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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 22nd 2007

It has been 14+ long years since I last set foot in London. Well, London still looks the same - Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament House.... Except that there is now this big giant ferries wheel called the London Eye which you see it everywhere, at St James Park, at Buckingham Palace, even from the windows of the restroom at the Queen Elizabeth II Convention Centre, where I spent 4 days attending a conference. ... read more
Parliament House
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Miyajima December 11th 2006

While in Hiroshima, we spent a day at Miyajima, one of Japan's three most scenic views. It is most famous for Itsukushima Shrine, which, together with its large wooden torii (gate), stands in the ocean during high tide. Deer move around the island freely, and so do monkeys on top of Misen, the island's highest mountain. We visited two out of Japan's three most scenic places (nihon sankei) during this trip. The three most scenic places, selected several centuries ago, consist of Matsushima, Miyajima and Amanohashidate. ... read more
Ferry Ride to Miyajima
Deers roam freely on the island

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima December 10th 2006

走在广岛繁忙的大街上,谁能想象,六十多年前,人类史上第一颗原子弹曾经在这降陆。1945年8月6日,美军B29轰炸机在广岛上空投下原子弹,子弹在600米上空爆炸,顿时把广岛移为平地,老百姓死伤惨重。 为什么美军要投下原子弹?这要追溯到第二次世界大战。历史在这里不想再说。总之,战争就是残酷的,没有人道的。 来到今日的广岛,除了参观那曾被原子弹炸过的建筑和和平公园,当然不能错过原爆博物馆。馆中详细记载了原爆发生后的情景,也展示了许多照片,还有一些被炸过的日常物品。看后令人毛骨悚然,更希望战争永远不再发生,世界太平。 ... read more
Hiroshima after A-Bomb
3D Model of A-Bomb

Asia » Japan » Tokyo December 9th 2006

Today is the second time I had a meeting with my Japanese penpal at Hashimoto Station. We met at the same place during my last trip to Tokyo a few years ago. The weather was really bad this time, gloomy with rain that seemed to last for ages. We had drinks and did some catching up at a foodcourt in the shopping mall next to the station. Foodcourts are slowly creeping into Japanese culture. ... read more
Tokyo Station

Asia » Japan » Aomori December 8th 2006

To save us the agony of spending a whole day in the bullet train from Hokkaido to Tokyo, we had a brief stop in Aomori. Not a wise move though, as the day was short in winter. We could not venture anywhere further than the town. ... read more
Aomori Bay Bridge
Aomori - a historical old port town
A park at the bay area

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido December 2nd 2006

向往到漫天飞雪的国度去游玩已经好久了。前几年到哈尔滨,气温都降到零下40度,就是不降雪,真是扫兴。这次来到北海道,终于如愿以尝,天天都在雪花纷飞的日子中度过。北海道的雪,象棉花糖,白白的雪花从天上飘下,漂亮极了。不过,在函馆也遇上暴风雪,行走得好辛苦,雨伞根本招架不住。 Snowfall, snowing days ... that was what we wanted to see and experience for ourselves when we decided to head for Hokkaido. Fluffy snow falling from the sky, snow storm, blizzard ... Well, we have seen them all in Hokkaido. In fact, it snowed everyday the week we were there. How amazing. It was indeed a memorable holiday for us, who came from a tropical island near the equator. Our Hokkaido tour started from Hakodate, after spending 2 days in Sendai and Matsushima. Itinerary: ... read more
Snow on the way to Hakodate
Hakodate Station
In front of Hotel OHTE in Hakodate

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai November 30th 2006

Our flight arrived in Tokyo in the early morning, around 7am. Since it was still early, we decided to head straight to Sendai which is 2 hours from Tokyo Station by JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line. From Sendai, we visited Masushima, which is known as one of the three most beautiful sites in Japan. We also visited the other most beautiful site in Hiroshima later on. JNTO website has good information on Miyagi Regon. ... read more
Sendai Station
Tohogu Temple
Tohogu Temple

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj June 18th 2006

Having been to Terelj last year, we did not plan to come here again, but to catch an overnight train from UB to Beijing. We didn't realise that the train departing from UB today was the Siberia line, and pre-booking was impossible. After much trying by Puujee, he still couldn't get the tickets for us. So we were left with the only choice, i.e. to take a flight to Beijing. And since we were to take a plane, we can afford one more day in Mongolia, and the natural choice was of course to head to Terelj. Terelj is the best place to relax after 2 weeks of travelling the rugged terrain of the country. It is not very far from Ulaan Bataar, about an hour's drive. Terelj is a place of magnificent scenery, with vast ... read more
Yummy Mongolian Traditional Platter
See how far I can shoot...
Nice pattern

Asia » Mongolia June 17th 2006

Today is our 15th day in Mongolia, one more day before we say goodbye. Here we are, at Kharkhorin, in Övörkhangai Province, adjacent to the ancient city of Karakorum. It is our second time to this place, having been here last June. The highlight of Today is the Erdene Zuu Monastery, probably the oldest buddhist monastery in mongolia. The monastery was constructed with stones from the ruins of Karakorum, the 13th century Mongolian capital. We spent the morning at the monastery and left for Ulaan Bataar around noon. One of our vans ran low on gasoline and had wanted to top up at one of the two stations in Kharkhorin. However, it happened that one of them ran out of gas, and the other ran out of electricity. We had no choice but to move on, ... read more
Erdene Zuu Monastery
Temple at Erdene Zuu Monastery
Erdene Zuu Monastery

Asia » Mongolia June 16th 2006

We arrived at the Khorgo Terkhiin Tsaagan Nuur National Park quite late last night and checked into Khorgo Camp. The camp is located in the northern valley of Khorgo volcano mountain. I remembered having our dinner past midnight. Meal times in Mongolia were unpredictable due to the long distance travelled and uneven terrain. The norm was 3pm for lunch and 9pm for dinner, since the sun set at 10-11pm! In the morning, we went for a hike at the extinct Khorgo volcano mountain. One could imagine the massive volcano eruption that took place (don't know when). The whole mountain was covered with blackish rocks with lots of holes. ... read more
Khorgo Camp
Volcano Crater
Searching for volcanic rocks

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