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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou November 16th 2007

Salimos de Japon con el corazon inchado de tanto carinio recibido de nuestros amigos. El ritmo del barco nos arrullo por las 25 horas de viaje. Ser los unicos no asiaticos en el barco nos dio una pista de lo que ibamos a vivir despues de Japon. Llegamos ya tarde y el puerto de Taicang parecia salido de una novela, todo cubierto con bruma. Entramos a China por la puerta grande, y es que gracias a la trampita del taxista, caimos en un hotel de 4 estrellas. Nada de que quejarse. Al otro dia ya comenzo nuestro camino de mochilero. Antes de llegar a la gran Shanghai, quisimos llegar a "pueblecitos mas pequenios" (con poblacion promedio de 6 millones). Suzhou han sido una excelente buen comienzo pero Hangzhou robo nuestro corazon. Desde el primer momento hemos ... read more
25 Horas de Mar / 25 Hours of Sea
Suzhou: Ciudad de Canales / City of Canals

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou November 8th 2007

These past few weeks have been pretty great, even though we haven’t got a whole lot accomplished. Ely and I have really found our comfort zone. Before, it was difficult for us to leave our work at work. We would stress (ok, maybe just me) over any task that seemed a bit difficult. Now, we can accept difficult tasks a lot easier. It doesn’t make any sense for us to stress so much. Things are always crazy here, and if we made a fuss over every little thing, life would be a whole lot less enjoyable. I only wish we had this figured out before we came. Maybe it is all just part of the expat process. Now, we are working 16 teaching hours per week. We both have one full day with 6 hours teaching, ... read more
son son and wen wen
and they didn't want to be put down
Hot Pot with Nissan and friends

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou November 3rd 2007

Also known as the 'Oriental Venice', Suzhou is an amazing place to chill out and escape from Shanghai for a renowned gardens and amazing street life...what else..well, it is still China so nothing ever really goes accordingly to what you have planed...hahaha ! Went out to Bar Rouge the night before (for a change, some would say!! hahaha), party until late and we all waked up quite late on the Saturday, rush to the train station, managed to get ticket (one usual too..which mean we would have to queue on arrival to get the return ticket...) Suzhou is really next door but it is so different ... quiet in some way, more relax and full of surprises (ok this is THE rule in China but still...) Marina had been in Shanghai a few times ... read more
Ready for the ride!
Nap time, chinese style

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 27th 2007

Although I just, finally, made my post about the trip to Shanghai last weekend, you all get a double-whammy this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the students at Nanjing No. 13 School had what they call a "Sports Meeting" (equivalent to a Track and Field Meet). Tuesday morning we were asked to attend the Opening Ceremonies for the Sports Meeting. In Canada, the opening of a track and field meet would consist of a 2 minute announcement about sportsmanship followed by the national anthem. But not in China. The Opening Ceremonies on this Tuesday morning were modelled after the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games and involved all the students marching into the stadium in groups and standing in the middle of the field for an hour and a half as all the ... read more
Stephan, a Teletubbie, and Doraemon
Our students!
The Venice of China

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 14th 2007

Suzhou It never stopped amazing me how many people were around everywhere, even at a train station on a Sunday morning. We got on a train for Suzhou. The trip out there took about 30 minutes. I didn't know it was going to be a fast train until we got up to speed. It looked like we were going almost as fast as the Japanese bullet train. After getting off the train at Suzhou, there was quite the scene outside. We forged through massive crowds and to a gridlocked road where we got on a bus, and slowly made our way out of there. What a madhouse. Suzhou is known for having a network of canals, which were built centuries ago to facilitate more efficient trade. Marco Polo apparently called Suzhou the "Venice of the East". ... read more
Master of the Nets Garden
Master of the Nets Garden
Sign at the Master of the Nets Garden

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 6th 2007

We had teed up one of the taxi drivers to meet us outside the front gate at 9.00 am on the morning of Saturday 29th, and sure enough, he was there waiting for us, smiling, when we made our way to the gate. With the usual greetings of “Ni hao”, we were soon on our way to Tianjin airport to catch an 11.15 flight to Shanghai. Return air tickets and the hotels had been pre-booked, but transport between Shanghai and Suzhou, Suzhou and Hangzhou, and Hangzhou back to Shanghai were unknown quantities. However we felt sure, after reading the Lonely Planet guide to China as well as other information on-line, that there would not be any problems in these areas. After checking in and getting our boarding passes we sat in the waiting area with ... read more
Temple of Mystery, Suzhou
Inside Temple of Mystery, Suzhou
Looking along one of the canals, Suzhou

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 3rd 2007

Suzhou, 4.Oct. Habe Halsschmerzen. Es gibt eine Klimaanlage in unserem Zimmer. Es ist heiss. Da ich das Zimmer eben mit 7 anderen teile, kann ich diese schlecht abstellen. So plage ich mich ein wenig rum. Aber es ist ok. War gestern, nach dem leckeren Abendessen ziemlich gleich schlafen und dementsprechend heute morgen um 6:00 Uhr wach. Um 7:00 sass ich am Radl und fuhr durch die kleinen Gassen, das alte Suzhou. War schoen. Anschliessend habe in das besagte Seidenmuseum besucht und einen Garten. Das war zu viel. Der Garten war voll von Chinesen. Wir gingen wirklich im Entenmarsch auf den Wegen. Das geht nicht fuer mich. Ich musste erstmal wieder heim. Siesta halten. Auf dem Heimweg habe ich ein neues Cafe entdeckt, in dem man sich, wie in Thailand, hinlegen kann. Es war Japanstyle und nur ... read more
Im Teehaus
Wenn's schoener macht

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou September 14th 2007

After 9 months, I feel we are getting a better grasp of things here. I thought it would be appropriate to share some reflections about Chinese culture in Suzhou. I am sure my impressions aren't exactly right, but hopefully our understanding has been enhanced or improved at least a bit after almost a year. 1. Cell phones. Wow, I thought Americans were dependent on these things. Now, I know that we aren't so bad. Everyone in Suzhou seems to have a cellphone. From the farmer to the fiduciary. People are addicted to sending texts and chatting. In the US, I have been taught that it is rude to answer your cellphone when you are with a guest or are in a business meeting. In China, there aren't such unwritten rules. I don't know how many times, ... read more
Company Travel
North Pagoda

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou August 24th 2007

We are saving up some travel time for next month, so this week's edition will be filled with more tidbits from Suzhou. Sorry we have been a little out of touch. We live in a district called Lotus Community. As earlier stated, you could safely fit Kearney or Grand Island in this area. Only 10 years ago, our community was filled with farmland. The government decided that they needed a major road connecting us to Shanghai, so development ensued. If such a thing exists in China, the government exercised its power of eminent domain, seizing the farmland from the common people. As compensation, the government built our community, and gave each farmer several apartments in a complex. Also, since the government took away many people's ability to earn income, many receive a monthly stipend. I am ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou August 6th 2007

In Aaron's Eyes: What a great time! Not only did we get to take a week off our job, we got to spend the week with my family. I don't know what could have been better. We had feelings and experiences on all sides of the travel feelings and experience spectrum. All in all, I think everyone left China with a little more appreciation and knowledge. Examples: 1. Utter happiness. Ely and I made a welcome sign for my family that we took to the Shanghai airport. We were so excited to see them, so we had to run to find them once we got to the airport. When they spotted us, they ran too. I can't get that picture out of my mind. The Boss (Nick) has definitely lost his first step, but he still ... read more
Tai Lake
Riding around
Where's Ely?

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