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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune January 27th 2019

We could not have known five years ago when we were in Pune visiting Apoorva and her family that we were actually going to be able to accept the invitation to the wedding of sister in law Gauri when this would take place. When we got our visa for India in Amman, Jordan, and had booked our flight to Delhi we did not even know Gauri was actually going to get married. But as soon as we announced that we were going to come to India, Apoorva immediately asked (or told) us to organise our travelling around the wedding date of Gauri and Ashish. Of course we instantly accepted the invitation and organised our travelling, because attending an Indian wedding was something we had always wished for and now we were invited into the close circle ... read more
Bride home ceremony
Bride home ceremony
Bride home ceremony

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Bhimashankar October 14th 2017

It’s my 3rd time in India and each time I feel privileged to be able to be part of the culture and daily life but when people in my office ask me how I feel about their city, I don’t always know what to say. For a westerner it’s an absolute culture shock and the emotional toll it takes on me, witnessing some of the sights is real. Last night for example, I was sitting in the boardroom of our office and noticed, that for a few nights now I kept hearing this dog bark. This in itself isn’t rare, as the amount of street dogs in this city is out of control but suddenly, the barking stopped and was replaced with a few very loud wolf howl like sound, followed by absolute silence. I am ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune May 25th 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a week since I took off from Detroit. I have started to fall into a routine with working days. I get up at 6 AM, shower and all that jazz, breakfast at 6:45, catch the bus at 7:30, work until about 5:45, catch the bus back, relax, dinner at 8:30 (early by Indian standards. Some of the other guests in the house eat as late as 10 PM!) and then bed by 10. Luckily, my bus route got changed yesterday and the time it takes to get home has been cut in half. I enjoy the new route because it gives me new parts of the city to see every day, but the dust in this part of the city is very thick during rush hour and I spend ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune May 22nd 2017

Today was my first day at work. I am working at the Pimpri plant. A member of the legal team, Mr. Shinde, picked me up at the house I am staying in at 9 AM. From there, we began our drive to the plant. Pimpri is what we would consider a suburb of Pune, but do not be fooled by my use of the term suburb. The ride to and through Pimpri was full of some of the poorest and dirtiest places I have seen since I have been here. There are large slums on the banks of the rivers with mountains of garbage streaming into the water. Oddly enough, the roofs of these slums are mostly topped with satellite dishes. While I do my best in these writings to not focus on the negative aspects ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune May 21st 2017

Jet lag is killing me. Yesterday after I typed up my first post, I passed out for 3 hours. I woke up just in time for dinner; another amazing meal. Last night was pretty uneventful, still no internet so I will have to keep saving these to my computer. This morning I woke up at 5 AM and could not fall back to sleep. Breakfast was at 8. The cook made me an omelet and toast. Pretty basic breakfast, but no complaints here. After breakfast, I decided to read the paper. I took some pictures of a few of the smaller stories. In case any of you were wondering, even in India, it is impossible to escape the Trump phenomenon. Today is hot. Like, 97 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Still, I was ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune May 20th 2017

Greetings from India! After 24 hours of traveling, I am finally in Pune. I am sitting in the house that I will be calling home for the next 10 weeks. I will be living in a Bungalow in the Sindh Housing Society. The Bungalow is more like a compound and the housing society is like a gated community. The Bungalow has a 2-story-main house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There is a large living room and a kitchen. There is a smaller house in the back where one of the caretakers lives. There is also a very large yard with palm trees and mango trees. I am staying on the ground floor with my own bathroom and screened in porch. Thankfully, there is also an AC unit in my room that keeps it very cool ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Koreagon Park April 1st 2017

Hello friends! WHAT’S NEW??? Hmm, I keep asking this question to myself and try to come up with ideas that excites and motivates me to travel. After my Leh & Ladakh trip in July 2016, I did not do much. As I like travelling and explore new places I was giving a thought to explore State of Gujarat during Navaratri festival in Oct’2016, but could not manage to get leaves from my office for such a long duration so I had to give up on that plan. However I wanted to visit at least one place in coming months and that’s where I decided to explore ruins of Hampi, a Boulder Paradise ! The plan was travel to Hampi by road from Pune (State of Maharashtra). Hampi is one of the most popular tourist destination in ... read more
Aihole, Durga Temple & Chalukya Temples. Bagalkot, Karnataka
Hampi Colage
Badami Caves

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune February 12th 2017

When it comes to travel I have been very lucky throughout my life. After my short road trip from Guwahati to Silchar in Assam in 2009 I had made up my mind that one day I am going to travel through beautiful, evergreen jungles and misty mountains of North East which is often neglected as a possible tourist destination. Finally in Feb 2016 I got an opportunity to travel to Manipur. I landed at Imphal International Airport on 23 Feb 16 which is also called as 'Tulihal airport'. The view while landing was mesmerising and enchanting as all I could see was lush green mountains and pristine blue waters of vast Logtak lake covering the valley floor in the shades of blue and green . From serene landscapes, lakes , rivers, lush green rice paddy fields, ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune December 30th 2016

Shaniwar Wada, situated in Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA is approximately 285 year old fortification built in 1732, used to be the palace of Bajirao I, who was the second Peshwa (Prime Minister) of Maratha empire. He was Peshwa during the regime of Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj, the grandson of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. As the foundation stone laid down on Shaniwar (Saturday), it is named as Shaniwar Wada. It was a magnificent building during the period of Bajirao I and was in its full glory during that time. It used to be a seven story building with a ground floor made of stones and rest of the floor made of wood. It is said that later on in 1828 due to some fire the wooden floors got destroyed. Even today the remaining structure of Shaniwar Wada is telling the ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune November 28th 2015

After doing few short road trips around Pune, it was time to do one long road trip. Night riding on my Avenger was what I always wanted to do. Coincidentally one family event was coming up at my wife's native place Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh which is close to 900km from Pune. I thought this was a golden opportunity. So, I decided, let's plan for this road trip. There was no way my parents would have given me permission for this. I secretly started planning for this trip. I booked train tickets for my parents in such a way that they would leave at least 2 hrs before me. I had to lie about my availability for the family event due to workload at my office. Everything happened as per plan. As soon as my parents left, ... read more
2 Somewhere near Amravati
3 My Bike taking a nap

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