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Africa » Zambia » Livingstone April 8th 2005

Development Point: Sleeping With the Enemy AAAHHHH CHHHUUUU! I wildly awoke myself from my deep slumber with a giant sneeze. I pondered for a second on why it was so dry in the air around me. It only took a second to shake off my sleepy haze to remember that it was the 1600 - 25kg bags of mealie meal that I was sharing this little house with. Mealie meal is the flour like ground up maize powder used in making Zambia’s staple food, Nsima. The reason there were 1600 bags of mealie meal in my house wasn’t because I was well versed in Zambian economics and I had purchased a decades supply of it knowing that the looming drought will cause the food prices to skyrocket in a couple months. That would only be ... read more
Failed Maize
This is what Maize looks like when its sad =^(

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone April 8th 2005

So, despite my attempts to try and enlighten people about the side of Africa that isn’t typically heard or seen, there are some things here that are heard about that are pretty damn amazing. Definitely one of the most spiritually profound and energy uplifting experiences I’ve ever had was standing directly in front of the 1700m long, over100m high, beautifully magnificent Victoria falls. Just standing there you can feel as if the power of the 33 million cubic meters of water per second slamming down on the rocks below is slamming into your very bones. You just stand there with your arms wide open, a huge smile on your face, getting absolutely soaked to the skin by all the whirling mist. Everywhere you look you see rainbows and in some areas you can even see a ... read more
Ohhh Yeah, that's the spot!
Ain't he cute!
I guess I'll show you elephants as well

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone May 24th 2003

We got up and walked to the bridge at the border to be picked up by a shuttle from Jollyboys backpackers in Livingstone. We were able to get a free visa by getting a deal with the Zambian lodge - saving me $50 or so. On the way over the bridge we met a Japanese couple who were really travelling the world... they had stamps from all over the east of Europe, Iran and the middle east, India, South and Central America. They were taking two years and must have had quite a pace. On the way over the bridge we saw the bungi jump - 111m into a full circular rainbow from the spray. It was too much for Kristen - she looked at me and asked if I wanted to do it so I ... read more

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