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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou January 8th 2009

Suzhou's Lion Grove Garden I found this garden by accident. I had some free time and my guide asked if I wanted to take a rest. I said NO! I was in Suzhou and didn't want to waste my time resting (I think she wanted a rest). She said that there was a garden nearby that few visitors go to called the Lion Grove Garden. I said "Let's go". The garden was the most fun of all of the gardens I visited. It is much smaller than the other ones, but it was a lot of fun. It is so fun that the Qianlong Emperor visited it every time he went to Suzhou. The garden is famous for its rockeries. The only way to enter the garden itself is by going through an ingeniously designed rockery. ... read more
Suzhou's Lion Grove Garden
Suzhou's Lion Grove Garden
Suzhou's Lion Grove Garden

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou January 8th 2009

Suzhou's Humble Administrator's Garden The Humble Administrator's Garden was one of the three gardens I visited in Suzhou during my trip. I really wish I had the time to visit one garden on one day. They are so beautiful and so large. Their designs are so well thought out that even though there may be a large number of visitors, you always feel fairly alone. I would love to have been able to just sit in a pavilion for an hour or so before exploring some more and visiting another pavilion for a while. Suzhou's gardens are meant to mimic nature, but in a way that enhances each element. It is amazing to think that such an amazing place as the Humble Administrator's Garden was designed for a single man. Wouldn't it be nice to be ... read more
Suzhou's Humble Administrator's Garden
Suzhou's Humble Administrator's Garden
Suzhou's Humble Administrator's Garden

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou December 26th 2008

24 December, 2008. We’ve been in China for nearly 5 months now and sometimes, it is made up of tiny exquisite red paper cuts, or the heavy fragrant scent from yellow plum blossom and at other times it’s made up of walking in pedestrian areas down the lanes, struggling against bikes, motor bikes, mopeds and people and dogs then trying to cross the huge road at the end of the lanes where no one adheres to a red light and you have to take your life in your own hands to get across. There are no rules. One day, you can see a man on the outside of the 35th floor of a building with his safety rope swinging freely across his back - without fear. He seems not to notice the world below or care ... read more
christmas plum blossom meets mr beddoes
shanghai yoyo
Shanghai - just altering the facade of the building

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou December 23rd 2008

So. We were on a 15hour, sleeper train to Suzhour. Didn't get much sleep though and was resltess all night. The train seemed to get noiser at night, even with all the snoring. Anyway i caught a few glimpses in the early hours but that was it. We arrived at Suzhou and had to get a cab to our hotel, in the downtown. We nearly didn't make it. The car was being flung around at 100km/h, playing chicken with lorries and busses and our driver didn't recognise red lights. It was like a Bond car chase. But needless to say, as i am sitting here typing this, we obviously made it alive...just. Out hotel was grotty, bery grotty but you;ll find out more later... We went to the Master of Nets Gardens. This was a typical ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou December 12th 2008

Okay, so the British are responsible enough to know that you just don’t go out a buy a dog on a whim. That to have a dog means that you need to dedicate time, energy, commitment, love, care and money to it and for an EXTENDED period of time. And, that if you’re in a foreign country and not knowing exactly what you will be doing in the next 6 months or year, then to buy a dog is a very stupid idea. This being fully understood, we went to the animal market to buy the cat that I had eyed up a couple of times during the week. A sad white cat that cried and cried with its arms out of the cage to catch any love that may walk by. Excitedly, Chris, Cathy (from ... read more
Chris and yoyo on day one
Ding Hui Si roof animals
Twin Pagodas next to our apartment complex

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou November 21st 2008

We have travelled by train from South China to the North, straight from the tropics and into Autumn, via Shanghai and the middle of the country into Suzhou arriving at 5.30am, seeing very little. Immediately, the atmosphere in this city is recognisably different to anything we’ve previously experienced in China. There is a nip in the air, almost comparable to an early English Autumn and makes us happy. The streets are empty at 5.30am, just as in Kunming. On arrival, we exited the small northern train station and were immediately aware of our changed environment. The buildings are lower, the weather nips and the air feels clean. The taxi driver dropped us off at the last point that a car could access, stopping by an old bridge leading to Pingjiang - the oldest area in town. ... read more
our room, in the middle
Our lane, sky view
my pretty flower that made everyone smile on the way home

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 21st 2008

Day One: After landing in Shanghai in the afternoon, we took a two hour bus ride to the city of Suzhou. It is considered "the Venice of the Orient" because the city is built along canals and has many beautiful bridges. On the drive to Suzhou, we sat in the front seats of the bus...a very scary place to be! First of all, the traffic in Shanghai is terrible! Also, cars, bikes, motorcycles and pedestrians all just dart out in front of our bus without looking or stopping! In fact, at a toll booth, another bus edged his way in front of ours, so our driver, not backing down, just created his own lane. He proceeded to drive ahead and then cut in front of many other cars. The cars were literally just an inch (maybe ... read more
Garden of the Fishing Net Master
Garden of the Fishing Net Master
Silk cocoons

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 20th 2008

So I have two weekends to catch up on. The first not so exciting, but the second involves a trip to Suzhou and Shanghai. Two weekends ago I hung out with Dave and had pizza and watched the Office. My first typical laid back Friday I think since being in China. The pizza hut here is actually pretty good, although expensive and the restaurants are all super fancy. I got to see Dave’s apartment which is in the center of the main, central district, Jei Fang bei. His apartment building is significantly larger than mine. He was on the thirty sixth floor! I must say the elevator was efficient/fast…my ears popped on the way up! It was like a huge hotel. Another night I went out with a Russian student here that I met at a ... read more
Not sure what this is...let me know if you do.
QSI School-Suzhou
Silk Worms

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou September 30th 2008

My first week in China has been a whirlwind of activity so I am finally taking a much-needed rest in the beautiful city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. I arrived here a few days ago after having visited Hangzhou and Shanghai, the latter being my port of arrival from Los Angeles. Suzhou is the Venice of China. The city has winding streets alternating with canals that are crossed by numerous pedestrian and vehicular bridges. Boats float lazily along the canal waters, providing a pleasant contrast to the busy streets. The city is dotted with many gardens, the most famous of which is the Humble Administrator's Garden, where I spent most of the day yesterday. This garden covers about twelve acres and consists of graceful pavilions set among rock-lined ponds and rolling landscapes. The garden was originally built ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou September 10th 2008

China, where do I start? We are doing an organised tour through China with Intrepid, mainly because at the time we wanted to get our visa the whole Olympics hoopla was making getting visas difficult, in the end we probably didn't need to, but we are looking at it as a bit of a holiday from our holiday in that we don't really have to think, we have someone doing it for us. China is big, everything is big and there are so so many people, many of whom seem to be on holidays, visiting the same attractions as our little group complete with mega-phone wielding tour guides who shriek in what is probably Mandarin, but who knows.... It feels as if we have moved further, faster in the last 2 weeks than we have in ... read more

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