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Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Jinshitan August 30th 2012

End of the school year The school year 2011-2012 went pretty fast. I started the year teaching Kindergarten which I absolutely love and is one of my favorite ages and grades to teach, but in December a new teacher teaching grade 1 decided to leave in the middle of the year and I step up and ask to move up and I got promoted to teach grade 1 from January to June. If I had a blast teaching Kindergarten, you canĀ“t imagine how much I enjoyed, loved and the fun I had teaching grade 1, plus I taught with an amazing teacher and friend Agnes Franklin. The last weeks of school in June went pretty fast and were super busy, between teaching, assessing, meetings and social gatherings I practically had no time off. It felt good ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian August 19th 2012

My last stop on my 7 week journey brought me to Dalian, a beautiful port city in the northeast of China about an hour flight from Beijing. I had originally planned to meet my Chinese friend Junting here in her hometown, but as I mentioned in my other post, she is still stuck in the United States working out her visa issues. Despite this, Junting went above and beyond to see that I had a great stay in Dalian after I told her I still wanted to visit. She put me up with her really nice and funny parents at her gorgeous home, made sure her English speaking cousins and friends would be around so I could communicate (her parents don't speak any English) and planned for great sightseeing adventures and dining experiences that I enjoyed ... read more
Night time in Xinghai Square
With Junting's Dad
Night time in Xinghai Square

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian August 3rd 2012

This morning we had our Chinese Language exam and we were bricking it! In the end it went well and I even managed to scribble down some characters to get some extra marks from Laoshi Du Fung. In the afternoon we had a debrief with the teachers and students, where we gave some feedback. When it was my turn to speak I discussed how it was a bit disorganised when we arrived and a bit of a "kafuffle". I don't remember saying it but am sure they had no idea what I was on about.... The Chinese students said a few words. Anders and I got the most comments about our crazy nature, glad I left an impact on them! They especially mentioned how much fun they had at karaoke with us and how they had ... read more
Jess and her BF
Fred and Lil

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian August 3rd 2012

The last day at DUT! We had our presentations ceremony this morning. Each class made a PowerPoint and talked about their experience. Our classes was just lots and lots of photos - a picture says a thousand words afterall. Matt, Jack and I presented with Lil doing her best to screw up the PowerPoint operation! We were then all presented with our certificates and marks from our classes. It was a really nice touch and I am very happy to have a momento to show what we have learnt! We then took loads of photos and exchanged email addresses before going to a big lunch togethe As it was Simons birthday we all said happy birthday in various languages. The teachers got him the traditional long noodle that you have to eat in one go to ... read more
Matt and Simon

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian August 1st 2012

This morning we had our Chinese oral exams...... In pairs we had to make up a conversation between a American student and a Chinese teacher who is meeting him for the first time. I went with Caleb and we made a very funny pairing, with Cindy saying that we were very entertaining! This made my day! In the afternoon we had an organised badminton tournament. I was knackered after basketball but managed to win two out of four scheduled matches and threw away a three point lead in the final set of a friendly match against James to lose... In the end the Durham contingent did us proud with max and Andy winning there groups, Matt and Lil and Beth and her partner winning the mixed doubles and Karwei winning the woman's! We then foolishly played ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 31st 2012

Today we had chinese painting! After a dodgy attempt at drawing my partner Jack I found by talents inherited from my Dad and drew some very artistic bamboos which I thought was worthy of am art exhibit! However the teachers response in chinese was I need more practice.... We then went and played basketball with the Chinese students. We had three teams and rotated on and off with a first to give baskets game system. My team of Nick, Dave, Simon, the giant Swedish Anders dominated! Most moves consisted of me and Dave acting as playmakers and sending passes into nick or Simon who took it to the net or shot, which if missed were cleared up by Anders. However I did pull of a few sweet jump shots under pressure and a three pointer. Magic ... read more
Lil loves painting..
Having a one-on-one lesson
Matt and Lil.....

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 30th 2012

Sooo I kinda missed lessons today......... I wasn't the only one and I was very very tired from travelling so to me it was justified! I finally wrote my essays in the afternoon and then we headed to the international beer festival held in the central park! It was awesome and quite quiet as we arrived at 5.30. The swedes told us of the weird food you could get there so me and James went looking! We found a stall that sold: scorpion, tarantula, grubs, snakes and lots more. We decided on a large black scorpion, very high in protein according to Bear Gryalls, and a small snake to share. They were interesting......but will stick to the normal meats on sticks! Check out the pics and video attached! We had some more beers, which were more ... read more
Sinking my teeth into the snake
Sinking my teeth into the snake
James and the snake

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 25th 2012

Today was another day of classes followed by a free afternoon! We ventured down to the football pitch to have a knock around. I came down a bit later but was immediately an impact playing and with my first touch recieved a through ball on the right wing from James to send in a cross to Rob, who buried it in the net! After that I was a bit less impressive.. After an hour or so some people decided to go shopping with Daisy so we asked some Chinese guys to play, thanks to Nick being able to translate for us! However these guys were big, strong and fast so we were a little bit worried. They let us play 11 against their 10 and they went 3-0 pretty quickly, but the something clicked and Max ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 24th 2012

I love the day after a hangover, you feel alive again!!! More classes this morning and then an interesting lunch where no one spoke english. We resorted to a micture of food roulette and drawing some pictures before a local school girl helped us out! My class had a free afternoon so I started this blog, instead of writting my essay... That night we had a brilliant evening of karaoke! Its very big and organised over here, we had a room renting out in a massive building! I brought out the big guns of Queen and Aerosmith, whilst James brough some Afroman to the table and Jess and Max gave a rendition of Taylor Swift's classic Love Story. I also enjoyed a lovely duet with Jack, whooing the ladies with some Westlife! It was great fun ... read more
Me and James kicking things off with Bohemian Rhapsody!
Dom serenades us

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 23rd 2012

.....OW MY HEAD!!! Such a painful morning pulling ourselves through lessons with the thought of a nap in the afternoon helping. However everyone else had other we hit the beach grabbing a very chinese lunch of McDonalds on the way! Was an interesting experience, the beach was stoney and the water, though cool and refreshing, was not the crystal clear waters of South West England! The locals crowded around as we went in, the sight of several white girls in bikinis obviously drawing them in, that a G's screams due to the temperature.. We relaxed on the beach, but even though it was cloudy I was well covered in Factor 50 and Jess's shawl...mum taught me well! Played a spot of cricket using a tennis ball and flip-flops, the Chinese were again very intrigued by ... read more
Beautiful girls!
Pirate Boat..
Pirate Boat..

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