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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung February 15th 2022

Indonesia, located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, has the highest number of active volcanoes in the world. Of the total 147 volcanoes, Indonesia has 129 active volcanoes. It’s a shame if I, being Indonesian, had not climbed any volcano. When a friend of mine asked me to come along trekking to Mt Papandayan, Garut, West Java, early last year, I’d thought she was joking. Did she just ask me to go to a mountain? I had never camped in my life, let alone climbed any mountain. Luck must have been on my side as the initial plans got postponed due to nationwide lock down. Thankfully, Indonesia, being a big country, could not control the blocking of the roads completely that I had the opportunity to train myself by going to many waterfalls until the lockdown ... read more
Second leg of the journey heading towards the top
Dead Forest
The trail heading towards camp area

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung July 3rd 2021

I had been looking for suitable camping options and found my dream camp van at last! It’s a yellow 4WD jeep with rooftop tent. Perfect. The prolonged stay home had forced me to explore outdoor activities, reachable by road from Jakarta. My pick was Pangalengan and Ciwidey, 4 hours drive from Jakarta, both of which were well known for its tea industry. Along with my three other friends, we drove from Jakarta on Friday afternoon and reached Pangalengan in the evening. The drive was painless as the new toll road, Seroja, saved us an hour. Not ready to stay over-night in a tent, we decided to stay in a wooden bungalow by the lake and were relieved to find out we were the only guests. The next morning, we left before sunrise towards Situ Cileunca, a ... read more
Cukul View Point
Malabar Tea Plantation
Citambur Waterfall

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung May 7th 2018

Rano sa budim na ucinky mlieka, predsa len si zaludok na tento napoj uz odvykol. Od 8.00 dole v lobby na free nete, ktory obcas padal. Tu v hojnom pocte mamicky s detmi. Niektory isli hned k bazenu, ten bohuzial ani dnes nevyskusam. Nahadzane do mapy polohy ubytiek v kota bharu a zverejneny inzerat na cs ci sa ma niekto v tomto meste chut stretnut. Furt nevim ci riskovat a ist na perhentian v piatok bez ubytka. Co som chcel pouzit referal tak tam boli nenapadne este spomenute rozne poplatky (pocitam, ze na mieste nebudu), tak referal setrim na dalsiu destinaciu , i ked neni iste ci bude fungovat. Cs ma kontaktuje nech idem na hlavnu cestu. Po chvili prichadza a ideme smer mesto malou dodavkou. Premavka uplne nahovno, same zapchy (to som ale este nevedel ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung May 6th 2018

Este trochu k vcerajsku co som zachytil od vedlajsieho stola. Svajciar vravel dost o barme (bud pracuje tam alebo v thajsku, nieco v oblasti vlakov, takze fajn job). Jedna baba cestuje tez po azii, toto je jej druhy mesiac a chce kuknut aj barmu. Nocne busy tam neexistuju, pesi prechod zo severa thajska sa neoplati (okolie chang …), bo pre turistov je tam spristupnene len male uzemie, bez moznosti pokracovat dalej po krajine (to som vedel), niekedy moze byt problem s ubytkom, v krajine clovek stretava stale rovnakych turistov, bo vsetci maju rovnaku trasu, dost uzemia je zakazane navstivit. Problem kupit miestnu simku (to riesit nebudem, nemusim byt furt online aj ked to totalne zlahcuje cestovanie). Na ranajky davam opat palacinku. Po jedle len suchy pozdrav od majitelky aj fakt krasnej dcery. Mozno boli trochu nasrane, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung April 19th 2016

Back at the Sheriton Four Pointsl in Bandung we gave the kids a quick bath to wash away all the orange jungle mud and clean out a few cuts. With a busy day of activities they were out like a light. It was so fast that they missed out on my pretending to have had an electric shock which put my hair all on end. Cas did witness it and sighed... ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung December 20th 2015

A short weekend respite to Bandung, a short 2-hour bus ride away, ended up a mini adventure. The bus trip from Cikarang to Bandung was fuss free… till the end of the journey, where I was dropped some 7km off at the outskirts of the main city. Santai! (No worries in Bahasa). I will get it figured out, soon… Angkot Dropping off from the terminal, I walked in the general direction of the city. And before long, I trusted my instincts and got on an Angkot, a mini van that is their main form of transportation. Tried to ask the driver with my limited Bahasa if it heads to the city centre with no avail, so I relied on Google Maps instead. Thankfully, after simple navigation and changing into another Angkot, I reached the ... read more
With my trusty bike
Beautiful Tea Plantation
Arriving in Bandung at night

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung September 21st 2015

Reizen met de trein is in Indonesië een relatief goedkope manier van verplaatsen. Wel is het van belang de juiste klasse te kiezen bij het kopen van een kaartje. Alleen in de Executive klasse is er air conditioning, gezien de temperaturen en reistijden wel zo prettig. Waar de vliegtuigen de vertrektijden soms erg ruim interpreteren vertrekt onze trein vanaf Gambir Station in Jakarta stipt op tijd. Gezien het grote verstedelijkte gebied van Jakarta rijdt de trein het eerste uur niet al te snel en zien we vooral sloppenwijken langs het spoor. Op sommige rails lopen de kinderen van/naar school en op andere plaatsen ligt de was te drogen op de rails. Na een uurtje komt de stewardess langs met Nasi Goreng, dit gaat er uiteraard wel in. Onze coupe zit maar halfvol en in tegenstelling tot ... read more
Het leven langs het spoor
Huize Bosscha

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung March 15th 2015

After spending a couple of hours relaxing in front of the tv watching storage hunters last night ( we all have a weakness!) I was quite happy to do a spot of walking and exploring today. So catching a bus to the train station - which also happens to be the location of the tourist information I gathered some very helpful advice ( mainly consisting of a list of prices buses, taxis etc should charge - not what they try and charge - a term ive heard referred to as skin tax!) So, heading off to find the bus station - if you actually look for a station with buses in it - its not the bus station! A bus station in Indonesia is a congregation of anything between 10 - 20 very old vans stopping ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung March 15th 2015

The initial plan for today was going to consist of getting a bus to Pangandaran ( halfway point between here and Yogyakarta) also the spot of a pleasant beach - but a 5hr ride away and then a further 5-6 hrs to Yogyakarta which I just couldn't face. Instead after trying to book a flight online - and the website failing me I popped into a tour agency and with the assistant not speaking a word of English - but with pointing at pictures of planes and flapping of the arms managed to book a flight for 16.30 straight to Yogyakarta! Popping to McDonalds for tea and some breakfast - and to find a hotel ( and having a very nice chat with the staff member and showing her some pictures!) I found a nice hotel ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung February 26th 2015

Bandung is more than just a tourist attraction; it is a destination of choice for those seeking a tranquil setting with stunning panoramas. Nicknamed "Parijs van Java" (Paris of Java) by the Dutch for its resemblance to Paris and the European atmosphere of colonial times, this capital city of West Java and third largest city in Indonesia has long been a haven for expatriates. Bandung is renowned as a shopping paradise, and it's easy to spot foreign tourists around Jalan Dago, which is a shopper's heaven, especially on Juanda Street where a row of Factory Outlets stretch for miles. Jalan Riau, Jalan RE Martadinata, and Jalan Cihampelas are also popular shopping destinations, with the latter being a must-visit for fashion lovers. Cibaduyut is known for its handmade shoemaking industry, and foodies should not miss the Bandung ... read more
Bandung city scenery
Becak at Simpang Dago
Common view in the city

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