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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 13th 2012

The end of the second week of work, I believe we have earned a rest. Its been a very quick week and really enjoyable. We are all going out this evening to celebrate and toast to a job well done from the L&D Team! I dont think I will be over indulging in the Amber Nectar too much this evening after my experience last weekend. More adventures, no doubt, as I want to go City bound this weekend and of course further present idea's lol. No cricket either, the time they play at night you need a day off the following day. Any way I will have more to talk about, as this weekend progresses so keep following.................................. read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 10th 2012

Cricket Day had arrived and I was feeling a little worse for wear after the meal with the team the night before. A little bit to much beer but what a fantastic night. There was a buzz in the air in Pune and you could tell that nearly everyone you seen was looking forward to the game as Pune had beat Mumbai the week before and a win tonight on Kings XI Punjab (Mohans Team) would put the second in the IPL League. To top things off me and Mohan had booked the VIP Lounge to be able to watch the game in style. We could not wait for the night time to arrive. We arranged for the driver at 6pm, so we would have plenty of time to arrive (Who were we kidding lol), we ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 8th 2012

Saturday had arrived and we could not believe that we had been here a week already. I had arranged to have members of my team to come and visit me at the Oakwood Apartments, this proved to be very enjoyable afternoon. When the guys arrived we had a few beers and ordered some food up to the room. They had me playing Fifa 2012 and I lost lol and they were also asking me a lot about the culture back in the UK and vice versa. We waited until the ladies arrived and then set off on our travels. Rakesh and the guys took me in the car for a bit of a hair raising journey to the restaurant, as you have may be seen on the video, but again it had to be done, it ... read more
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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 4th 2012

Day 5 has arrived and we have been so busy, training is going brilliantly and my learners are so nice. It has been a quiet couple of days photo wise as i have been in the office working, but i have had the most amazing time. My learners are so hungry for knowledge and I cannot believe how quick everybody is picking things up, but I am on schedule and thats the main thing. Again the weather has been amazing and I went to eat with the locals for dinner yesterday and tried some really tasty and different foods, but the majority of people in this city are vegetarian biut that dont bother me as the Indians definately know how to cook. With me and Mohan working different times of the day we dont see taht ... read more
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The WinNerS 1

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Parvati Hill April 1st 2012

Even before I knew, the quest to mend my health had begun. I was already searching the web, talking to friends about getting back into form. Building the stamina to walk the miles in Himalyn ranges is not fool’s play. It needs meticulous & persistent efforts. You simply need to push your limits. I was planning my diet regime & training schedule. When I realized, that universe was still conspiring to help me achieve what I wanted. My trekking buddies were planning for a rigorous moonlight trek from Katraj to Sinhgad. This trek involves a hike across 15 to 16 hills for roughly 12 – 14 kms. The experience of trekking this terrain twice was telling me that this will be the best way to check my capabilities. This trek is bench mark for every trekker, ... read more
Sihgad Fort
Common Wolf Snake
One Tree Hill

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Parvati Hill April 1st 2012

Day 2 started with me rough as a dog, dont know about Mohan but man that Remi Martin done me in. We decided to to visit Pune's largest shopping mall and my god it was massive, on the scale of the Trafford Centre, but cleaner! Lots of eateries and shops from Tommy Hilfiger to your budget supermarket. I got all my presents in this mall and a Mcdonalds only cost £1.20 yeee haaa! It has been really hot today, we could not stand outside the mall for to long or we would of melted lol. Got back to the apartments and went to the gym for an hour, that place is so high tech with all modern machinery and very helpful staff, then we started to decide where we wanted to eat this evening. we decided ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Parvati Hill March 31st 2012

Day one comes to a close with Mohan and I attending an event for the orphans of the city, they were treated by the Oakwood Premier to a magician, games and a bit of my involvement then we went to the the city for what I believe was the best meal of my life. 3 starters, 1 Main and 2 desserts, all shared but wow an absolute taste explosion, watch out Ann and the Gang you wont believe it!... read more

It was a chaotic half year since my South India and Goa Trips... A reconnection with myself was desperately called for. Only Himalaya could save me. I soon started exploring several options. At least a week of peaceful trek in the laps of Himalaya was on agenda. Leave planning, fiscal pinch, bookings, training, packing... Gosh! So much to look into. I was really excited to take it head on. Where do I begin? Where do I begin? But where am I going? Oh Yes, I need to decide where to go in the first place! As Paulo Coelho quotes "When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." I believed this principle since childhood, however, first time saw it coming true with an invitation from Youth Hostels West Bengal for Sandakphu ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune February 10th 2012

On Friday, Griff and tackled the Pune Challenge, which is part of the Sangam programme. It was really exciting to do something that event participants would get to do, even though I was an independent guest. To explain, you can attend Sangam as an event participant. Sangam runs events throughout the year with specific themes. Events are seven to ten days long, and run somewhat like a camp for adults. Some events are more serious and have a goal, such as focusing on one of the Global Action Themes (e.g. “Girls worldwide say we can save our planet”) from the UN Millennium Development Goals. Others are designed more to meet Guiding and Scouting members around the world. When someone visits Sangam outside of those times or without registering for an event, they are an independent guest. ... read more
Pune University
Pune Sunset

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Parvati Hill January 3rd 2012

We are finally in Pune! The flight was 3 hours, give or take, from Jaipur to Pune with a stop in Ahamebad. Although Pune is a college town, the poverty rate is worse than everywhere else. Our rooms also took a dive bomb....its hard to go from 4 star to a hole in the wall. My aunt uncle and cousin are all staying with us though, so its nice to be so close. We've finally noticed a smell but our car windows have been open so that explains that. Pune is also about 20 degrees warmer than everywhere else we've been. I'm loving it but everyone else is hot. Last night was henna night. It was so much fun to watch the lady do her thing and the henna smells yummy. It goes on black and ... read more

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