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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune March 20th 2005

Hello everyone! We're marching ever onwards - had a fantastic time in Pune, and have been in Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar (100miles south of Pume) for the last few days. We've been cycling, dancing, singing, stargazing, and generally having a wonderful time. The fruit here is amazing beyond belief - every yard has another bod selling strawberries and other juicy things - all for a few rupees a kilo! I'll be performing at the Baha'i New Year celebrations tomorrow evening in the Amphitheatre on the side of the hill above a massive and beautiful lake in this high, cool hill station. I'm working on a rap to perform, but I may be singing one of my old songs or something by my friends. Anyhow - Lowri is resting well in our room - we're both very excited ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune March 14th 2005

Hey folks! now I'm in Poona, again staying with relatives anmd having a very relaxed time,- we should be taking a tour to see the Osho ashram and other sites tomorrow - like the tourists we are! Aurtangabad was amazing,- seeing the rock carvings at Ellora and Ajanta - which we hadn't on our schedule in Britain, but were so close to our relatives in Nasik that we stayed 3 days in Aurangadbad as a base... You canfind good pictures of the rock caves and carvings online, and we're set to enjoy Poona, Panchgani, Goa and so on to the south coast... Please contact me with details of friends in India - because we've really enjoyed staying with relatives, but have none from Poona onwards. Tell me who they are and give phone/e-mail contacts. I'll be ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune January 7th 2005

Hey! Well its been a while since I last wrote in here so I'd better say what I've been up to oh and yes Leky I'm OK - I left Chennai three days before the tsunami hit! Apparently StG's and the children are all fine, its only the coastline that was completely wrecked. It was still rather scary though! After a few days in Goa I got so very sick of it so I decided to escape from the ravers and package holiday lot and get back into proper India. New years was spent in a fantastic little town called Hampi, which completely looks like something out of Indiana Jones with its hindu ruins (complete with elephant and monkeys) and breath taking landscape. I stayed in a hut up on the mountain side to get to ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune February 8th 2004

No, pa sem se odlocil, da obiscem najverjetneje najbolj znan ashram na svetu. Ustanovil ga je guru, Osho, ki je s tem ful obogatel. Baje je imel zbirko Rolls Roycev itd.. Napisal je tudi veliko knjig o meditaciji in podobnih zadevah. Zakaj je obogatel, pa ni tezko ugotoviti. Za dva dni sem placal 1000 rupij samo za vstop in rdeco obleko, ki jo moras nosit, da se uspesno pomesas med ostale ovce. Pa se to je s popustom, ker sem pod 25. V glavnem folk na veliko placuje, da lahko tukaj meditira. Skupinsko ali pa posamezno. Aja, pri vstopu je glavni del stroska HIV test. Lahko imas kolero, sifilis, SARS in ebolo, pa okuzis vse kar se premika, a te bodo vseeno spustil noter. Samo da nisi HIV pozitiv. No jaz sem.... Kaj so mi ze ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune October 18th 2002

Had a big lie in , packed and went to Gourmet restaurant for brunch (tomato soup and cheese on toast). Wandered up to the email place- spent 3 hours there. Emailed lots of people and told lonely planet about the farce aka Shree Maya and the rickshaw rip off merchant in pune. Wandered back to Gourmet place and got a banana pancake. Hired a rickshaw bloke and left the shit hole at 18:30 on a sleeper bus- interesting layout- 2 share a bunk which consists of a walled 6ft by 4ft room- which is one complete matress and at the end of the matress is a pillow moulded into it - comfy enough although not alot of space for 2 peole, 4 bags and trainers. Stopped twice for drinks, loo and .Appeared to have slept some ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune October 17th 2002

day 31 = SHIT DAY!! (wrote this in our room in pune at night- not in best mood!!) Started off badly at 05:20 with stomach cramps at 05:45- got laundry back ; wet through and not pressed. at 06:30- no breakfast insight (" eat as much as you want" brekkie no where in sight) at 07:00 got breakfast, in turn they questoned whether we had paid for the breakfast( we had!) at 07:15, finally got rickshaw as there is a rickshaw strike today at 07:30 bus nowhere in sight for pune ( it comes 15 minutes late) at 08:00 shree maya ring our bus driver up wanting to speak to us "did you stay 4 nights!!??)- shan't write down what I wrote in my journal! at 08:45 finally leave aurangabad with a driver who wants... read more

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