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Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 22nd 2012

Sorry its been a while since I updated this due to a long trip away to Xi'an, but will get to that later...lets continue from where i left off. On Sunday we had our first lie-in, FINALLY!!! So I stayed in bed until 11ish and then took the time do some washing, exciting eh?! In the afternoon we had dumpling making. Most people went to a local secondary school students house to make dumplings and have a real meal with a family....a few of us on the otherhand, myself, Lil, Freda, Andy, from ealing, and David were taken to the bowls of a restaurant for ours. We made the most of it and made some top-notch dumplings, even having a go crimping cornish pasty style (just for you Grandma)! That evening we decided to venture out ... read more
Dumpling Making
Dumpling Making
Dumpling Making

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 19th 2012

This was the shortest day so far finishing at lunchtime so i had planned a very long nap! However, after originally deciding not to have lunch, was persuaded by David to go with him, wally, cecillia and guang to get some dumplings. They were INCREDIBLE! My favourite being a weird combination of crab and chicken! We also learnt the characters for chicken and beef so hopefully will avoid the sheep guts next time.... When got back to room found the girls standing around with Anna locked in her toilet and the Chinese porters struggling to get in. She had been there for an hour with the porters not seeming to understand the urgency and originally suggesting they come up later to help, wouldn't have had the same problems with Stan, Jeff and Eric! I then had ... read more
Dinner with Hongbo & Ing

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 18th 2012

Following another late night we had our second day of classes, more Chinese oral and an intro to the Peoples Republic of China. For lunch we learnt from last nights experience and went with the swedes who had become friendly with a student Guang Chao who knew the local eateries well! He took us to a place where you get small pancakes and fill with various meat and veg, it did well to settle my dodgy stomach! In the afternoon we did chinese calligraphy and I learnt that in order to make similar sounds to my name in chinese Lewis becomes "road easy such". I have decided to take easy to mean chilled out and not the other "easy" so I am now gonna relax and let others organise, and yes mum it has happened! That ... read more
My Name in Chinese Characters

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 17th 2012

Today we had our first lessons in Madarin Chinese, the least said about that the better, and Chinese Papercutting. The papercutter teacher spoke no English so was down to Jack to translate!! He was ridiculously skilled and told us how he used papercutting as a living and got his wife by making her some paper animals. The art form is still revered in small villages, how other cultures live! My attempts would do well not to scare off a potential mate but will upload some pictures when I get the opportunity!! We spent the afternoon trying to sort out the internet but to no avail as the central system had to settle for sticking my phone out the window and using some dodgy WiFi. We did some Chinese Shadow Boxing, more commonly known as Tai ... read more
Tai Chi
Tai Chi
Tai Chi

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 16th 2012

This was our orientation day so were up for 8am to grab some breakfast that Hongbo and Ing had organised in a local canteen style restaurant. It consist of some salty strips of tofu, some sweet bread with egg and a very bland bowl of dry rice in a black watery soup...was interesting but no english breakfast! We had a tour of the campus and then a welcoming presentation which told us more about DUT and the summer school, and also our classes. We also had a group photo in our very bright yellow t-shirts...will upload when get a chance...before heading off for some lunch. Had a nice chat on the bus with a Swede called David Blomqvist, meaning something very manly I am sure.... We ate at a Hot Pot restaurant where you get a ... read more
100m final!
The fountains!
Downtown Dalian

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian July 15th 2012

We got up early to leave for the airport to meet the others and get our connection to Dalian. Caleb and I grabbed a drink and a Danish and used the hotel wireless to check our emails, we are important men afterall! We checked out and took the shuttle to the airport where we met Hongbo and Ing who are Chinese national post-grad students from Durham who will be making sure nothing happens to us! We went through security where I had a dedorant, that i had thought i had left on the plane, confiscated, that could be an issue seeing how much I sweat and the fact that the Chinese dont really sell it! Flight was delayed so it gave us some time to chat and myself, matt and max to grab some beers seeing ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Jinshitan July 1st 2012

Months slide into weeks, weeks fly into days and days zip by – before you know it, our time in Jinshitan is over and the end is here! Such mixed feelings- it is hard to put into words how we feel about leaving this fabulous community that has been home for three years. Today, Sunday July 1 is not only Canada Day, and our first day of summer holiday, but also the first official day of retirement for both of us. Although we are having a lovely time as at a 5 star hotel in Dalian, both Rick and I are pretty nervous about that and already wondering what and where our next jobs and adventures will be. Everything seems like limbo right now, but things will sort themselves out and we are both looking forward ... read more
grad ceremony june 9, 2012 010
Fresh Produce
Day on Ryan's Farm

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu April 15th 2012

I went grocery shopping yesterday. Here is a picture of one of my favorite produce stores in Hong Mei (the Korean part of town). I also added a picture of what I bought for 25RMB or about $3.96. Life in China is going good. It has been almost 2 months since my winter holiday. In less than 2 weeks is our next holiday. I will be flying to Korea for 9 days to escape the chaos that is China during any sort of National Holiday (I learned my lesson in Suzhou in October).... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Jinshitan February 22nd 2012

Hi all – The last few months here have been very busy; seems like a long time since I have written to anyone, so hope this will catch us up. This is a real marathon blog with so many pictures! Rick is enjoying his role as vice principal and surprisingly has really enjoyed being on the boys campus. It was a real concern for him about how he would leave the girls that he enjoyed so much. But aside from the cold building and smelly bathrooms, he finds the job interesting and the boys really great. Working with the Les, the principal, Ryan and Brad has been a good admin team. We now have almost 3000 students so there are always issues to deal with. My job as Director for the Language Elective program has been ... read more
Boy's Campus
The Champions
Christmas Eve

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian September 25th 2011

Homeward bound We left Beijing for the short flight to Dalian. Dalian? Why on earth would we go back to Dalian? Well, that is where our company paid tickets to Canada left from. In the good old days, we could cash the ticket and fly from anywhere we wanted. Or just change the Japan Air Lines ticket to leave from another city. But this year, the ticket rules changed and we had to leave from the city where we had originally arrived. With the uncertain weather in July (remember the three day fog delay last year) we decided to arrive in Dalian a couple of days early so we would be sure to be in the right city on The Big Day. It turned out to be a good decision as there was a lot of ... read more
The Real Eddie's
The Real Eddie
Another good friend we

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