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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay January 28th 2012

Le groupe de pèlerins de l'Orient s'est aminci considérablement, je suis restée toute seule! (je sais qu'il y a de centaines de milliers de jeunes qui font ça, mais c'est une première pour moi!). L'arrivée a Yangon s'est fait a la noirceur (évidement il y a eu du retard, 1,5 h, mais j'étais avertie par les guides de voyage; le vol aurait même pu être annulé). Il y a une invasion incroyable de touristes, tout le monde se réjouit des récentes ouvertures et tout le monde a peur que les choses vont changer trop vite entraînant la perte de l'authenticité birmane. Alors c'est l'invasion. ce que fait que les prix ont augmenté, le taux de change a chuté et les "backpacker's" sont pleins a craquer. J'ai du poser ma tète dans des hôtels de catégorie moyenne, ... read more
Yangon- interieur de pagoe - en or
Yangon- fidele
Yangon- bloc appartements

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay January 25th 2012

The sinister streets are dark lit only with torches and the beams emanating from car and motorcycle lamps lazily gliding by.Some streets are darker than I ever imagined blackness to be, the shadows a creation of what little moon light filters down into the deepest recesses. The little truck speeds along dusty roads in search for a place to stay, the only noise made on otherwise soundless streets. It is four in the morning, the Dawn has not yet graced us with its magnificent presence and we are freezing, we are exhausted. Escaping Yangon on a freezer with wheels, a ten hour night bus journey where no sleep was had due to the chattering bones and chills which swept through me shaking my entire body inside out. To leave over-priced Yangon felt like a good idea ... read more
Photo 5
asleep whilst Dad is busy at work
mending umbrellas

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay January 18th 2012

Kipling wrote a poem about it, Frank Sinatra and Robbie Williams sang about it and now I’m blogging about it. Somehow I doubt my words will become as well known as theirs but here goes. .. (FYI, Kate thought I didn't know who Kipling was, but as we Brits all know - Mr Kipling bakes exceedingly good cakes!) We arrived in a dark but already active Mandalay at 5am in the morning after an overnight bus journey from Yangon and a tuk-tuk into the city from the bus station. The journey from Yangon was pretty comfortable if a little cold in a deluxe reclining seat with the air conditioning blasting. Fortunately our bus was not decked out in full Barcelona livery like the one we saw at the service station otherwise Kate may have refused to ... read more
Crossing the bridge
Looking to Mandalay Hill from the Sandamuni Paya
Joking with the Novice Monks travelling on our bus

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay December 31st 2011

“You will definitely get sick,” asserted Jason () during our meeting at a sidewalk eatery in Bangkok prior to my Myanmar sojourn. My unspoken thoughts were “I almost never get stomach issues”, but in hindsight it was not episodes of frantic lunges towards toilets in Myanmar that should have concerned me, for what transpired was far more dangerous. It commenced innocuously enough with spots appearing on the inside of my wrists twelve hours after arriving in Myanmar. My initial suspicion was a midge attack, with Elephant’s World or Hellfire Pass in Kanchanaburi, Thailand being the suspects. The angry and sometimes itchy red spots, subsequently appeared on my feet the following morning, but ominously appeared as irregular blotches of concentrated spots across my abdomen on the third day, and I unsuccessfully attempted to imagine shapes now tattooed ... read more
This doesn't look good - spots on my feet in Myanmar
Rocks, water and sun - Ngwe Saung, Myanmar
On board the slow train to Mandalay - Myanmar

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay December 29th 2011

ok, well looks like I messed up this blog. It must have been the multiple attempts to download the photos, and now it looks like there are about 4 copies of each pic. I did not plan to post 98 pics. Way too slow to delete the extras, at one at a time. I am just going to post it as is. Some countries are really easy to photograph, and Myanmar is one of them. The stupas and pagodas are amazing! All have been gold leaf covered over the years, and at dusk show some amazing colors. The people are friendly, and all in all an easy country to travel in. We spent 2 days touring Yangoon, with the highlight the Shwedagon Pagoda, propbably the most sacred Pagoda in Myanmar. It has the giant main Stupa ... read more
Photo 29
Photo 6
Photo 5

