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Africa » Zambia » Livingstone February 12th 2013

A quick update, the falls are absolutely spectacular - if you ever get the chance you must come and see them for yourselves!! Guided tour of the falls tomorrow and sunset cruise (which may be minus the sun as it's rained nearly all day!). Even though there has been a lack of sun, the rain has made the water coming over the falls even more impressive - a lot bigger than Niagara was. Back to Johannesburg on Thurs.... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone December 27th 2012

Geo: -17.8573, 25.8429Playing Sherlock Holmes and using pure logic, I deduced that I am experiencing the onset of menopause, since I experienced all of the following symptoms last night: hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, an increase in facial hair, insomnia, disorientation, weight gain, sudden bouts of bloat, changes in body odour, irritability, headaches, and body aches. However, the theory behind my conclusion was blown to bits when I picked up my pamphlet on Malarone, an anti-malarial drug we just started taking last night, in preparation for our visits to Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. It turns out the drug has tons of side effects, and it quickly became glaringly obvious that Sherlock Holmes, I am not ...You'd think that after 32 hours of travel and a few hours spent having dinner, we'd be exhausted and have the ... read more
Baboons Everywhere in Zambia ...
Bridge Between Zambia and Zimbabwe ...
Adrenaline Junkies ...

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone December 22nd 2012

After four months in Malawi it is sadly time for me to say a temporary 'goodbye' to my friendly yet admittedly taxing "second-home." My experience at Partners In Health thus far has been nothing short of life-changing. In addition to getting an inside look at the drug procurement process - which is unfortunately plagued with corruption, customs problems, and routine stock-outs - I have also been inspired by my clinical experiences here to think seriously about pursuing medicine as a second-career (more on this later...). While I will thankfully be returning to my post at PIH in March, this temporary departure is still somewhat bittersweet. When I return in March, the weather will be much cooler, and the bugs will be much more manageable; but I will nonetheless miss some of my colleagues who will be ... read more
PIH crew
Razor-Edge Bridge

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone October 21st 2012

Day 11 - 13 Livingstone Zambia; Crossed the border, got issues but hot at 41! Great campsite at Zambezi Waterfront. Yesterday, Oct 20 went to Victoria Falls...amazing! Today went to a lion conservation centre and "walking with the lions" coming!...another great campground with 2 pools and awesome riverside restaurant....doing vey well...tomorrow, the 22nd, we head north west towards Malawi...quite remote so not sure if and when more blogs will be possible...thx for the comments...miss you all!... read more
More Lions

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Mukuni Village October 20th 2012

We are leaving today to go home, and not happy about it at all. We did get one more quick excursion in which was breakfast on Livingston Island and swimming at the top of the main falls with John being held over it... I was too scared to do this myself and couldn't watch John do it. Beautiful and some of the best pictures of the trip!! Then off to the airport for our 37 hour trip home... John pointed out that if one only works 40 hrs/week, it takes us almost a work weeks worth of hours to get to and from Africa! Yikes! Anyway, I'm finishing writing this with only one more hour until we arrive in SFO, and 7% left on my iPad. No clue what I'll do with the remaining hour... while ... read more
Heading to Devil's Pool
Heading to Devil's Pool
Loo with a view

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Mukuni Village October 18th 2012

This is the best day so far, just truly wonderful day!!! First we went to the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls which was just spectacular!! The water is actually really low (when we come back it will be April-July timeframe to see the falls in all it's glory), but it's still incredible to see, very beautiful. From there we could see Devil's Pool where John is going to hang over the falls before we leave. Yikes! On our way across the border, a guy was trying to sell us a note of 10 Trillion Zimbabwe currency (old currency as they use the dollar now, I forget the name). Our guide told us that 10 Trillion wouldn't buy a loaf of bread, but 100 Trillion would! After getting back to Zambia, we had an amazing 90 mins ... read more
Entering Zimbabwe
Bridge dividing Zambia and Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Mukuni Village October 17th 2012

We had a flight to Livingston, in Zambia, this morning. The food was actually good on the plane. We were met on arrival by John who gave us champaign as a congratulations for getting married... we felt a little guilty that none of the other passengers got any. We've been given complimentary champaign everywhere except the West Cliff in Johannesburg which is a little surprising since it was such a nice place. Zambia was Southern Rhodesia until their independence in 1964, there are 73 languages, with English being the national language. Livingston's population is ~200k and the currency is the Kwacha $1=5,000ZMK and they have new notes coming out where they are dropping all of the zeros. Oct is the hottest month, June is their coldest. Like South Africa, all of the kids wear uniforms to ... read more
Train Safari
Train Safari
Train Safari

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Songwe Point September 21st 2012

Livingstone – 18 – 21 August 2012: is to Zambia what the town of Victoria Falls is to Zimbabwe. Also known as Maramba, it was once the capital of Zambia before it was moved to Lusaka. Livingstone is in the Southern Province of Zambia. We arrived at 1.00pm. It was our plan to arrive as early as possible as there were 4 people leaving the tour, so this gave them 1 ½ days to look around and be involved in some of the activities associated with the Falls.....and there was plenty to do – helicopter and ultra light plane rides over the falls, bungy jumping, flying fox rides and swings, canoeing, white-water rafting, game and rino walks, elephant back rides etc etc. and of course not forgetting to actually walk around the Falls. What did we ... read more
Livingstone Falls Zimbabwe side (136)
Bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe
Livingstone Falls Interpretive Centre Zimbabwe side (1)

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone September 6th 2012

7/28 Well we certainly left Lilongwe on a high note last night. Everyone came out to Harry's for the Olympics opening ceremony. It was wild watching with electricity in the air as Malawi came on screen amidst a jam-packed bar full of locals, ex-pats and aid workers going crazy, cheering with pride. Though as I write to you now I gotta give a shout out to Penn State Crew as an old friend and teammate of mine Ms. Natalie Dell brought home the bronze medal for the Women's Rowing 4 event. Let's Go State! A little later in the night, Alex and I ran into Francis, the founder of MEJN, who revealed to us that he was just hired as MEJN's outside consultant to begin the evaluation of all the projects we've been researching and that ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone September 1st 2012

Saturday September 1 It's the third evening of a five night stay in Livingstone, Zambia and although The Cough is back (thought I was on the mend after Round One but I've seemingly picked it up again in Round Two), it's been surreal so far. Not only have I white water rafted the 'mighty Zambezi', I've survived. Yes, fancy that. That was followed by an unexpected ride in a jet boat, a rather sedate Booze Cruise and a drum lesson! I was so tired by 9pm that I was unable to construct sentences! Then today it was another early start and I spent the morning with lions and this arvo with white rhino in the smallest of Zambia's national parks which I think all that went agreed is the best guided walk we've done on the ... read more

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