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June 12th 2019
Published: June 12th 2019
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What a day!

We started off from our (very chilly) camp on the Zambezi river early this morning through Zambia’s smallest national park. We were treated to a great show from giraffes, elephants, some wart hogs, s wildebeest, water buffalo and, of course, impala. There are no big cats in this park so the animals were quite relaxed.

At the end of this drive, which was basically in a mini van taxi, we got out and got to walk up to Zambia’s only white rhino population. We got about 20 meters away and were able to take pictures of the group which included a 2 week old calf.

From there, we went to the Elephant Cafe, an elephant sanctuary, for lunch. We saw hippos sunning themselves on the far bank. We got to feed peanuts to three old bull elephants. The baboons stayed really close too hoping for peanut droppings. Next, covered in elephant snot, we washed up before a fantastic lunch at the cafe. The food was great - they called it a mix between locally sourced and locally foraged.

From there we went to a small Zambian village to see how the traditional villages worked. We learned a lot about schools, the chief who lives in this village and everyday life. We talked to some kids and bought a few things. We did get to use the tourist toilet which was basically a hole in the ground of s shed. Our tour guide was s lovely woman who had hoped to go to university but couldn’t afford it. It made us feel very privileged to be ther.le. We left some pencils, dictionaries, children’s books and coloured pencils wirh her and hope that they go to the school.

From there we toured the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. It was remarkably impressed- and our timings was great as there was s lot of water on the falls but not so much that everything was obscured by mist. We did get quite wet though from the mist.

Then we crossed the border over to Zimbabwe. It was pretty seamless and we reached our hotel in good time. We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant and I just enjoyed the nice shower while Don does a bit of work. All in all, a great adventurous day!

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12th June 2019

Hi Guys
The trip sounds amazing. You have sure seen a lot of wildlife over such a short period of time. We have read each of your entries and are enjoying them very much. Thanks for sharing.

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