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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Bhimashankar May 15th 2012

The journey of human race is the saga of their strong survival against the most difficult situations & living environments. Their inherent strength in conquering odds of the nature lies in their in the spirit of life in extreme adverse geographical &climatic conditions around the coldest heights of mountain surrounded with the deepest forest where their lives & livings are hard to believe. They have their own ways of protecting themselves from the adverse weather conditions, arranging & procuring their food &feeding directly from the available natural stuff & their zest & zeal to establish themselves the fittest to survive in the available conditions. Coming soon with full Videos... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune May 7th 2012

Sunday arrived in true Sunday fashion, with a stinking hangover after frequenting the Stone Water Grill, in Koreagan Park, yep you guessed, over done it again! So I got the phone call that everyone was down stairs waiting on me so off I set. I thought, well its my last weekend so why not go all out, off on the road again on the bikes. I am glad we got the Scooter this time as it was comfier and my backside felt quite bruised at this point from all the bumps we had gone over on these roads the day before. Again the culture was different with all sorts of stalls and brick-a-brack stalls all assembled up the roadside, and I have got to say a long way across the city, it took us around 2 ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 29th 2012

There was nothing better than to blow away all the cobwebs from the night before to go into the city and explore a little bit of history then go shopping. We arrived at the palace at around 15:30 just outside the hottest part of the day and the stalls were beginning to open again as they close from 1pm until 4pm due to the extreme heat. We had a walk around the Palace and its gardens which has pretty much been destroyed from uprisings in the past, but you can still see a bit of the British influence here in the decor around the city. They hold fountain light shows here every evening giving you an insight into the history of the city, which is quite interesting. After our tour of the gardens we decided to ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 29th 2012

Well the day had to arrive, it was Mohans last night with us here in "Rocking Pune" and I was feeling a bit under the weather after having an eating competition with Mr Purdom and we tried to demolish the WTF Burger. I honestly could not get over the size of this thing, it had to have a chopstick put right through the middle so that it would stay in one peice. I won though! I didnt finish it but got down to just 2 burgers lol. EXL had put on a bit of a do for Mohan at Sicilia's, what a night. We didnt pay to get in and all the drink and starters were free. So lets say I tried to get one of everything on the bar. The shots started and that is ... read more
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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 26th 2012

Wednesday arrived and we were so excited, we had a traditional Hindu wedding to attend. You can imagine the rush to get all of our traditional wedding clothing, it was a nightmare, especially for me as everything was in Asian sizes so an XL is a L and so on. We arrived at around 8.30 pm to a beautiful outdoor arena near the military base in Pune and WOW, there were hundreds of people there. The minute we arrived we were sat down and food and drinks were brought to our table. Then a man arrived and wrapped a traditional Hindi Head dress on me and John. This is a mark of respect in there religion and we were welcomed in to the crowd as if we were a member of the family. The Bride and ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 23rd 2012

Sunday was hangover day, I should not of had so many Cosmopolitans the night before lol. All self inflicted though. I had arranged for us to meet with Anshul, Ashraf and Vikram for a day out in the city. Food and Drink and a little bit of shopping! We started off in the Bistro at the apartments and then moved on to 1000 Oaks Restaurant where we sampled some cocktails and traditional food. When we finished we hit the shops. I was looking to get 2 new suits tailored and god did I find them and what a price! The finest of materials and they were very professional. Of course I got to haggle with them and got the 2, 2 piece suits, 3 tailored shirts with french cuffs and a split collar, £290, I would ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 21st 2012

Saturday started with just the way I had imagined it. We had been planning all week to go and explore the rural side of Maharashtra and get to see how the locals really live. Rakesh, KK, Sunny and myself had decided that we would visit Pune Dam and then take a trip up to Sinhagad Fort (The Lions Fort), we were in for an experience that we would never forget. The plan was for Rakesh, KK and Sunny to arrive at the Oakwood Apartments on their motorbikes, oh yes motorbikes! They arrived at about 12pm which meant we had all day out and about. We were so excited, so off we set. The adrenaline rush was amazing, especially when we joined the main stream traffic, I have got to say that at first it was hair ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 16th 2012

Sunday evening had arrived and we were going out for Jas' Birthday. So Mohan and his team had arranged for all of us to go to Zafrans Restaurant in Pune. This place was looking good, it was at the top of a highrise office block (PriceWaterhouseCooper) all open air, with the night breeze and cold steam wafting through the restaurant. Zafrans is renowned in Pune for its fine authentic Indian Cuisine, serving everything from Lobster to Paneer. When we went, it was a Punjabi Themed evening with traditional instruments and dancing happening spuradically through the evening, they even ended up getting me up on the dance floor banging out some Bangra moves with Mohan and Gopal, what a laugh! The meal was excellent but very rich cooked with a lot of butter and "Ghee". I ended ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 16th 2012

Day 14 and I am beginning to miss home a bit now, I know Mohan is aswell. Can not wait to see everyone back in the UK. So to drown my sorrows we went out to the Miami Nightclub at the Marriott Hotel. This place was amazing with traditional Indian Guards in their uniforms at the door. I have got to say, everywhere you go security is tight and when I say tight you are frisked on entry and exit to the supermarket lol. The club was expensive to get in but we had the added pleasure of meeting the Pune Warriors Cricket Team who had played that evening and had came to "chill" out. I met a lot of friendly people here and the bar staff were all up for a laugh. They had me, ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Bhimashankar April 15th 2012

Edmonton, Alberta ---> Frankfurt, Germany ---> Mumbai, India ---> Pune, India ---> GOA, India I have started this journey with a very open mind, or at least a culmination of the open mind I think I have to date. Knowing full well that what I think I know will drastically change over the next months. India so far has proven to be no exception. Rae and I have been chatting about what we have left behind, what we have in front of us and where we may be in the months to come. Our worlds back home packed up in boxes, stored for some unknown future date. Leaving everything we know and love off to explore and learn about who we are as much as learn about the world in front of us. The best we ... read more
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