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Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima May 23rd 2018

Today we travel to Hiroshima. As we wait outside the hotel for our taxi we see a group of girls walk past along the footpath in single file, on their way to work. There is perfectly even spacing between them, and they are all identically dressed. They look like robots. We don’t think they’re too keen on individualism here in Japan. We've rarely seen anyone wearing outlandish clothes, or with unusual hairstyles, or even behaving unusually. Everyone just seems happy to conform and fit in. We decide to have breakfast at the station. I’m still hungry after last night‘s tofu hamburger fiasco, and I suggest to Issy that we have breakfast at McDonald's. She knows that I hate McDonald's, so she assumes that I’m joking. I assure her that I’m perfectly serious, and then add that ... read more
Hiroshima Castle

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima April 20th 2018

The city of Hiroshima makes a welcoming host. Our hotel is attached to the central station, which we’ve come to find is a boon in most places in Japan - easy access from our arrival train to your room and a convenient hub for local transit. From here, three bus routes circle the places you’d most like to check out. The one-day pass is cheapy-cheapy, and the service shames the hop-on-hop-off brand (not even available here) with their frequency. Hiroshima has a castle, akin to the Matsumoto and Kanazawa versions we’ve enjoyed. Numerous museums of art, walking trails, a shrine on a hill with a roof that sticks out above the trees like a centurion hat - I imagine a giant guy kneeling under the trees ready to rise at a moment’s notice. The city is ... read more
The Miyajima Torii
Bitty-sized deer...and people
The utility side of travel

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima March 27th 2018

Haïku du jour Soleil couchant La grenouille aussi Est en larmes (Kobayashi Issa) Poursuite du périple sur Honshu de Kyoto à Hiroshima avant d'embarquer demain pour Shikoku 9h à Matsue nous prenons en sens inverse le train qui nous a amenés de Okayama par la vallée de la rivière Takahashi. Bref panorama du Mont Daïzen enneigé entre deux montagnes verdoyante croqué sur mon carnet. Puis en shinzansen d'Okayama à Hiroshima où nous arrivons vers 13h. Première visite pour le Parc de la Paix à l'épicentre de l'explosion de la bombe atomique qui a tué 140 000 personnes le 6 mai 1945. Seul vestige conservé et qui n'avair pas été complètement rasé, le palais des expositions du ministère de l'industrie signe le devoir de mémoire. Sinon le parti pris du site est tourné vers l'avenir et l'espoir ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima January 17th 2018

Only spent a few days in Kobe famous of course for its beef and a huge earthquake in the 90s, fingers crossed that doesn't repeat itself. Spent new year here which was a fairly quiet affair. The temple/shrine across the road from my hotel had turned its grounds into a sort of food stall extravaganza selling all manner of tasty treats so spent most of the night mouching around there. Spent some time down on Kobe waterfront where among other things they have left a small section of it unrepaired to show the damage caused by the 91 quake. Up until now I have been using local trains and the subway to get around as the distances have been short but as Hiroshima is a couple of hundred miles away I took the famous Japanese Shikansen ... read more
Kobe food market
Kobe temple
Hiroshima Castle

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 12th 2017

Having a Japan Rail pass makes things so easy - just show your pass to officer at the manual ticket gate at any Japanese train station and just pass on through and board any train you want apart from the two fastest class of shinkansen to anywhere you want. It never takes long to get from one place to another and I was appreciating the short journeys after all the long ones in China. A mere one-and-a-half hours later, I had reached my next destination of Hiroshima. The city is nice and compact and very easily walkable. It was also noticeably quieter here than in Osaka - combined with its relatively small size and it really didn't feel like a city with 1.2m inhabitants. Despite the lack of traffic however, it did not stop the locals ... read more
Children's Peace Monument

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 1st 2017

Just to begin, one of the few downsides to life in Japan is the lack of street names and house numbers.....there aren’t any!! Hard to believe in this country of perfection, accuracy and convenience, but it is so. But, back on the road....after the long march of Kumano.......and the all turned out sunny, I went to the beach.... Then it was on to a lovely seaside town, Shirahama, more fabulous tiny bars and funny people, really made to feel at home. And a very nice little bay with great beach. It's pretty deserted, still the low season for tourists I guess.....but I think it's all quiet down south. The youth have gone to the city for work and life, the old remain. It's Tuesday and I'm not due in Hiroshima until Wednesday so I take ... read more
The (in)famous dome
The enormous gate, flooded at high tide
Black toes

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima October 10th 2016

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 26th 2016

Odwiedziny w Hiroshimie i miejscach pamięci poświęconych wybuchowi z 6 sierpnia 1945 roku sa tak przygnebiajace, ze dziś ograniczę pisanie do minimum i wrzucam tylko zdjęcia.... read more
Peace Memorial Park.
A-bomb Dome
A-bomb Dome.

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 24th 2016

Iwakuni bus adventure with a side order of albino snakes please Usually when I leave a country to go home I'm looking forward to eating something different. You know, when you leave a country that doesn't clean its water properly you can't wait to have fresh fruit or you're sick of curry or something. When I get home this time it'll be different as I'll be craving Japanese food! Second thing before we get started on today's activities-face masks. Walking round in one of those looks no fun to me so I don't think I'll be joining in. I can understand people wearing them if flu or ebola is rife or, as someone explained, if the pollen is particularly bad for hay fever sufferers or even if the pollution is really bad. But wearing them out ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 22nd 2016

A sobering experience at Hiroshima with a peckerhead at last And I forgot something from yesterday....again! So our first stop yesterday was at the University with the English architecture and Jamie our guide made a big thing about not having to lock up the bikes. Wow we thought, you wouldn't be able to do this back home. You can't fart in public in Stoke without someone trying to nick it off you....and as for those thieving gits in Barcelona....don't get me started again!! And we get back and the bikes are fine. So our next stop is a Buddhist temple and Jamie decides he's going to lock up the bikes!! 'I do lock them sometimes' he says. What's that all about? And then Kyle, an American remember, makes a witty comment saying 'so you trust students ... read more

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