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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay November 23rd 2012

Our train to Mandalay was only twenty minutes late. By Burmese standards this can be considered extremely punctual. Some fellow travellers had faced a delay of EIGHT hour a few days before. I was lucky enough to have a window seat, but this turned out to be a mixed blessing. There was only one train per day along this line, which was not frequent enough (or fast enough) to carve a proper path through the surrounding foliage. The windows were open, so at lower speeds, you were slapped around the face by the occasional leafy branch. At higher speeds, the trees and bushes were sheared off, and so you were sprinkled with a flurry of leaves, flowers, insects and twigs. An hour into the journey and I was covered with bushy shrapnel, looking as if I ... read more
Hurtling through the jungle towards the Viaduct of Doom
 What's the collective term for a group of monks?
Buddha Warehouse Sale

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay November 12th 2012

webby here. So we'd left our english hideout for the asian landsers of wonders and blessings. Via cairo. A nice steady flight, seeming to fly by, excuse the pun. we arrived in the heady and hectic ci of Bangkok. A short taxi drive and we arrived in Song Chakram, a quick walk from the infamous and sticky, sweaty pad thai ridden streets of Koh san. Jonny and adele arrived that eve, just after G and I had had a quick mooch, quick ale and a bite to eat. This allowed for us to go straight on the beer as they arrived, or rather we hunted them down! A few beers and some more grubs past, this is where my evening ended, as sensibly (for once) i went for a kip, feeling the booze and jet lag ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay August 18th 2012

Dear All Trip update number seven, second missive from Burma, this one coming from the fantastic city of Mandalay, in the northern reaches of the country. Still having a fascinatingly interesting time in this country, again with everything being both so different from elsewhere experienced, and also so untouched by tourism with a relatively small trickle of fellow tourists passing through these places. Since I last wrote, I feel I have delved deeper into the Burmese way of being, as well as having seen some pretty amazing places way off the global tourist circuit. Whilst it is true that after 5 weeks of travelling and sightseeing, I am just about ready for my own home, there is still some energy left within me to continue with my last week here in South-East Asia. And it’s difficult ... read more
Buledi Temple
Subtle Message to the People...
Shwezigon Paya

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay July 8th 2012

So this was it, the whole point of the 3-day plus detour from Mandalay, the "Journey as Destination", culminated in this 20h boat ride down south on the Ayerwaddy from Katha. I had originally planned to take an even longer detour, starting from further north in Myitkina, and making several more stops along the way. However, I'd run out of time, as I'd already arranged to exit Myanmar on 10 Jul, so I could only take a truncated detour to Katha. It turned out for the better though, as I found out long-distance Myanmar government train rides and me don't mesh. Moreover, I met Chris & Marie in Katha, a German-French couple who did in fact take the 24h train ride to Myitkyina, only to find out the road and riverway onwards to Sinbu/ Bhamo (the ... read more
Cooking on the Boat
Eating on the Boat
Sleeping on the Boat

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay July 3rd 2012

A longer-than-expected gruelling 8h overnight bus ride later, and I'd finally arrived in Mandalay. Not a moment too soon either, alighting at the bus terminal at 4 a.m. 11km outside of town, before being shuttled by motorbike taxi to ET Hotel, only to be greeted by a surly receptionist who was obviously displeased about being awoken from his slumber. I asked to see the rooms and quickly settled on a tiny, almost cell-like single on the roof (yes, roof!), which turned out to be an absolute oven under Mandalay's searing afternoon sun! But I forgive the place because of its laundry service and free wifi (YES!) The bus ride to Mandalay threw up an unexpected surprise though, as I believe en route we passed through Nay Pyi Daw, the new capital which is supposedly officially out-of-bounds ... read more
Replica Shwedagon in Naw Pyi Daw
You Zha Gui
Serious Monk

