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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune November 28th 2015

After doing few short road trips around Pune, it was time to do one long road trip. Night riding on my Avenger was what I always wanted to do. Coincidentally one family event was coming up at my wife's native place Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh which is close to 900km from Pune. I thought this was a golden opportunity. So, I decided, let's plan for this road trip. There was no way my parents would have given me permission for this. I secretly started planning for this trip. I booked train tickets for my parents in such a way that they would leave at least 2 hrs before me. I had to lie about my availability for the family event due to workload at my office. Everything happened as per plan. As soon as my parents left, ... read more
2 Somewhere near Amravati
3 My Bike taking a nap

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune October 12th 2015

Wow, it's been two months to the day since I've returned home from travels, and it almost feels like it was eons ago. I wish I had my field notebook next to me as I write this, but that's safely tucked away at home, alongside other souvenirs, field guides, travel guides, and undoubtedly at least one unpacked parcel. I'm almost finding it difficult to reflect on my time, especially after stumbling upon my old blogs from when I was in France (and hence the desire to link this entry to past travels). Re-reading those old thoughts gave me a glimpse back into a different person then, one who was clearly astounded by all the world had to offer, one who wasn't afraid to say any and all of whatever thoughts pop in my lil' ol' head. ... read more
Cliff diving.
Certainly not what I would have expected.

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 26th 2015

This trip to India, was not like any other trip I have ever done for two reasons. One, I was not with Chris, and two, it was for work. To get to Pune, I flew Cairns to Brisbane, Brisbane to Singapore, Singapore to Mumbai, then a 3 hour drive from Mumbai to Pune. Most of the flights was with Singapore Airlines which was pretty comfy and I love airplane food! I love the little compartments and little drink cups. I also really like Singapore Airport. It's the prettiest and most fun airport I've been in, but this time my stop over was only 1 hr. I think from door to door my trip was about 25 hours ... needless to say ... it was a long trip. Pune is 560m above sea level so it's not ... read more
View from hotel
Shandi Wada
Interesting construction techniques

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune February 20th 2015

I am not a big fan of Chinese Food, but yesterday I was bored of routine food...wanted to try something new. So I asked Rahul if we can have Chinese for Dinner today. Rahul hates Chinese food, but he somehow agreed to go. Shraddha, my teammate who is big fan of Chinese had suggested me to try Sudit Su. So we left from home walking towards dahanukar colony. Suditsu is a decent place for having Chinese food… It is located at starting of lane 3 in dahanukar Colony, Kothrud. It’s a simple outdoor seating place with no ambiance and facilities. The seating is of simple tables and plastic chairs. Food is amazing, yet hygienic. Taste is very nice…and not just artificial flavors or coloring. Service is also fine, much better than expected from a Street Food ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Bhimashankar October 14th 2014

It was my Birthday; and both, me and Rahul - my husband were on leave. Rahul had his secret plans ready for the Day. So we all set from Home on bike, me being unaware where we were travelling that day. We traveled our way through Nashik Highway, so I thought whether he is taking me to my Mother’s home in Nashik….??? But, at Rajgurunagar we turned towards Left, and here I came to know we are going to some other place. We traveled through the small villages & Chas Kaman Dam towards Bhimashankar. Route to Bhimasankar is a diversion from Pune-Nashik highway. Till rajgurunagar (from Pune) the road will be good after that you can't expect a smooth ride. The route was very beautiful;... The drive to Bhimashankar is splendid. You are greeted with various ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune August 11th 2014

I have a contact in Pune. Well, my mother has a contact in Pune. Well my mother has a friend who has a sister in Pune. Her name is Pushpa. And this Sunday Pushpa had arrange for me to have lunch with her and her family at the Phoenix Mall, one of the biggest flashest malls in Pune, so big and flash you could forget you were in Pune, and perhaps that was its attraction, as no one seemed to do any buying there, just lots of walking around imbibing the alternate reality of malldom. Kiran was Pushpa’s daughter and she and her friend Shinie had come to pick me up to meet her parents at the mall. We made pleasant chit chat in the car but once out of her brick red Ford Ecosport I ... read more
2014-08-11 06.23.27
2014-08-11 17.04.31

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune August 1st 2014

I’m here to “do yoga” – to study at the RIMYI for 4 weeks. I’ve been training to be an Iyengar yoga teacher since 2012 and with any luck will be certified this October when I sit for the certifying assessment in Sydney. The first time Studying at the Institute is a bit of a rite of passage for any Iyengar yoga teacher – the moment when a young teacher gets blooded – becomes initiated into the bolsterhood – is inoculated with the Indian culture – drinks form the ancient rubber chalice of asana and gets a good telling off from the grand wazoo. I went with Lynn, whose apartment I’m staying in, to visit the institute even though I don’t have any classes until Saturday. I’ve actually been to the institute before in 2008 for ... read more
a statue on arrive of Ramamani Iyengar
Work life balance
on leaving

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune July 27th 2014

About to leave to study at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune for a month. It's a bit of an Iyengar yoga teacher's pilgrimage and rite of passage. This will be my first time to study in the institute but not my first visit there. I went there in 2008 for the 90th birthday celebrations of BKS Iyengar which was a joyous affair but I think studying at the institute will not be quite along the same lines. Tying up my life has been pretty tricky and quite stressful. Leaving for 4 weeks means you need to make sure things (at work) don't fall apart while you are gone. No I'm not indispensable but I am responsible for making certain decisions in my business that no one else can do. In this day ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune June 10th 2014

You know a restaurant is successful when it is used as a landmark by anyone and everyone throughout the city. Good Luck chowk on F.C.Road is just that. It’s a prime busy crossing, deriving its name from the Irani establishment that lords over the corner. Since 1935 is what their hoarding proudly proclaims and 75 years in the business is no mean feat. Even donkey’s years feels short of an adjective to describe the legacy of this place. From octogenarians to the now college going crowd, everyone fondly remembers at some time having had a cup of Irani tea with bun maska in its hallowed confines. Cafe Good Luck is primarily a non-vegetarian place with the mutton biryani, mutton cutlet curry and mutton kheema being the mainstays of its eclectic menu. However, many a vegetarians like ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune February 10th 2014

The best thing about the Palolem beach is that they are not allowed to cut down any trees especially coconut trees. You might even have a tree trunk going right through your bedroom. This also means there is a dense forest of trees right down to the water. I have to say the tidal line is also incredibly clean and one I find remarkable as the rest of the beach, town and country is completely different where no one thinks twice about dropping their rubbish where they are. It might all change when the monsoon comes and all the rubbish from the fishing boats comes floating in and all the rubbish on the land gets washed into the sea. As I went to the shop with Annalaxmi she peeled open an ice-cream for her daughter and ... read more
Annalaxmis impecably clean house
Dogs playing on beach
Russian tourists

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