Traditional chinese gardens in Suzhou

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May 22nd 2007
Published: May 22nd 2007
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Traditional chinese gardens in Suzhou

 Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou By Noa Amir
May 22nd 2007
Noa & Amir
So we took a one day trip to Suzhou. Left in the morning and came back to base at night. Suzhou is less than one hour from here, on a new fast fancy train. There were only first class tickets so it was even better.
Suzhou is known for its chinese traditional gardens, and there are some water canals running through it.
We began with a visit to the Humble administartor garden (the Audio guide said he was really stupid). Its a very nice garden, with several pavilions, lakes with water lilies etc. you can see the pictures.
Next we went to see the newly opened Suzhou museum. We didnt go for the contents of it, but to see the comlex itsef, which is very interesting, influenced by the old gardens.
After some shopping and Japanese meal, we went to another garden ("Master of the nets") for an evening show. We walked through the garden, following a guide holding a red lantern. At different places in the garden people played music, sang and danced. It was very peacfull and plesent.

Additional photos below
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A zigzag bridge in the gardenA zigzag bridge in the garden
A zigzag bridge in the garden

supposed to make your way longer, so you can enjoy the garden more and see different angles of it.
A window in the gardenA window in the garden
A window in the garden

No window like the other. Each one frames a different view and useing different pattern.
crouching tigercrouching tiger
crouching tiger

Amir is flying through the bamboo forest...

23rd May 2007

like your picture
Can you upload video, not only picture showing you and noa?
24th May 2007

hi, Nova and Amir
I love the gardens, they are so beautiful. The flying tiger is interesting.
7th May 2011

Fond memories of SuZhou
I visited SuZhou with my Chinese girlfriend a dozen years ago, and found it quite nice, especially since she was able to describe/translate things; plus she helped bargain the prices of tourist items which weren't expensive. Did you visit other scenic areas of JiangSu Province, such as ZhouZhuang? Blessings to you both. ND

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