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Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 27th 2012

We left Varkala and started our 26 hour train journey in the morning. It wasn't bad at all. The landscape was amazing and we had really nice people around our seats. The train got busy at times but I often had my lower birth to myself. Ant spent most of the time sitting at the open door enjoying the landscape. We arrived in Guntakal, Karnataka at 10.30am the next day, earlier than expected which was a bit of a surprise to us. We decided to treat ourselves to a taxi to Hampi rather than having to wait 4 hours and then boarding another train for 3 hours. The 3 hours taxi ride was worse than the 26 hours on the train. The roads are awful here - some are paved but not very well, they have ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 11th 2012

Anna and I spent one last night in Goa in the city on Panjim, a former Portuguese colony that is now an amalgam of Indian culture and Portuguese influence; Panjim feels very different from other Indian cities with it's cobblestone alleys, Baroque-style architecture and ornate Catholic cathedrals. Walking the streets was almost a nostalgic experience that reminded me of the romantic charm of Buenos Aires. The street food is also a blend of Portuguese products (more meat than I usually see) and Indian spices, we indulged in a strange dish of lentil stew, cabbage, topped with deep-fried bread, and then topped with corn and spices...good! Also lots of bakeries with beautiful baked-goods (see photo) so it's probably a good thing we only had one day here! It was nice to visit Panjim but I didn't mind ... read more
street treats in Panjim
monkeys after they had been on our bikes
top of Monkey Temple

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi December 3rd 2011

Waking in Gokarna town at 6am we checked out and headed to the bus station. Once chris had scrambled onto the bus rooftop to securely fix our backpacks (much to the amusement of the locals), we boarded the bus and embarked upon a 9 hour journey to Hospet en route to Hampi. Departing the bus we took a rickshaw 12km to Hampi Bazaar where the rickshaw driver recommended Archana Guesthouse. Taking a look inside we decided to stay and so bargained hard over room prices, eventually agreeing on 200 rupees/night. With accomodation sorted we then headed out for dinner before heading back to bed ready to explore the next day. The only real way to describe Hampi is Siem Reap (Cambodia - Angkor Wat) meets Rome meets the flinstones - a playground for historical and ancient ... read more
hampi 002
hampi 003
hampi 004

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi December 2nd 2011

It was an early December evening and I was waiting at the Tirupati station with my usual backpack and camera. Yes, I was on the way to Hampi from Chennai. Tirupati station is a melting pot for all the tourists and pilgrimages. Earlier, I took a train from Chennai to Tirupati as I knew that there wouldn’t be any train to reach Hospet from Chennai. I had options aplenty however decided to take the shortest but comfortable way by travelling in trains. Haripriya express from Tirupati departs at 8pm so I had it known that I had to wait in TIrupati for some hours. I placed myself in a corner of the waiting hall and was gaping at the crowd. Finally, my turn came up and I slowly walked past the busy ever crowded waiting hall ... read more
Love Eternal
through the 'lens'
Way to Mathunga Hill

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi November 15th 2011

Hampi seems like weeks ago, time is really weird out here. We left Goa to get an early morning train to Hampi. We literally had no idea how to catch this train, so we trekked up and down the platforms asking people and looking for other travellers. My first experience of Delhi Belly was about to kick in so with half an hour to wait, no toilets and no clue where to stand I was not in best spirits. And then the train got delayed. Anyways after seriously contemplating the tracks as ways to relieve myself from the agony the train arrived yay!! The journey was uneventful. Trains are great though all day you just get people wandering up and down selling tea and food! We got to Hospet and claimed two rickshaws to get us ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi April 6th 2011

If the roads weren’t so crap the sleeper bus would be the way to travel. It was cheaper and more private than the 2AC class train, the double bed very comfortable, it’s just a shame that every now and then you would be woken as you were temporary suspended in midair as the driver hit a bump, pothole, or possibly a fealess tuk tuk that had no lights working, which there are many. With little sleep, we arrived into Hospet at 7am and were straight onto a tuk-tuk for a 10km journey to Hampi and straight into Venu Guesthouse. It’s the low season at the moment so accommodation was easy picking, as usual . A small rest and we were off to explore Hampi, I picked up a tourist map and commentary of Hampi from one ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi March 30th 2011

Our arrival into Hampi (Hospet train station) brought with it the expected result that we’d become accustomed to upon getting to any touristy destination – touts! One spotted us before we had even got off the train and started the chatter soon after we got off. We dumped our bags and thankfully, the refusal to engage the tout whatsoever concluded in him leaving us in relative peace. I went searching for a rickshaw (he was there again) and then went and grabbed Zoe who’d stayed with the bags. The rickshaw drivers all seemed more intent on sitting around and chatting and didn’t seem overly inclined to make a deal. Tout to the rescue – our aforementioned friend came to the rescue and took us up to the bus stand for a half decent fee (despite trying ... read more
Lakshmi the temple elephant
Wedding in Virupraksha Temple
The wedding

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi March 5th 2011

Geography has always excited me, but this time I decided to take the historical route. The best place to plunge yourself into a historical study is the ruined Vijayanagara empire at Hampi. I took an overnight bus journey to Hospet, the nearest town from Hampi. The climate was quite hot and dry for most part of the day. For long, Hampi has been considered as a hippie's hangout with a huge number of them heading there from Goa ( a hippie's PARADISE). This world heritage centre has a lot of historical importance as it showcases the beautiful ruins of the 16th century Vijayanagara empire, situated on the banks of Tungabhadra river. I hired a qualified guide who explained the historical relevences of each and every sculpture and carving. Without him, I would have ended up staring ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi February 15th 2011

Happy valentines day for yesterday all you lovely people who bother to read my blog! So much has been going on its hard to write. We arrived in Hampi about ten or eleven days ago on the night train, and since then it's just been sight after amazing sight. I have been blessed by a sacred elephant, robbed by a gutsy monkey, had my hand henaed and so much more. the landscape here is stunning and bizare: mountains of volcanic rock piled and balanced all over the place as far as the eye can see, in strange contraste with the super flat, bright green rice paddy's that grow all over the place and the river running through it all. We have had some beautifull sunsets from high up creveses and hindu temples perched on top of ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 17th 2011

Unfortunately we have moved on from Hampi( I am writing from Mahabalipuram), But it really was the most brilliant place you could imagine. Divided in two by a sacred river where people bathed and washed their clothes, On one side was an thriving Bazaar and immense temple and palace complex which had been ransacked by the Arabs four hundred years past and on the other was really a chilled out small settlement where the majority of the travelers stayed. The only way between the two was a tiny little boat with a wee put-put engine, which wouldn't set sail until it was ridiculously overcrowded with both people and goods. However dangerous it looked i never seen any problems and the drivers were exeptionaly skillful in dealing with the rising water levels which hid massive boulders just ... read more

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