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay November 19th 2011

I am looking for 2-3 traveling companions for a short 14 day photography trip to Burma/Myanmar in March 2012. I had a full trip of 4, but the other three had to pull out. I have created a MeetUp site for discussion." The price will be somewhere in the area of $1500 for the two weeks (excluding international flights). Might go lower as I work with other companies, but will not go any higher. I have several possible itineraries, but here is the one I like the most. Day 1) Yangon arrival in the morning – after a brief rest, shoot at downtown and major pagodas including great Shwedagon Transportation: Car Hotel: Kandawgyi Palace Hotel / 5* / Lakefront Deluxe Day 2) Yangon – drive to Golden Rock in the morning with shooting at local ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay October 22nd 2011

When Rudyard Kipling wrote of his time spent in Burma, he neglected to mention that the aforementioned road to the former capital city is akin to driving over a cattle grid with every 5th bar missing. For over an hour after leaving Bagan we rumbled through arid countryside, the bus shaking more than Elvis in his pomp. Bagan lies a mere 90 miles southwest of Mandalay, but the journey took us 6 hours, which gives you some indication of the infrastructure problems that blight the country. When we weren’t testing the welding of the bus on the dirt roads we were fording 4ft deep streams of water that criss-crossed our path for much of the journey. The wet season runs from June to October usually, but the area around Bagan and Mandalay is not usually badly ... read more
Old Suzuki Interior
Not ready yet
Buddha delivery vehicle

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay August 12th 2011

Travel in Myanmar has been challenging at times but also incredibly rewarding. We’ve found it really useful to have learned a few of the basic words in Burmese and the locals have been overwhelmingly friendly and helpful. Sometimes people are quite curious and sceptical of us until we smile and say “mingalaba” (hello), and the response is almost always a big smile and a wave. In small towns such as Shwebo our faces were sore from all the smiling as nearly everyone on the street wanted to say hello. Most cafes we eat at have no menu and we generally wait until we see someone else eating something that looks good and then point to it and ask for two of that. Café staples are generally samosas, other fried bread things, or flat-bread served with dal ... read more
Yangon apartments
Moto-taxi ride
Street scene near Monywa

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay June 2nd 2011

We got to Mandalay just in time for the second day of Thingyan Festival. Thingyan Festival is the yearly water festival that commemorates the new year. It is a chance for old sins to be washed off and a time for fresh starts. For strict buddhists, it is a time to wash buddha statues and for the young to wash the hair of their elders. It is also the time for a chaotic 4-day holiday festival where you can't help but join in the madness of getting wet. Mandalay is a big bustling city but we got our first taste of water-related fun getting soaked by young kids with buckets of water while stepping out of a taxi to our hotel. Children were the worst culprits for getting us soaked to the skin and they gang ... read more
Boy with Hose
Working on a new joke
Us with the Moustache Brothers

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay April 8th 2011

27 mars 2011 (Toujours à Yangon) Des moines vêtus de rouge sont partout ici. Partout. Et plein de musulmans, avec leurs barbichettes et leurs regards sombres. Et des hindous moustachus dodelinant de la tête aussi. Jamais vu une aussi grande mixité de religions. Le Myanmar est un étrange pays dois-je dire: influences thailandaise, chinoise, indienne et moyen-orientale, meltingpot où la tolérance est au premier plan. Je retourne dîner sur le sol du temple hindou de Yangon aujourd'hui. Je suis accompagné cette fois-ci d'une jolie chinoise globetrotteuse du nom de May. Elle est courageuse la petite. Rien ne semble à son épreuve. Elle me raconte son pénible périple au Pakistan en souriant des yeux. Elle tente de m'apprendre quelques mots en mandarin, mais c'est peine perdu. On doit communiquer en anglais, langue de co... read more
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