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Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 8th 2011

Coming soon... ish... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 8th 2011

Well here it is our superblog of India for all of you, we left from Barca on 30th to go to London catching up with Vari along the way, then it was on to Bombay curtisy of Kingfisher airlines which despite all expectations was fantastic, a brand new airbus with all the trimmings, and the pretiest most helpfull hostesses. We arrived in Mumbai after 11 hours to our first taste of the poverty which is such an unfortunate part of this most amazing and fascinating country, around the airport there is many shanty towns very hard to miss. We sat and waited for our Goa connection where i felt like i was on a ferry, a mixture of lack of sleep and being on a plane for so long. When we got our second Kingfisher flight ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 6th 2011

Hampi - 6th-7th January 2011 Day 13 - Hampi After 10ish hours on the overnight train 9pm dep arrive 8am then auto rickshaws for 20kms in what felt like freezing conditions (probably 20 degrees!) we find ourselves at a lake, where the locals are having their morning bath, alongside what looks like an extremely old, massive elephant - as you do!!! The boys and girls wash separately (of course) and our challenge was to try and take photos without them obviously bathing - very difficult, especially when all the girls in their colorful saris look so amazing! Next was a small boat to cross the lake - apparently they are designed for 10 people - in true Indian style we had 20 or so, the 9 of us with our backpacks - so maybe the weight ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 1st 2011

Hallo an alle Lieben zuhause:) Habens nach 3 woechigem Aufenthalt in Gokarna (OM Beach) endlich weiter geschafft...hehe war gar nicht so leicht sich von sooo einem easy cheesy Plaetzchen zu trennen. Uns hat der Hampi Virus befallen....traumhaft schoen!!!! fortsetzung folgt...... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi December 11th 2010

Jetzt sind wir schon eine Woche weg und koennen uns kaum noch an den alltaeglichen Wahnsinn in Deutschland erinnern. Und der alltaegliche Wahnsinn in Indien ist gar nicht so dramatisch, wie man glauben mag. Hinflug und die erste Uebernachtung in Mumbai haben gut geklappt. Mumbai ist laut und etwas stinkig, und nicht alles was man sieht, will man gesehen haben, aber das Essen war schon mal super. Am naechsten Tag ging es gleich weiter mit dem Zug nach Goa. Ein Ausflug in Holzklasse hat sowohl Einblicke ins indische Leben als auch Ausblicke durch die offene Zugtuer auf die schoene Konkan Coast beschert. In Patnem haben wir direkt am Strand 2 niedliche kleine Huettchen bezogen. Zum Entspannen haben wir 3 Tage mit Baden im warmen Meer, lecker Fisch essen und einer tollen Ayurveda-Massage verbracht. Die Straende waren ... read more
Goas Traumstrand
Tanja und Birgit Superstars
Konkurrenz fuer alles Ess- und Trinkbare am Strand

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi December 7th 2010

After another 5 days in Mysore, I set off with Chris, Jamie and Cath to Hampi, where I was due to meet my brother Kevin. Kevin left the UK a month before me and has been travelling here over ground through Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, China, Tibet, Nepal then into India. We go on my first overnight Indian train and it was a terrible experience. I wasn’t feeling great which didn’t help, but the place stank of urine no matter how much incense I burned, there were mice and the men in sleeper class just hocked, farted and snored all bloody night in some kind of wretched harmony. Arriving in Hospet I was exhausted and in serious need of some space (which 4 weeks later I still haven’t had!). We met Chris’ mate, a rickshaw driver ... read more
The Hampi Boat Man
The Monkey Temple

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi October 29th 2010

Overnight bus to Hampi The travel from Panaji to Hampi started with a big bam!!! We (Josh) ordered/ asked for a rickshaw to the busstop around 19.15h and when we showed up not one rickshaw at the rickshaw stop!! Non, nada, nobody! With all our gear on our back we started to run direction private busses in the dark and it was pouring down.. Not really knowing exactly where we had to go!! But that was not all! I (ariska) already had to pee before we left and I was thinking? Overnight bus should have a toilet (STUPID!!). No toilets of course in India.. So when I asked where is the closest toilet? The driver opened his arms and said public toilets! In the dark, with Josh next to me, trying to find a "good" place ... read more
View from Mango Tree
View from the Toy Train in Ooty
Old chinese fishing nets

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi October 17th 2010

I sat next to a Indian businessman on the train back from Hampi. He owns a book publishing company in Chennai and was traveling from Goa to Hyderabad for a meeting. He also belongs to a organization that works to bring english schools to rural India. Interesting. He has approximately 7000 students, really a mear pinhead when considering the enormous explosion of children in this country. 1.2B people - insane. I think that I respect China's one child policy that was started 30yrs ago. Can you imagine where that country would be now? This man was wise. He said that the most important issue facing India today is the disparity between the rich and the poor. Rurally people now have access to television so they see what they are missing. Ten years ago there was no ... read more
A dead pig
A view from my window
getting de-liced

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi October 13th 2010

Volunteer India - A journey beyond the Orphanage. Wasn't sure how the journey to Hampi would result based on the way it started. I woke with an upset stomach - the first time I have felt off since arriving in India 6 weeks ago. Incredibly dizzy with a strange rash on my body. The rash is gone but the dizziness continues. I booked an autorickshaw to pick me up at the orphanage 2 hours prior to my overnight train departure. After 1/2hr and the driver not answering his cell, I knew an alternate was required, so off I went on the back of a motorcycle to the main crossroads where another driver would meet me. The ride on the cycle was scary -dark (no street lights in the village) no helmet, sitting sideways as is the ... read more
A stone chariot
The Saddu I had chai with
The Royal Elephant Stables

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi October 12th 2010

A week's break from school stretches out in front of me, as does endless choices of where to go in this massive continent that is India. A few days before the holiday starts, I decide upon Hampi, and with a friend's help (as the internet site wouldn't accept my India ING bank card), manage to book a train ticket on the Hampi Express, leaving on Sunday night, arriving after about 8 hours, early Monday morning in Hampi. Day/Night 1: I've booked a taxi to take me to Bangalore City Junction, where I went the day before so that in theory, I'd know which platform the train left from. I queued (elbows sharpened) in the 'general enquiry' queue and eventually was told that it'd leave from Platform 7. It takes about 45 minutes to get from my ... read more
view from the Mahanavami Dibba
view from the Mango Tree restaurant
me on the Mahanavami Dibba

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