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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay October 7th 2010

Sept 5 Managed to fit in a performance by the Moustache Brothers while in Mandalay. At an 8,000 kyats ‘donation’ it’s a bit pricey I think, but it’s more of a cause than a performance (Par Par Lay was jailed for his jokes, as immortalised in the film About a Boy, which is screened during the show). The ‘comedy’ isn’t very good, better is the traditional dancing, especially when sisters-in-law are roped in who look they would much rather be indulging themselves washing dishes or beating a few carpets. Seeing as I had to gay the government’s $10 ‘archaelological zone’ fee, I get up early the day of the train trip and charge off to see the Golden Palace Monastery, another one and then the palace itself. The palace grounds are huge - a mile ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay September 25th 2010

Next stop on our Burmese journey was Mandalay. Having read some reviews I was pleasently surprised to really like the place, was much more intereresting that I was led to believe. We had arranged a pickup through a very helpful travel agency in Bangkok. This brought us into the mountains to visit Myanmo, summer home for the British to get out of the oppressive heat of Mandalay. About 2 hrs drive north east of Mandalay there was lots of local life to see on the way, the workers in the quarry being the most astonishing, they were breaking the stone with hammers! Backbreaking no noubt. Back to Mandalay and a visit to the U Bein Bridge at Amarapura, a 200 years old teak bridge, very pretty. The water levels in the lake were quite high. Was ... read more
Public Gardens at Pa-o-Lyin
Roadside Fruit Stand
Taking flowers to market

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay April 10th 2010

Our second stop in Burma is in Mandalay. But first, I would like to thanks all of those who sent us messages and comments the last few days. We are now out of Burma, back at home (not for long). We did left Rangon 24 hours before a bomb exploded there, killing a total of 9 people...and by the photos I saw, it seems we were at the exact location 25 hours before the blast. Also a question did come back all the time in the messages. How easy it is to get around Burma? Well, if you keep to the main sites, it is very easy. We had our international return flights from Bangkok on Bangkok Air (seriously cheap), booking for our first two nights in Rangon...when travelling with a 9 years old, it is ... read more
Young nuns in Mingun
On the way to Mingun
Along Ayeyarwady river

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay April 4th 2010

So we finally pulled up to a heaving bus terminal still 20 minutes from our well deserved rest. We grabbed a bloke who had a bit of cardboard with a guesthouse name we recognised and he plonked us in a truck with some locals and we were off to Mandalay. The guesthouse was odd. It all looked normal but the room was a basement that had been put together from leftovers from other hotels. We didn't care. Our Frankenstein room had 4 beds - a bunk and a double and was a bargain. It was not however ready yet and so we nipped round the corner for a noodle soup before finally crashing. At some point the electricity must have come back on as we awoke to all the lights, fans and even the air con ... read more
2 - Breakfast
3 - Chicks
4 - Blackpool/Mandalay Clocktower

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay April 3rd 2010

Heading down to the train station in Bago before the sunrise I realized that this would be the last major train ride on my trip. Even though I have done almost exactly twenty thousand kilometers on a train across six countries, every train trip has been different and a unique experience and this was no different. The good thing about the Burmese trains is that they are the most spacious I have been on, with beds at least nine inches wider than any other and he gap between beds at least a foot wider. The downside is that the unmaintained track makes for the bumpiest (I am glad it wasn't overnight, as it would have been almost impossible to sleep, even for me) and noisiest ride anywhere, and the lack of air conditioning or a working ... read more
Largest book in the world
Typical Burmese lunch

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay April 2nd 2010

So, where were we when we were last chatting? That’s right, I was about to take off from Chiang Rai for the Thai border town of Mae Sai, so I could cross into Tachileik in Burma and fly on to Mandalay. I was due to meet my agent in Tachileik at 10.30am next day and instead of taking the hot and dusty early morning local bus as planned, I ended up leaving the night before and taking the ex-Bangkok Green Bus, with its aircon and far fewer stops en route. I must be getting soft! One interesting incident at Chiang Rai bus terminal was that on the dot of 6pm, everybody stood up to pay homage to the king and sing the national anthem. Somehow I can’t see this taking off in Oz! I reached ... read more
Not another hundred steps to the next landing!
Typical site at each landing on Mandalay Hill
The moat around the Mandalay Palace

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay March 12th 2010

Ok, we're now more than a week further and basically all we did was visiting an English school in Mandalay and cruising to Bhamo Myanmar style... Guess this latter was a trimmed down or budget version of a similar trip we might do later when pensioners on the Mediterranean... Let's Enjoy English! On our cycling around in Mandalay we got lost at a point one day while looking for the teak monastery, but a nice local guy helped us out. Actually he offered to guide us there. Very kind we thought so we went off. On the way we stopped at his home, he offered some cold drinks (goood!!) and he told us that he runs a private English school in the evenings for the kids in the neighbourhood. This is a really great thing as ... read more
Our quarters...
Sunset picknick
Our watermelon

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay October 28th 2009

Mandalay ….28th October Arrived in Mandalay on Sunday. Peacock Lodge very nice thought the room is a bit basic and old fashioned. The owners Chitsu and Tun are very nice and all the staff friendly and helpful. Unfortunately (for us anyway) the place is quite away away from any sites so we have to take a blue taxi to go anywhere. They do have a resident driver here called Sein. I don't know if it is me but his taxi seems taller than others so I struggle to hall myself up into it ….. alittle plastic step required I think. As soon as we arrived at 2.00pm Tun suggested we do the local Temples and Pagodas then we could climb Mandalay Hill to watch the sunset. Off we set in said blue taxi. The Golden ... read more
Mandalay Hill
Can I practice my English

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay September 9th 2009

They say that Thailand is the land of 1000 smiles.. Well Myanmar must be the land of the genuine smile. The people here light up when they see a foreigner... and they don't come to often I am guessing. I can count on my hands usually, the number of foreigners I see daily.. using my toes is reaching but it's possible if you are doing something major like taking the ferry (which only leaves twice a week!), This is also land of the ultra antique car, but all are put to use daily as taxis or standard family vehicles (if you can afford to travel like that). We ventured out with the Israelis to Amarapura and Saigaing for the day. It rained for most of the evening so we had dinner and called it an early ... read more
These steps don't look as tiring as they were in reality
A nicely designed Pagoda

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay August 11th 2009

As tourism in Myanmar is a bit controversial we thought we'd give a bit more background than on the blogs we've done before now. It's a bit long, but we hope you enjoy.... Myanmar Overview Myanmar lies in a strategic location bordering some of the fastest growing economies in the world such as India, China and Thailand. It has a wealth of ancient mainly buddist history, some of the best beaches and diving in the world (although most you can't reach). Its soil is rich and the country is incredibly bio-diverse and to top it all it has huge oil reserves!!! The British arrived in 1824 and stayed for around 60 years. The name Burma was "given" by the British as they couldn't pronounce "Bamar" which was the colloquial form of Myanmar (or Mranma in old ... read more
Typical battered Yangon street
Kids catching a glimpse of 'The Tourists'
With Emma, Lyndon & Niang Niang at the summit

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