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Asia » India » Goa » Panaji December 22nd 2019

Hugging 162 klm of the west coast, with 54 beaches lapped by waves from the Arabian Sea, Goa is the smallest and richest state in India. It’s well known for sandy beaches, scrumptious seafood and it’s Portuguese heritage. Goa has a long history as a Portuguese colony, dating from 1510 until they were forced out in 1961. Their indelible mark is still evident in the state’s baroque architecture, whitewashed churches, crumbling forts, and the stunning cathedrals of Old Goa. Panaji is the capital, though Vasco De Garma is the largest city. Our train pulled into the station at Margao, 40klm south of Panaji at 6.00am on Friday morning, 45 minutes late. Margao is the second largest city by population, and the commercial and cultural capital of Goa. For tourists, it’s mainly a transport hub, somewhere they ... read more
Reis Magos Fort Cannon
Reis Magos Fort
Reis Magos Fort

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji February 26th 2019

It was already 1am when I was confronted by an event I had never experienced before. I was completely alone in India. I was in Panaji, Goa standing under a dim streetlight. A few moments earlier I had motioned for the taxi driver to drive away. I wanted to figure this situation out on my own. Solitary, I stood there in the empty streets of the old Latin Quarter in front of the vivid green building. I pounded on the gigantic wooden colonial door with great solid thuds. Eventually, the door creaked open and I was beckoned inside. I was definitely not in Uttar Pradesh anymore. I had spent the previous day in and out of airplanes and airports. A flight from Varanasi, a connection in Mumbai, and a landing in Goa. Actually, the bulk of ... read more
Battle with Termites
Church of the Immaculate Conception

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji August 24th 2018

Arriving in Vasco Da Gamma at just after 6am we were surprised at how quiet it was. There were no auto rickshaws waiting outside and most of the stalls and shops were shut. There were, however, a lot of taxi drivers. These seem to be replacing the tuk tuks in Goa. Deciding a taxi was far too expensive we walked straight out of the station, past the deserted tuk tuk stand, and managed to find ourselves a bus to Panaji. Perfect! And only 40 rupees each... The bus stand in Panaji turned out to be a mere 2km from our hostel so we walked there. Unfortunately we were somewhat early. Reception don’t start until 8am, breakfast isn’t until 830 and check in is after 230pm - welcome to laid back Goa! We are staying in the ... read more
Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
Miramar beach
Miramar beach

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji December 19th 2015

I was so sad to leave my little paradies Agonda. But on the other hand I was very happy - because it meant that Markus would join me very soon. So I took a local bus from Agonda to Chaudi from where it was another bus to Madgaon, the transport hub of South Goa. Here I changed to an express bus that brought me non stop to the Kadamba bus stand of Panaji, or Panjim as the locals call it. It is the capital of Goa. As high season had now started I had already booked a homestay in a quiet area of town, in Miramar. The @Home B&B was a wonderful place. It was so very clean - a wonderful contrast to the never ending sandy beach hut (which I loved - but it was ... read more
on top of Chapora Fort
our treehouse in Sangolda
Monastry of St. Augustine

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji October 28th 2015

GOA This place has got some charm and addiction too. I have almost visited Goa for more than 10-12 times still never get bored of this place. Here the bike ride also give us joy. I don't want to reach any destination, just want to roam around everywhere. Here the churches are so beautiful specially THE BASILICA OF BOM JESUS in Old Goa. It is such a beautiful heritage. The BAGA Beach is one more beautiful spot that every tourist must go. The Panjim city,which is also the capital of Goa,is so beautiful, even the buildings and offices are so colorful here that no body want to get back to their places. Goa is so peaceful. I LOVE GOA. GOA IS LIKE HEAVEN FOR ME. Everyone must visit GOA atleast once in their life. Hence I'm ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji August 11th 2014

Day 24 - Market Day Today is market day nearby our hotel. We starts the day with the hearty breakfast at the hotel, before taking the complimentary bus into Doña Paula, to the market. We are planning to use the gym, and go swimming today.... We'll see! Well, we got the bus into Panjim, as planned, and it was a really good 5 hours of browsing, walking, chatting, drinking and resting! We saw the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. We found a bench opposite, and gazed at the beautiful facade for a while. I have been surprised, all over India, by the amount of religious diversity around, but also by how easily they all live harmoniously together. We walked through the Fountainhas, and it's adjacent enclave of São Tomé, is a charming area which ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji August 10th 2014

Day 21 & 22 - Heartfelt move to Goa....marathon sleep! Today Kyla, Jude and I shopped all day, finding, or not finding in my case, all the last minute bits and pieces It was a difficult night. The first to leave the rooftop, firework party was Patrick. Patrick was eccentric at times, but special to all. He drove you mad, but then you loved him for it. A hard act to follow. Lucy, Rebecca, Laura, Zoe, Hannah and Rachel left shortly after. Jude, Kyla, Tom and Ankur and I had a tough night after that. We have become so incredibly close over the time together. Tom was leaving first, at 3am. He had made the choice of not going to bed. Jude and I stayed up and had a few drinks, but we also had to ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji August 10th 2014

Day 23 - Goa We started off in Goa by having a total marathon sleep. In effect, we lost day 22 due to travelling and sleeping! We got up at about 9ish. We sorted our bags, did washing and got an amazing hot shower! We went for breakfast at 10.20, it finished at 10.30, so just made it. Due to theatstjon sleep, we were both starving! I think we ate everything on offer this morning! When we returned to the room there was a lovely swan decoration on my bed, made from towels. There wasn't on Jude's bed as it was full of crap! We have noticed that when I wake up in a morning, my bed doesn't look as if it has been slept in, whilst Jude's looks like she has had a fight in ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji February 27th 2014

(Again, photos will be uploaded later. For now, please refer to Instagram: @ryantanna) Morning Westerners, It looks like I'll have to come back to India again... there's just not enough time to see everything! For those of you who are unaware - I now have a travelling companion, Kate, who is joining me for my final two weeks in India. I picked Kate up on the 22nd from Chennai airport after my 10.5hr train ride from Madurai ('sore bum' doesn't begin to cover it!) and then we quickly got busy setting out a plan for our journey. We decided on which places we wanted to visit and, using a map, we devised the most time-efficient route. Unsurprisingly, our chosen route includes: Chennai, Mysore, Goa, Mumbai and Delhi. This is, quite evidently, a lot of places to ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji July 31st 2013

In order to leave Hampi, we got ourselves an early morning rickshaw to Hospet where we would pick up our first day train since arriving in India. The 8 hour journey would bring us to our next destination….Goa. When deciding where to stay in Goa, we agreed upon a fairly unusual spot being Panaji, the Goan capital. There is nothing in itself strange about Panaji, however when Goa is mentioned, the first thing people tend to think of is….the Beach. Being fans of the sun and the beach, this would seem like the perfect spot for us for a week or two, so why not head to the beach? Well, we would love to say it was because culture comes before laziness on our top things to do, and this is why we shunned the beautiful ... read more
Arty  Bike shot
Some great Portuguese architecture
Our lady of the immaculate conception

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