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Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian September 27th 2019

27th Sept: A lunchtime train got me in to Dalian in the early evening. The train ride was quote annoying as it was just so noisy. The subway into the city and to where I was staying took about an hour. It was easy to find my hostel and I was impressed by how nice it was, even if I did get lost in the labrynith like corridors. After dumping my stuff I headed out to meet a friends that lives in the city. I loved the location of my hostel, right by the water. I liked that the surrounding area was all lit up. It looked really pretty and reminded me a bit of Busan. My friend soon arrived and we headed off to get some dinner. He recommended a place about a 15-20 minute ... read more
Xinghai Bay Bridge
Xinghai Bay Bridge
Xinghai Bay Bridge

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian February 19th 2015

Geo: 38.92, 121.65Dalian is a coastal city which is a popular holiday resort. Because it was Chinese New Year, lots of people were about and there was a party atmosphere. We had a welcome party of dancers on the quayside and in People's Square kids were flying kites. We had an overview of the city from Green Hill viewing platform and drove all the way round Xinghai Square which is the largest in Asia, larger even than Tiananmen square. It is surrounded by exotic buildings and the lights are in the shape of acacia flowers which is the city flower. The city is famous for its Police horses which are all ridden by women. There is a sculpture to them in the square. There is also a massive horizontal sculpture which goes up at the sides. ... read more
Ship decorated for New Year
Tiz on Formal night
Welcome party on quayside

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 1st 2014

... China makes California look authentic! This, at least, seems to be the perspective of most Western visitors to the Middle Kingdom. Last week I had the chance to spend 6 days in Dalian, a harbor city in China's North-Eastern Liaoning province. Dalian, also called the "Hong Kong of the North" (...), is relatively small with about 6 million inhabitants in the urban area (thats about twice the population of Ireland, mind the detail). However, in China the city is relatively famous for being livable and lively, as well as for its seafood and OK university. As my trip was mostly work-related, I had the chance to meet other professionals from all over the globe and got plenty of time to talk to them. Some of them were in China for the first time, others were ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 29th 2013

Dennis Liu Recovery. During past few days, this was the only non-overly exhausting day I have experienced. The day began with a less then average breakfast, not that I had the stomach to eat anyways. I then went into the hotel to indulge in what I find to be the most unforgettable part of this trip, playing cards and watching videos with the friends you meet. After an intense yet relaxing round of poker, we had Chinese class. Chinese class and I have a love-hate relationship. Personally, I would rather being doing something else, but since its China might as well learn some. We then went to the home of a Dalian citizen. They were really welcoming and friendly like the rest of the people in China. We talked about life ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 28th 2013

Three hours north of Dalian is the Bingyu Valley also know as Little Guillan. Steep limestone cliffs rise out of the river that provides the only access to our resting place for the night. We find time to explore the dramatic scenery, try our some amusements, and sing around a bonfire under spectacular fireworks. Being in this camp for the first time has been both an exhilarating and exhausting experience. Today, we returned from an enjoyable evening as well as a very different kind of hotel in little Guilin back to our rooms in Liaoning. We returned a little early due to fear of heavy rain delaying our boat ride across the river. During the 3 hour bus ride back, we were given a small KFC meal to fill in temporally for a lunch. To be ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 26th 2013

Ni Hao!!! As I write this, we are currently finishing off the third day of our fantastic adventures in the People’s Republic of China, and boy what a day it was! After breakfast, fellow students attended a quick Chinese lesson which emphasized familiarizing ourselves with Dalian’s landmarks, history and food. Once this was over, the class then proceeded to move into an art lesson. The challenge we students faced involved painting a bowl of cherries in the traditional Chinese art style dating from back many centuries, which was a task every one completed with ease. Lunch came around and after that we hopped onto a bus to visit one of the biggest mountains in the eastern region, “MO”. This mountain is well known by many not only for its Buddhist temples, but also because ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian July 25th 2013

Today was the second day of our trip to China, though it has felt much longer. In the morning, we had two hours of Chinese/mandarin class. We reviewed pinyan, and played a game that had us creating words with letter cards. Those of us who made mistakes were made to sing in front of the class. That group, unfortunately, included me. We managed to put off actually opening our mouths until the end of the game. Only two of us ended up singing, again, including me. After that, we had an abacus class. A six year old girl did a demonstration of the abacus in action. She amazed all of us, and, least to say, her skills are much better than the rest of ours. We were taught in the art of calculating using the abacus ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian July 16th 2013

Dalian is a place TDSB supervisors are familiar with. Our 2009 summer camp had an unforgetable experience here. We are sure we will have a good time here again!... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian January 21st 2013

Another night in the train. We arrived in Dalian around 11am. Because of its nice seaside, good fish restaurants and a lot of green space in the city, Dalian is supposed to be the most liveable city in the whole of China. Finding the hostel was easy because the city is not too big. The start was a little disappointing because even though we changed the dates for our stay in the hostel 2 days in advance, the owner was not willing, to give as at least a little refund back. Nothing. Anyway, we started with some pretty good seafood and strolled around town afterwards. The weather was good and the city really felt different in comparison to all the other chinese cities I have been to so far. It was more relaxed and due to ... read more
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Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian January 2nd 2013

I started my travel from Dongguan to Guangzhou where my flight was to take place. I left my place later then I would have wanted to because I misplaced my mobile phone. I got to the bus station where I boarded the express bus to Guangzhou. The scenery along the way was beautiful laced with shrubbery and trees along the highway. I got to Guangzhou at around 12:30 and went straight to the subway station and I had to look at the map and try to figure out where I was. One of the security guards were kind enough to help me by explaining where I was and how to get to my destination. I realized that it was going to be a long ride to where I was going. I had to transfer to three ... read more
outside hotel day 2
outside hotel day 2
outside hotel day 2

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