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June 11th 2019
Published: June 11th 2019
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We had a lovely final dinner with all of the guides last night. We have to say the the good at Senalala was great the whole time.

After what was for me a restless sleep, we got up at 5:30 and our ride picked us up for the 3 hour drive to Nelspruit airport. On the way out of the reserve we were treated to more game sightings including a big bull elephant, and old Cape buffalo who couldn’t keep up with the herd anymore, and a giraffe in the distance. And more impala.

We also were fortunate to see 3 female lions stalking a herd of zebras and a wildebeest. Fortunately we didn’t see an attack or kill - but it was fascinating to see the herd behave in a protective way.

The drive through the country provided a glimpse into everyday life. We passed kids in uniform heading to school, people preparing for work, shopping malls, and pretty much the stuff of most small towns. As we got closer to the airport. We passed numerous farms of bananas, avocado, peaches, macadamia nuts, oranges and most surprising, pine trees for paper and lumber.

After a short, uneventful flight to Livingstone, we found ourselves in Zambia. Our driver told us about how Zambia was founded in 1964 and had a corrupt government for 27 years which caused it to become one of the poorest countries in Africa. The current government sold its two copper mines to China so no revenue is generated fir the country. They are trying to kick start the tourist industry by bringing back native animals which had been decimated by poachers.

Driving through Livingstone, it seemed both more modern and poorer than I expected. There is no public transit so people can be seen walking up and down the highways hitchhiking.

We arrived at our camp for the night which is more like a campground. We have s fancy tent with its our washroom facilities but it’s a bit more rustic than the camp in Senalala.

We went on the sunset river cruise on the Zambezi river which feeds Victoria falls. We saw s herd of elephants enjoying the river, a troop of baboons playing, some kudu, and some small monkeys. We’ve been told we will be woken up by hippo and bush baby calls in the night. We’re hoping to see both.

Settling in for dinner and then will call it and early night.

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