 30th June 2019 Breakfast was a happy affair at Royal Host, one of the nicer restaurants in the city that opens early in the day and closes late into the night. I liked how well my scrambled egg turned out to be - creamy, soft and full of flavour. Unfortunately, the toast on my plate was slightly browned even though the coffee tasted great as usual. Armed with a One Day Ticket, I proceeded to the Peace Memorial Park after breakfast and the loop bus dropped me a couple of stops later in front of the Orizu Tower, Hiroshima's newest icon. Admission to the wooden observatory at level 12 cost a whopping 1,700 Yen which should provide a clear vantage view of the Peace Memorial Park surrounds even though I had rather part my Yen ... read more
Desserts at SOGO
Onsen facilities at APA Hotel Hiroshima
Early breakfast

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima June 29th 2019

Saturday, 29th June 2019 Before heading to Hiroshima in the afternoon, I made a brief stop at the town of Tatsuno. This is home to Japan's only Soy Sauce Museum. Access to Tatsuno is relatively straight forward with frequent trains departing from Himeji throughout the day. Getting to the museum from the train station included a brief 25 minutes walk along the old town thoroughfare complete with a bridge crossing. Housed within an atmospheric brick building dating back from the previous century, the museum charged a symbolic 10 yen entry fee and it was manned by a really friendly elderly lady. I probably spent about 30 minutes in the cosy museum and there were some English translations available for non-Japanese speakers like me. The weather was unforgiving when my train pulled into JR Hiroshima Station for ... read more
Lunch before heading to Hiroshima
My stay in Hiroshima
Okonomiyaki Hiroshima

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima June 23rd 2019

Sunday, 23rd June 2019 So here I am back to the Land of Rising Sun - this time flying straight into Hiroshima Airport. I curated this trip to explore the Sanyo-Sanin Coast between Hakata and Himeji as far as the Shinkansen could bring me over the course of a week. My Silkair flight departed in the wee hours on Sunday, 23rd June 2019. Frankly, I wasn't expecting too much into this flight given that it used the single-aisle A320 series. I had paid about $600 for the tickets. The price was okay - nothing too unreasonable for the 7-hour journey. There was a 30kg luggage allowance and breakfast was served prior to landing. I managed to grab some sleep on my comfortable emergency row seat even though it did not allow for a reclining position. After ... read more
Ramen before my journey to Kokura
Toto Museum, Kokura
Downtown Kokura

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima May 21st 2019

On the heels of yesterday’s professionally guided sightseeing around Hiroshima, today we decided to add a self-guided tour of Hiroshima castle. The travel company had booked our train tickets for early morning to go to Okayama. However, last night we changed the Shinkansen tickets to late afternoon and took ourselves off to Hiroshima castle. Before leaving the hotel we forwarded two suitcases to Kobe and kept just the items we thought we would need for two days before we got to Kobe. We decided to use the Hiroshima Loop Bus system. There are three routes around the city. The bus station was opposite the hotel. So onto the bus we got and made our stop the castle. The castle is an impressive five storey pagoda shaped building. The castle is built on a stone base of ... read more
view from Hiroshima Castle
view from Hiroshima Castle

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