The Chee Family


The Chee Family

What a wonderful world ....

A family who loves to get out of the "little red dot" once in a while to see the world...
Loves national parks rather than theme parks...
Enjoys treking rather than shopping...
Will not join packaged tour unless no choice...

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia November 25th 2007

We are making two trips this year-end. First trip: travel down under to Australia to visit some friends and drive around Western Australia. Second Trip: Macau-China-Hong Kong-Macau. 25.11.2007 : Perth We arrived in Perth early in the morning, around 7am, took the complimentary hotel shuttle to the hotel (Criterion Hotel) located in the city (Hay's Street). We were not able to check-in early as the hotel was fully booked. Having spent a few hours in the plane with hardly any sleep, we were too tired to do any sightseeing. So we headed to the Esplanade Park by the Swan River and lazed around. We saw many cyclists passing by the park in this beautiful Sunday morning. I tried some shots of the cyclist zooming past using the servo mode. The photos turned out pretty nice. 26.11.2007 ... read more
Two more cyclists

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 4th 2007

14:50抵达苏州汽车南站,叫了部出租车,到人民路的广场酒店。经过杭州的旅游经验,不敢再参加一日游了。苏州最著名的就是园林了,可是我们没兴趣看人造园景。以前读书时曾念过枫桥夜泊这首诗,这次来苏州主要就是去诗上所写的寒山寺及枫桥。我们也参观了盘门景区,看看春秋时期遗留下来的城门古迹。 My other blogs on the same trip: ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou June 3rd 2007

这次游杭州, 真的让我们尝到"To see more is to see less" 的滋味。 在上海-杭州的火车上,旅游公司就来向我们招生意,说什么一日游只要付20元车费及8个景点入门票(团票,较便宜),包括旅馆来回接送。我们想到时间不多,不妨参加一日游,可以看得更多。 一下火车,就把我们送去第一个景点-宋城,而且是插另一团(已经游了半天),给我们半小时。由于还没吃中饭,只好直奔仿宋的小吃街吃面。吃完面,时间也差不多了,结果什么也没看到。 游了宋城,就去参观著名的西湖龙井茶庄,听生产龙井茶的讲解,当然也免不了销售。 过后,就直奔灵隐寺。到了灵隐寺,我们也没进去寺庙,只在寺庙外的飞来峰走走。 “灵隐寺又称云林禅寺,始建于公元326年(东晋... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 2nd 2007

上海给我的印象是。。。人很多,车很多,奇形怪状的摩天大楼很多,旧楼很多,吊秤车和建筑工地到处都是。5月31日晚上抵达上海浦东机场,下榻于天瞳路的新亚大酒店。天瞳路与苏州河平行, 酒店地点不错,集邮博物馆就在对街。 从酒店可以步行大约20分钟到外滩,沿途经过咋浦路,吃海鲜。也可以从酒店步行大约20分钟到南京路步行街及地铁站。不过,酒店处在比较旧的城区,虽然能看到上海繁华的背后,可是夜间行走也不免有点战战兢兢。 抵达上海的第二天,就前往离上海不远的水乡古镇朱家角玩了一天。第三天游上海。一早从酒店出发,沿天瞳路步行到外滩。途经有百多年历史横跨苏州河的外白渡桥,过了桥就是外滩了。在外滩黄浦江边欣赏对岸的陆家 咀金... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 1st 2007

抵达上海的第二天,星期五,本打算到周庄,因听说周末会很热闹。结果一大早不大不小的雨,连绵不不断,交通阻塞。乘巴士到达上海体育场的旅游集散中心,已经10点钟了。下一班到周庄的车要12:10发,只好放弃游游周庄,改游较近的朱家角。 其实,来之前已听说过周庄比较商业化,朱家角比较纯朴,心里也一直在想:因该去周庄好,还是去朱家角。看来老天是要我去朱家角了。 朱家角是上海保存完好的江南水乡古镇,早在1700多年前的三国时期就有村落集市,明代万历年间已成为繁华集镇。从上海搭乘旅游车到朱家角,大约一个多小时,票价12元人民币。到了朱家角,需要买入门票。我们买了60元人民币的票,可以参观好几个景点。 回程时,我们搭乘京申车回... read more

North America » United States » Colorado April 12th 2007

I was in Colorado from 9 - 12 Apr 07 for a business trip. It was a whirlwind trip really. We flew direct from Singapore to Los Angeles, 14+ hours on Singapore Airlines' Airbus 340-500, which was the most comfortable flight I had as the plane comes with spacious seats and leg room (executive economy). After waiting for a couple of hours in LAX for our flight to Denver, we were told that the flight was cancelled. We spent the night at the Westin Airport hotel. We arrived in Denver noon the next day. There was a traffic jam from the Airport to Downtown, and we finally arrived at the Ramada Inn Downtown around half past two. We cancelled the meeting for the day and went Downtown. Because of the one-day delay, you can imagine how ... read more
Flowering Trees

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 27th 2007

We headed to St Paul Cathedral on our last day in London before catching our flight in the afternoon. ... read more
St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 26th 2007

The conference is over! We have a free day in London and had our programme all lined up. It was too early for the Changing of Guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace. So we went to St James Park. There was an old man feeding the squirrels. No wonder they are so fat. We waited outside the Palace gate for quite a while before the guards came marching in. The joke is that we did not even get to see the ceremony within the gate after the guards marched in. It was sooo crowded. Nevertheless, the music was nice, folk songs. After a long lunch at Hard Rock Cafe (we waited quite a while for the food), we went to The Tower of London. We have 50 mins to tour the tower before it closed and we ... read more
St James's Park
St James's Park
St James's Park

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 25th 2007

Viola! Today is the last day of the conference, and it ended at 3:30pm. A chance to go up for a ride in the London Eye before the sunset. Ticket for the ride : GPB 14.50. The ride was not very exciting really. May be because of the not-so-great visibility. I thought I can see Windsor Castle... The view from the top of St Paul Cathedral (see my other blog entry) seems to be better, and you can stay as long as you like... After the ride, we walked to Chinatown for roast duck. And guess what, I saw durians at one of the stores. ... read more
London Eye
London Eye
London Eye Capsule

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 24th 2007

I woke up this morning to a white London. Surprised, surprised, and thrilled as I thought it uncommon to snow in London. Later I learnt from Nian Nian that it was the first snow this winter. I also read in the papers that the two inches of snow was the most to hit the capital since 2003. Londoners might not like it, but for us, who live at the equator, we totally love it. We never had a chance to see snow in our country. ... read more
Windermere Hotel where we stayed
Children having fun on their way to school
Beautiful Coat of Snow on the Field

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