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26th September 2022

Glad you got in safe.
Hope you're first night is restful so you can hit the ground running tomorrow. All is good with the dog. She spent most of the day looking out for your return.
23rd June 2019

Shame about the Cheetah Walk
It's a shame they lost your reservation. Will you be there tomorrow? Hopefully they can set a new one up. I looked it up online and it looks like people actually walk cheetahs on a leash that looks similar to Sadie's. Seems weird to me, but interesting. I was really picturing more like a walk past them than a literal walk.
12th June 2019

Hi Guys
The trip sounds amazing. You have sure seen a lot of wildlife over such a short period of time. We have read each of your entries and are enjoying them very much. Thanks for sharing.
7th January 2006

Lookin gforward to your safe return
Hop eyou have lots of good stories M~
7th January 2006

HAppy New Year
I am so lucky to have such courageous friends, I will live viacriously through you and I don;t have to eat worms:) Happy Trails M~
7th January 2006

Glad to see you are well
Sounds like quite an interesting or adventourous trip. Can't wait to hear more upon yor return- Miss ya
7th January 2006

AN Introvert No-Not you?
Alone time, not you..........enjoy th erest of the trip
6th January 2006

The big O
Finally figured out how this thing works (Thanks Deb!) Fully expected your journals to land conveniently in the ATS -- Lazy, I know. Oh well, at least I'm caught up. It's quiet without you. Can't wait to hear the stories behind the blog -- see the pix too. Continue to travel safely and ... Bring home a kitty like the one in the photo, wont you :)
1st January 2006

Bonne année
Glad that you are having a great time. Wishing you a very happy new year from a very wet OC.
31st December 2005

Chris the Hiker?
Well - that is an adventure. Hope you had a good time. The sceneray is probably fantastic. Love, Dad
31st December 2005

The trip sounds to be turning out just as you expected! Sumatra should certainly be on the menu at Starbucks there!! Happy New Year
30th December 2005

Are you returning to Bankok and then Phuket? Sounds like a great trip so far!
From Blog: On to Chaing Mai
28th December 2005

Hi again
Just in case you're still hoping from word from the states, a sixty-foot tree hit your sister's house last night. Roof has new leaks, but things could have been much worse. Wish I was travelling in Thailand, or basically staying anywhere where the rain doesn't hit the beds...:-) No one was hurt, though, so it's all OK. Glad you're feeling better.
28th December 2005

Sounds like your having fun. I hope it is wrm at night.:)
From Blog: Leaving Bangkok
28th December 2005

Those cubs look pretty big to me! Did they purr? Can't believe you got that close to a full grown tiger... :)
28th December 2005

Tiger 'cubs?'
27th December 2005

Sounds like your Christmas went great! How exciting to be somewhere so exotic. I am jealous since I am home cleaning up after housing 14 family members overnight-ugh-way too much family time. Have so much fun on your adventure! Thanks for doing the blog. So fun for me to be able to live vicariously ;)
From Blog: Leaving Bangkok
27th December 2005

Stray Dogs
Hi Christine! Very cool travelogue. :) Feeling smug that I got my flu shot weeks ago. ;) Is Thailand mostly Buddhist? Stay healthy... and keep having fun.
26th December 2005

Hi! Sounds like you're having a good trip so far, aside from all the sleeping. I am having a lot of trouble with the "picking the flower" imagery, though. It's making my head spin a bit. I'm going to try and forget I read that. Are you going to be able to post pictures on this blog? All's well here - your nephew has brand new cowboy boots (purchased by his grandpa) that he refuses to take off. There were tears this morning when I was adament about them not being worn in the bath. Yup, life here is just filled with international glamour and intrigue... :-) Don't be homesick, you're only missing the post-holiday funk. Caleb's first words to me this morning were, "no more presents", in this sad little voice. Enjoy yourself!
From Blog: Leaving Bangkok
25th December 2005

All Girl Group?
Oh, right- Christine reminded me that this is public... Hi Christine! I'm really glad to hear you guys made it there safely; I've been on some 'interesting' flights and can attest that the boring ones are the very best. :) Have to say I'm surprised there's a local Starbucks... Funny about the taxi rides. I recall the same thing from Cambodia and it was finally cured by selecting on guy and just sticking with him (that way, he does all the work of chasing the others away ;) Enjoy the palace tour!
From Blog: We're here!
24th December 2005

Have you landed yet?
Hi Christine! I trust you've landed safely, made the appropriate transfers, beat the flu, and are passed out on your hotel bed. :) Costa Mesa misses you already! Hope things are going well with you and Athena and I'll be looking forward to your reports. Cheeers!
From Blog: We're off!

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