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Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi February 14th 2013

Nous sommes partis en train de Bengalore vers Hospet, la ville la plus proche de Hampi. Premier voyage en train en Inde pour Huguette. Introduction agréable car nous avons des billets 2e classe dans un compartiment avec lits (même si nous voyageons 8 heures de jour, car il n'y avait pas de billets pour le train de nuit), et nous sommes d'ailleurs les seuls passagers dans le compartiment. Seul bémol: nous avons vu un souris et 2-3 rats courants au long des murs. Brrrrr! Le paysage laissait présager celui de Hampi: des grandes roches avec des formes incroyables parsemées sur la plaine (apparemment il y a eu une forte activité volcanique quelques millions d'années auparavant). Hampi est au coeur de l'Inde du sud. Il y a 2-3 petites rues très touristiques perdues dans le paysage général ... read more
Hampi - au concert
Hampi - basin d'ablution
Hampi - frise de temple

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi February 3rd 2013

V noci som sa na komarov zobudil len raz,dalsi raz som sa zobudil na zimu a asi 3x na bordel co tu robili indovia. Totalne nahlas sa medzi sebou rozpravali,uplne kricali. Okolo 4/00 zacali chodit na hajzel,ocul som len same grcanie alebo co to bolo za zvuky. Nabuduce si radsej priplatim a ziadne byvanie s indami. Z postele som vypadol okolo 8/00,zastavil sa na plackove ranajky a siel cca 3,5km po ceste k juznym chramom. Da sa tu pozicat aj motorka resp.vo velkom tu turisti chodia na bicykloch ale to ma nelakalo. Vsetko je to fajn dostupne pesi,teda ak to clovek nechce obehnut za jeden den. Chramy v podstate to iste co vcera,zrucaniny,prach,skaly a jeden plateny areal. Ten som opat nenavstivil,i ked tu uz bolo vidiet indicke jednanie,straznik ma chcel pustit dnu za 100rupii,inak listok 250 ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi February 2nd 2013

Po zobudeni a neumyti sa. Sak som v Indii netreba. Som siel na miestny mini trh na rananky. Dal som si placky s omackou,stretol som tu aj mojich susedov ale len zeny,tie ang nevedeli. Z ranajok som sa musel vratit na ubytko vymenit si obuv. Slapky ma moc oskierali tak som nahodil botasky. Zla kupa teda,toto su skor len take plazove slapky,v goa asi kupim neake lepsie. Tak a mohla zacat moja put po chramoch za pekneho slnecneho pocasia. Prvy sa na radu dostal blizky chram Virupaksha,vstupne bolo 2rup,za fotak chceli 50 rup. Pred vstupom do tohto dost velkeho komplexu sa bolo treba vyzut. Botasky som si odlozil tam kde vsetci,na zem k stene. Pytam sa chalpika ci to je gratis,vraj hej,len dobrovolny poplatok ak niekot chce. Chram ma moc neoslnil. Predomnou bola daka skolska vypprava ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi February 2nd 2013

There's nothing intimate about Indian cities. Surely it's here that that well worn cliche "assault on the senses" was spawned. Urban India is where the concept of a billion people in one nation resonates. The gamy odours of raw filth that overlay the spicy aromas of street cuisine. The incessant rhythmic honking of car horns. Mosque wake up calls (there may only be a 10% Muslim population here but that's still 100 million). Mainlining vegetarian curries. Cows knee deep in street rubbish somehow eking out an alternate food source to grass. It's dank, it's full throttle and maybe it's not the Indian romance of imaginations or from the pages of Rudyard Kipling, but the lurching excitement of Mysore, Bangalore and Hyderabad has left a thousand still-life images entrenched in the memory banks. No more so than ... read more
Mysore market
The Guru's guru! Hampi Bazaar.
Mysore market

