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Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima December 18th 2009

Today, we had the first snow here in this season. I am a little bit exciting. I had not seen the snow in Japan for long time. I never walked outside of this hospital. I took a walk once a week with whole chair. I am start practicing with single point cane. ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima December 12th 2009

again by shinkansen we travelled from kyoto station to Hiroshima, about two hours. we walked to the Peace Memorial Park and visited the impressive museums in silence in the early afternoon we took a local train to the island of Miyajima and saw the famous red floating Tori and the island temples. we were lucky since we saw a shintoist religious cerimony with monks playing traditional instruments and dancing on the platform in front of the tori.... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima December 5th 2009

In this Hospital 広島市総合リハビリテーションセンター!出来てから1-2年のかなり新しい病院です。回復期病棟っといって、リハビリに一日最大3時間みっちりリハの先生が一対一でついてくれ、二連休以上はなく 贅沢でした。 そして、同室の人と仲良くなり、彼女をきっかけに同じ様な年代で夕食後、話したり、ゲームをしたり、テレビを見たり、お菓子を食べたりと入院生活が徐々に楽しくなっていきました。でも、またその中から少しずつ退院して行き、各自の家族と生活に戻っていくので。。。喜ばしい事なのに、残る側としてわ、寂しく、又いつ会えるかと思うと、別れ際には、涙が止まらなくなってました。 ただ、頚椎損傷は少なく、高齢や脳... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima November 14th 2009

So Tracy and I arrived in to Japan (Tokyo) from Beijing some 8/9 days or so ago now and as we are here 17 days this seemed a good point for me to pen something about our time here in Japan, but before I rattle away I just wanted to say a quick few things about China. I loved it. Thought overall it was a great place and would recommend it to anyone to visit. My personal favorite place was Yangshou (for the scenery and what we did there) closely followed by Shanghai and Chengdu. I would also recommend that unless you are pretty damn fluent in mandarin that you either a) become pretty fluent in it or b) you take the easier route like us and visit through a tour company. I really enjoyed our ... read more
One of the shinkansen (bullet train)
The cool toilets!
Toyoto's robot

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima November 1st 2009

From one Atomic bomb devastated city to another! We caught the train to Hiroshima and, as in Nagaski, we arrived around midday so left the bags at the Dormy Hotel and headed off to the Peace Park less than five minutes walk away. Although we visited Hiroshima two years ago, and had spent time exploring the Peace Park area, it's somewhere you almost feel drawn to. The Hiroshima Peace Park, a large park in the centre of the city, consists of the A-Bomb Dome, Childrens Peace Monument, Rest House, Peace Memorial Museum, International Conference Centre, National Peace Memorial Hall, Memorial Cenotaph, Peace Flame, Peace Bells, A-Bomb Memorial Mound, Cenotaph for Korean Victims, the Gates of Peace and much more. It is estimated that the detonation of the bomb over Hiroshima led to the death of as ... read more
In front of the A-Bomb Dome
Amongst the autumn leaves
What is and what was

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 2nd 2009

Things I will look forward to post life as a tour leader: Being able to stay home when it is raining. Being able to say that the weather is miserable, and that there is no use in going outside. Or not having to verbally comment on the weather at all. Having phone numbers to call for delivery attached to the fridge, or actually, having a well stocked pantry so I can make soup while wearing fluffy slippers and fleecy pajamas around the house. Not having wrinkly raisin toes and wet shoes and wet jeans and frizzy hair not having any pajamas at all. Not having to smile ridiculously hard every time it rains and pretend that the occupied city is fabulous in spite of the dreary downpour. I'm in Japan, now. Hiroshima. Visited the Peace Park ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 21st 2009

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 16th 2009

Day 443: Tuesday 15th September - Riding the Shinkansen to the low point in Japan’s history After 9 days in and around the capital it is time to leave Tokyo behind and explore more of Japan’s main island, Honshu. My next destination is Hiroshima, known primarily as the first city in history to have a nuclear bomb dropped on it. Hiroshima is 900 kilometres (400+ miles) to the west of Tokyo and by normal standards that would be a full day spent travelling. This though is Japan, and it is blessed with probably the best railway network in the world. With my JR rail pass in hand I board a Shinkansen (bullet train) for Hiroshima. In the 5 hours (including one hour required to change) it takes to cover the journey it doesn’t feel like ... read more
6. Hiroshima before the atomic bomb
7. Hiroshima after the atomic bomb
8. A photograph of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima July 20th 2009

My brother Jimmy came over for a visit and we did some traveling around Japan instead of just staying in Tokyo the whole time. We headed south for a two day visit to Hiroshima. It was an absolutely amazing and moving experience. The devastation that was caused by my home country dropping an atomic bomb on this city was disturbing, but in all of the museums and memorials, they don't blame the US. The city is all about peace and helping get rid of all atomic and nuclear weapons. What was really surprising is how built up and modern Hiroshima is. They have Starbucks and McDonalds every 6 blocks just like every other city in the world. This was shocking since they didn't think any plant life would even grow there for 75 years after the ... read more
Cranes for Peace
Children's Peace Monument
Peace Bell

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima July 17th 2009

Before I left for Japan I told someone that I would be visiting Hiroshima. That person asked, "Does that city even exist anymore?" I knew that it did, but when I arrived I didn't expect it to be as large and as modern as it is. This city has definitely survived since it and its citizens were destroyed by an atomic bomb on August 6th, 1945. After my sister an I checked into our hotel room, we began our walk towards Peace Memorial Park. We walked along a covered pedestrian mall with many shops, restaurants, and people. We eventually came upon a bridge that went over the Motoyasu River, a spot very near where the atomic bomb was dropped. While crossing the bridge I looked to my right and stopped. What stopped me in my tracks ... read more
View of A-Bomb dome along Motoyasu River
The Children's Peace Monument
Children's Peace Monument

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