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Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 16th 2018

Slow morning before our helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls. Picked up by the standard 4wheel drive safari vehicle and driven about 3kms to the helipad. Signed up and then briefed on the safety, etc. We were on the second flight. Somehow I ended up in the middle back seat...... Never mind, could still see really well. Huge expanse of water and falls and we went round at least twice before exploring up the Zambezi for a while. Huge pod of Hippos, elephants and crocs. Was a really good flight, then back to the helipad before we were driven back to the hotel. We had until 1400 before our walking tour of the falls so had time for a bite to eat, shop and re-arrange the bags a bit. Onto the bus, given a bit of ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 15th 2018

There is a song somewhere in my head about 3 countries in one day, can’t get the tune though. Anyway, today we did 3 countries in one day...... Left the ship with heavy heart, what a great experience in such luxury. Then we had to do customs clearance from Namibia, enter into Botswana again. This is where things turned interesting. We had been warned that the immigration people in Botswana may want to do spot checks of some bags. Wrong, every bag had to be opened, do you have curios, how much did you spend, do you have receipts (bit hard when you buy from a village market). Took a while to clear this effort, especially as they only had a small table under a tree in the dust opening bags, asking what was in this ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 11th 2018

L’une des parties du voyage théoriquement les plus « challenging » au niveau de la logistique était de se rendre de Kasane au Botswana à Livingstone en Zambie, à proximité des chutes Victoria. L’option 1 était d’engager une compagnie qui nous mènerait du point A au point B. Option très simple, mais dispendieuse puisqu’on charge habituellement autour de 60 à 70$US par personne pour un trajet de moins de 100km et de moins de deux heures (aller simple). L’option deux était d’engager des taxis locaux et de traverser la frontière à pied. Cette option semble peu populaire puisqu’on retrouve peu d’informations sur Internet, à part que le poste frontière est assez chaotique. Nous avons opté pour l’option 2 et finalement il n’y avait pas grand défi. Expérience intéressante quand même : taxi vers le poste frontière ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone May 11th 2018

We departed South Luangwa after a fantastic couple of days. Caprice was ready for her next drive ! We were headed for the Lower Zambezi National Park, South Zambia, via the Great East Road. Sadly, on the morning we were due to leave, Phil announced he would be leaving the group..he wanted more time in South Luangwa. So we bid him farewell! (The running joke from then on was 'Where's Phil ? STILL in South Luangwa!') We spent most of the truck journey chatting away on our table seats, munching on lays crisps and reflecting on our experiences with the lions ! Young Meg, the psychology student, was not feeling well - she felt feverish and had an upset stomach. We encouraged her to drink fluids and take paracetamol. She didn't have a temperature but the ... read more
Luangwa Bridge Camp
Luangwa Bridge Camp
Lower Zambezi National Park

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone May 2nd 2018

We left Kasane, Botswana for our journey to Livingstone in Zambia. After a short drive to the Botswana border we left our vehicle and crossed the Zambesi River at the Kazangula River crossing. What an experience! There were lorries queueing for miles each side of the crossing waiting for the small ferry that could transport them across the river. A major much needed bridge was under construction by Daewoo to alleviate these hold ups. We were lucky and could cross the river in a small passenger ferry. There was a mass of people on each side of the river, trying to cross or sell things or get through immigration. We found our new transport on the Zambia side and negotiated immigration. On arrival in Livingstone we checked in at Olga's Guesthouse a nice small hotel with ... read more
Hotel lawnmowers
Mosi-oa-Tunya Game Park
Mosi-Oa-Tunya Game Park

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone May 2nd 2018

What an amazing, incredible day! Visiting Victoria Falls was an unforgettable experience. We walked along paths close to the falls with wonderful views of the River Zambesi thundering over the edge with a drop of over 100 metres. There was a fog like mist and water spray just the same as a cloud in the sky. We got absolutely drenched crossing a small footbridge near the falls. It was like being in a massive rain shower. There were superb views of the Victoria Falls Bridge built by Cleveland Bridge engineering, Darlington UK. Mosi-Oa-Tunya, the smoke that thunders, certainly did not disappoint. In the evening we ended our African holiday with a sunset cruise on the River Zambesi. We saw hippos and crocodiles and did some bird watching whilst enjoying a cocktail sundowner.... read more
River Zambesi with "smoke" from falls
Livingstone statue
Martin close to the edge!

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone July 24th 2017

The flight from Johannesburg was quick and inexpensive. We met up with my friend John (see 2009 Quilotoa and Galápagos blogs) and his girlfriend Cristina and explored the falls area for a few days, fully aware that it is a very well beaten and expensive tourist track. Zambia and Zimbabwe now offer a dual visa for visiting both sides of the falls. Apparently you can go back and forth between the two repeatedly as long as you don't go to another country. Livingstone and Victoria Falls The town of Livingstone is surprisingly authentic, with plenty of shops and activity in town and then shanties and dirt roads surrounding, which I ran through and found to be safe and friendly, largely because most of the tourists seem to fly in and stay at extravagant camps in the ... read more
Jungle Junction / Bovu Island
Peggy and mist on Zambian side
@Boiling Pot

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone June 9th 2017

Wet Wet Wet- every inch, every piece of clothing, camera lenses steamed up, pruney shriveled fingers and toes and soaked from every single drip of rain and waterfall spray that battered us! This basically summarises the start of our honeymoon travelling from Livingstone in Zambia, over the boarder into Zimbabwe, through to Botswana and South Africa and ending in Cape town (basking in glorious sunshine!!). So, our initial plan was to fly into Livingstone and cross the border after a couple of days there, and then cross over to Zimbabwe and join our tour group, however thanks to a flight change, none of our connecting flights would have married up and we had to fly into Victoria Falls airport, then cross the border (by foot) into Livingstone, then cross back. Also, as we were advised that ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone July 26th 2016

Hello All! I have now been staying in Livingstone for a week, and tomorrow I will be flying to Johannesburg for the start of my 3rd and final leg of my journey, in South Africa. It's been a brief stop in Zambia but it's brought some of the best highlights of my trip. I arrived at Livingstone Backpackers hostel late Tuesday afternoon and instantly ran into a German backpacker who I had met in Lusaka for one night. He told me that he and a group of 3 Dutch girls, a German-Swiss, and an Irishman were heading straight to Victoria Falls for the evening to see the Lunar Rainbow. Every month, when the Full Moon appears, the moonlight is bright enough to light up the falls and cause a rainbow to appear over the spray. I ... read more
Another African Sunset
Vic Falls from the Bridge
The Zambezi River

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Songwe Village April 27th 2016

Heading into Botswana seemed very different with the vegetation turning greener and with cattle being allowed to freely roam. At times cows had right of way over vehicles and some of their roads, such as elephant highway, meant you would come across these beasts walking across the road in front of you. We flew over the Okavango Delta to see the size of the delta and the expanse of land it was. The delta is approx. 15000km2 and boasts elephants, giraffes, zebras and lions to name a few. The flight was in a 6 seater plane which didn’t go above 5000ft which didn’t help with the turbulence. Although great views you need a stomach of steel to do it or at least lots of travel pills. It was good at least to see the expanse of ... read more
Okavango Delta
Elephants in Chobe River
Sunset over Chobe River

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