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi February 1st 2013

Do Bangalore sme dorazili o 7/00,takze po 14-hodinach jazdy. Hned po vystupeni sa na mna vrhli riksaci,ktorych som odignoroval. Pobral som sa pesibusom na dalsiu bus stanicu vzdialenu cca 5km odkial chodia busy do Hospetu. Bus stanica sa nachadza pri zel.stanici. Cestou som zle odbocil a ocitol sa v botanickej zahrade. Dost ludi tu cvicilo a behalo. Moc som tu nepobudol,bo mi bola strasna zima. Som si musel dat na seba aj tricko s dlhym rukavom. Po tom ako mi naskocila navigacia som sa uz v pohode dostal na bus stanicu. Toto mesto mi ukazalo uz pravu tvar Indie. Vsade po ceste kravy,tony odpadkov a milion ludi a samozrejme drbkovci co furt trubili. Cochin bol oproti tomuto prechadzka ruzovou zahradou. Jedlo som odkladal na neskor,co bola chyba,bo po dorazeni na bus stanicu akurat moj spoj vyrazal. ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 3rd 2013

The end of 2012... It had been such a difficult year in some ways, but so amazing also! I love new years and the start of a fresh calendar. Well, I dislike the last minute party plans and people making a huge deal out of NYE but I think it is important to take a moment to reflect on the past year and what you have accomplished. I remember a piece of paper I wrote with my goals that stared at me every day. If you don't make any goals, you certainly won't reach them. I set absurdly ridiculously huge goals...and guess what? If I had that little piece of paper with me right now, I could draw a line through everything I wrote down. That being said, ok, yes I wanted to travel for a ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi December 16th 2012

So after travelling up the Western Ghatts through the mountains we took a 9 hour bus journey to Bangalore, which is one of the craziest cities I've been to in India, and then a 13 hour train journey to one of our target destinations Hampi. It was definatly NOT what we expected! after travelling around the cities and towns of India Hampi was a welcome break from dusty roads and extremely busy city and town centres. Hampi is famous for its temples and the amazing rock formations that surround the area. We stayed across the river from the main town and after a 9 hour bus journay and a 13 hour train journey we were gladly met by the first person who offered us accomodation across the river. We stayed in mud huts for 3 pound ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi October 1st 2012

I made a promise in my last entry that I would dedicate this entry to ruins and the movie Up, and I have no intention of disappointing (I know you all must be sitting at the edge of your seats, dying to hear about both). First, some ruins, and then I'll move on to this Upbusiness when I get to that part of the story. Our ruins exploration took several different forms over a couple of days: One day, we walked to one end of the Bazaar and wandered around, and the next we went to the other end of the Bazaar, where the Virupaksha Temple is, and Peter and I took a bike tour from there (Ally doesn't bike so well, so Bitsy agreed to walk around with her instead of touring with us). (Before ... read more
Hanuman and Sita
Monolithic Bull (aka Nandi)
Holy Water Tank

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi September 30th 2012

Okay, friends. Now for the second installment of my holiday adventures (or, should I say, "Now to our featured presentation!"): The second morning at Hampi, we decided to go to the Hanuman Temple on Anjaneya Hill. This temple is still-functioning, and is one of about four places that claims to be the birthplace of Hanuman, a very important monkey god. Some background on Hanuman: He plays a huge role in the Ramanyana, the epic tale of Rama's (one of Vishnu's incarnations) battles against the 10-headed demon king of Sri Lanka. The tale begins with the demon king's abduction of Sita (Rama's wife). Hanuman becomes one of Rama's followers and, when Rama is unable to cross a large body of water to get to Sri Lanka, Hanuman leaps (or "flies like Superman" according to a tour guide) ... read more
Ruined Bridge
The View
The Lonely Tree

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi September 29th 2012

Well, this week has certainly been quite the adventure. There is quite a bit that I'd love to tell you all, but I'm getting the feeling that it may take a while for me to sprinkle all of my impressions into my various entries. I certainly can't put it all in one, because it would look a bit like a novella in length. So, I've decided to break certain ideas/observations into specific topic-entries. But I thought it'd be nice to give a general overview of my travels here and in a few subsequent entries. Our adventures began in Bangalore, with a fine mediterranean meal on the roof of a nice, clean mall. It was the most lavish meal I've had in India to date, but I am finding more and more that I don't really crave ... read more
Bus to Hampi
Manju Guest House Room
Virupaksha Temple

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