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay June 23rd 2012

Llegamos de madrugada, a dormir un par de horas y luego desayunar alquilamos una pick-up por el día para visitar los alrededores de Mandalay; primero fuimos a Inwa, que fue capital de Birmania por casi 4 siglos, tomamos unas carretas jaladas por un caballo porque era el único medio de transporte disponible, y por un par de horas paseamos entre campos y ruinas de stupas y lo que quedaba de algunas edificaciones usadas por la familia real en aquellos tiempos (una torre de observación, un poco inclinada, y una gran piscina). Luego fuimos a la colina de Sagaing, un pueblito con alrededor de 500 stupas y muchos monasterios; yo me moría de sueño, así que me quedé durmiendo en la pick-up mientras los demás subieron. Finalmente fuimos al famoso puente de teca de Amarapura, el más ... read more
ruinas en Inwa
y así te mueves en Inwa

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay May 3rd 2012

The old Burmese capital, Mandalay is where the last king of Myanmar, Thibaw, held court, before the British exiled him to India in 1885. Our stay here was once again a beautiful array of temples, pagodas and monasteries. We visited the Shwenandaw Kyaung/Golden Palace Monastery a fine teak monastery temple with intricate wood panels and Kyauktawgyi Paya, a 19thcentury temple. At the heart of this temple is a 900 tonne Buddha that is carved from a single piece of marble. It apparently took 10 000 men 13 days to transport it from a canal to its present location for the dedication in 1865 by King Mindon. The most important Buddhist Temple in Mandalay is the Mahamuni Paya an enormous complex which is home to a 13ft high seated Buddha believed to be 2 000 years old. ... read more
Boats at Taugthaman Lake
Applying gold leaf to the Mahamuni

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay March 14th 2012

Mingala ba again from Mandalay!! After a long busride overnight in a surprisingly quite good bus (even water was supplied and seatnumbers were on the tickets) on the new Mandalay - Yangon Highway we arrived in Mandalay. We made a reservation in Yangon before for a hotel - it is not absolutly necessary but a good advice - especially if you don't want to run around at 5 in the morning and need to find a hotel!!! The rooms were .... mmmmh .... how to describe .... looking like a prison and very scrabby on the first floor - and that for 15 Dollars for a double room!!! O.K. but on the other hand the people working in the hotel were extremly helpful and friendly, especially the women in the morning reception hours!! So not a ... read more
Garlic harvest - Mandalay -Burma
Sunset at U-Bein -Burma
Laughing Kids - Burma

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay February 16th 2012

Minglaba ( Hello) On Saturday 11th Feb. early in the morning we landed at Yangoon. Arranging our night train to Mandalay and we idled around. Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar but there are very few activity for tourists unless you go to North districts. We stayed at AD1 hotel (16 US$ per room), centrally located. We climbed up the Mandalay Hill and visited the pagoda at the top. Enjoyed the sunset at the world longest teak wood bridge and another day we sailed an hour for Mingun, ancient temple. On Wedesday 15th. Feb. We took the slow boat to Bagan. The journey took all the day from 5 AM to PM. We enjoyed a lot with the tourist crowd and had our first massage from Myanmar woman on the boat. We are now ... read more
Wooden Bridge, Mandalay
Wooden Bridge, Mandalay
Wooden Bridge, Mandalay

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay February 3rd 2012

The awkward moment when a saffron-clad monk approaches, stoic in tranquil surroundings, he looks you straight in the eyes and asks, without joke or jest: “Excuse me sir, what is lovely jubbly?” “Mandalay” has been a known entity to me since who knows when, the same way as Timbuktu is known by name but other familiarities such as depiction and, most importantly, place remained vague. What I had created as a picture of Mandalay sometime in my childhood; a vivid image of the Orient painted in shades of gold, must have been inspired by cheap, oil on canvas depictions found throughout Asia and far beyond. In hindsight, I seem to have unconsciously married the exotic name “Mandalay” with equally exotic images of the many-templed Bagan. In truth, Mandalay exists as a dirty, busy city devoid of ... read more
Sitting in a basket

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