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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 17th 2007

Auchan is such an interesting place, we thought it deserved its own entry. Turns out it is a French hypermarket chain. I can't imagine how it isn't wildly successful in Suzhou, considering the flocks of people that heard to its doors day and night. It is interesting the types of foods you encounter in a foreign country. It further enforces the notion that taste buds are relative. Some huge multi-national food companies have been made known for their international market campaign flops--poorly translated products, tastes that don't fit the local taste buds, etc. Others have prospered internationally. For example, Pringles has Sirlion Steak, Seafood combonation, Beef Noodle, and Thai Special chips. They have done a lot to appeal to the local clientele. Some of the chips pass our standards; others fall drastically short. We have prepared ... read more
imagine "day after thanksgiving sale" X 10
Garlic Flavored Dish Soap

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 13th 2007

After reading the millions of honors books all semester it was so nice to just kick back on the 2 and ½ hour bus ride and read the June issue of Cosmo (in English!) from cover to cover! As soon as I finished we were at the hotel and I was gleaming with a huge smile on my face; Cosmo puts me in such a good mood! Bret couldn’t help but make fun of me for reading the whole thing because he just skims the Cosmo (first of all he’s a guy so it’s really not directed at him to begin with!) and then Wendy started complaining that the stuff published was ridiculous and that she prefers the Economist. Even these comments couldn’t ruin the inner most enjoyment I got from the articles; perrrrfect! Cosmo ... read more
Badminton in the Classroom!
Huge Bug!

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 10th 2007

Travel preparations for this educational trip to China range from basic, e.g., find a really comfortable pair of sandals and buy them, to complex, run tests on cameras and other gear that must be in best working order. I just bought a Berlitz course in Mandarin that is supposed to help you become fluent in 30 days, trouble is I bought it 27 days too late to become fluent for this trip; we leave June 14. Biggest innovation though is that cotraveler and student Jeannie, has inspired me to blog, an activity I am not familiar with nor drawn to, although I have kept a private journal for decades. Why am I blogging? Because we are committed to documenting this trip for Eastern's Admissions Department. We want prospective students to easily see how Eastern supports ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 9th 2007

Suzhou, one of biggest cities in the Jiangsu province, famous by Chinese gardens, beautiful women, silk and river's canal inside the city, somebody calls Suzhou as Chinese Veneza. There is a lot of river's canal in the Suzhou, you can take a boat for a tour, passing by old building, semi-circle bridge (very common in the past), some family still living in the old houses around the river's canal, but the most of houses are already commercial building. The gardens are main sights from Suzhou, the style of gardening of Suzhou is the most representative in China, influencing the whole garden construction concept of China, you can find the same style in the lot of palaces, ancient mansion and some current houses from China. The up tail roof, the circle and the rocks are the main ... read more
Humble garden
Typical building

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 4th 2007

14:50抵达苏州汽车南站,叫了部出租车,到人民路的广场酒店。经过杭州的旅游经验,不敢再参加一日游了。苏州最著名的就是园林了,可是我们没兴趣看人造园景。以前读书时曾念过枫桥夜泊这首诗,这次来苏州主要就是去诗上所写的寒山寺及枫桥。我们也参观了盘门景区,看看春秋时期遗留下来的城门古迹。 My other blogs on the same trip: ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 4th 2007

We boarded one of the new high speed CRH Trains at Shanghai Train Station and made our way to Suzhou. It was quite exhilarating traveling at speeds over 200k per hour (120mph)! The high speed trains make towns like Suzhou very close suburbs of Shanghai with a speedy commute. Upon arrival we walked through the new train station's construction site to our transport bus bound for out hotel. Our hotel was in the middle of Suzhou's old town and a close walk to the markets and canal district. Our main objective in Suzhou was to meet with a representative from the parks district for a presentation on the city's well know gardens. It was a great experience having a meeting in an official Chinese municipal office. After a breakdown of the parks and the UNESCO ... read more
Garden Gate

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou May 22nd 2007

Traditional chinese gardens in Suzhou Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou By Noa AmirMay 22nd 2007Noa & Amir So we took a one day trip to Suzhou. Left in the morning and came back to base at night. Suzhou is less than one hour from here, on a new fast fancy train. There were only first class tickets so it was even better. Suzhou is known for its chinese traditional gardens, and there are some water canals running through it. We began with a visit to the Humble administartor garden (the Audio guide said he was really stupid). Its a very nice garden, with several pavilions, lakes with water lilies etc. you can s... read more
An opening in the garden
A zigzag bridge in the garden
A window in the garden

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou May 13th 2007

Partimos de Shanghai rumbo a Suzhou, la que fuera bautizada como la Venecia de Oriente por el viajero Marco Polo. Suzhou es famosa por sus jardines, hay decenas de ellos ( todos de pago y clónicos) que personalmente no nos emocionan demasiado.Suzhou es una ciudad de 6 millones de habitantes, y uno de los centros mas importantes del turismo local lo cual la ha convertido en una ciudad rica. Nada mas llegar encontramos la estación abarrotada de gente ( continúa la maravillosa semana dorada ...) asi que esperamos en la interminable cola a que nos toque el turno de coger un taxi que nos lleve a nuestro hotel, que esta donde Dios perdió el gorro ( en la localidad de Mudu, en las afueras de Suzhou) ya que los hoteles más centricos han sido tomados ... read more
llegada a Suzhou
anuncio en el taxi

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou May 8th 2007

How does the "new" middle-class of China buy a first home and what might be the availability of these condo-style units, offered daily to multitudes of very eager Chinese buyers? The answer is easier to understand, by taking a look at the introduction-photo to the right, at all of the open-mouthed Coy-fish in the crowded pond, struggling and gasping to be heard: "I want one, please give me one, I just married and we need one, here is my cash and take some for yourself, I want one too, I can afford it now, .... etc., etc.". It is difficult for a foreigner to enter the lifes of Chinese families, especially not speaking the language. A long term visitor can only "scratch the surface" trying to absorb, comprehend, and live with China's 5,000 year old customs. ... read more
so many buyers, too few units
These are a little too late for a share of the pie.
"This one better be mine" !!!

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou May 1st 2007

We did it! We are no longer merely "pedestrians" We are Motorists. We are movin up on the transportation ladder. In Suzho the bigger your mode of transportation the more power. Example. E-bike trumps pedastrian. Car trumps e-bike. Bus trumps them all. If you see a bus coming...get out of it's way. After months of pleading and smooth talking I (Ely) finally convinced Aaron to buy an E-bike. At first I tried the "it'll be fun, we'll be more independent, won't have to rely on the bus" approach, but that was getting nowhere. I knew that if I was going to crack him I had to go at it from a financial approach "think of it as an investment, it'll pay itself off with all the money we save from the bus, plus when we leave ... read more
First day ride
first ride

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