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Africa » Zambia » Livingstone March 31st 2014

Southern Sun Garden Court Tambo Hotel, Zambia--Monday, March 31th I am not sure why it was necessary, but this morning there is a tour scheduled to see Victoria Falls at 9:00. Valerie and I decided that where they planned to walk along the wet stone path was too slippery for the two of us, so we wandered down to look at the Falls on our own. The web page that we had looked at about the hotel we were staying in gave you the sense that you were so close to the Falls, that you could see them from our rooms or at least the reception area. Wrong! The Falls are about 2 blocks from the room–one block still on the hotel property and one more block after you leave the hotel/Reserve gate. We walked out ... read more
1403-673 Welcome to Victoria Falls
1403-674 Doctor Livingstone, I presume
1403-675 Victoria Falls--An unsual view without the mist

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone March 29th 2014

Southern Sun Garden Court Tambo Hotel, Johannesburg--Saturday, March 29th Ugh, another early morning with breakfast at 7:00 and the bus leaving for the airport at 8:00. Our flight is not until 10:40, but this tour’s schedule is one that we have to “hurry up” to then “wait.” Boarded the plane, had a bumpy short flight, and arrived at the Livingstone Airport in Zambia at 12:30 ish. Small, but new airport you could see was still under construction. No gangways to the planes, so you have to climb down steps and cross the pavement. Why the pilot was instructed to park the plane a mile away from the gate is beyond me. There wasn’t another plane on the tarmac. We soon cleared passport control and customs and paid our $80 fee for each of us. Fee was ... read more
1403-592 Livingstone, Zambia--As in 'Dr. Livingstone, I presume'
1403-593 Livingstone, Zambia--Street scene-A
1403-594 Livingstone, Zambia--Street scene-B

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone February 10th 2014

Victoria Falls Zambia Livingstone, my last stop in beautiful Zambia and the end of my 5 week overland camping trip, the home of Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, has the buzz and energy of border towns everywhere. (One side of the falls is in Zambia the other in Zimbabwe) Hawkers and hustlers on bicycles ply their wares on both sides of the border, cooking oil from Zimbabwe in big yellow jugs, art, trinkets and fabric from Zambia crisscross the border all day long. Entrepreneurs on both sides rent rain ponchos and plastic slippers (50 Kwacha or $1 each) to visitors to the falls...wisely I took this option as without rain gear the spray from the falls soon drenches one to the skin! It's like a tropical downpour! Who knew? The ... read more
Beautiful grasses
Zambezi river
Vic Falls

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 1st 2013

Our last morning in Livingstone and we were sad to leave. Jollyboys had been a good place to stay. With our last few hours in Livingstone, we went to buy the bus tickets for the journey to Lusaka from the small hut on the main road. We popped back to the Curios market, as I had wanted a wooden zebra-striped fruit bowl. Previously, people had asked us if we were willing to trade things with them. I had actually packed a pair of slip on shoes that I had planned on leaving at the end of my trip - and thus far had not even worn - so I took them along to the market with me. I successfully negotiated a lower price for my wooden bowl in exchange for my pair of shoes, and the ... read more
Nshima and Meat
On the road
En route

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone July 24th 2013

A couple of days to relax and explore Livingstone... Day one Livingstone living... Jollyboys backpackers offered a free walking tour of Livingstone every Wednesday, so whilst we were there we took the opportunity. Our guide, Leo, took us around the main streets, of which there aren't many! We saw the first church built in 1902, the high court, the post office, and other central buildings. We went to the back street and to the market where we could see all sorts of beans, dried fish, fruits, vegetables, and even dried caterpillars for sale. We saw the hotel where the Queen once visited as a Princess, but unfortunately it is now very run down and waiting for someone to invest in its restoration. In the courtyard was a huge fig tree with figs all over the branches ... read more
Ever-changing skies

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone July 23rd 2013

One ridiculously amazing day in my life... Breakfast on Livingstone island: Must-do-experience We got a taxi to the David Livingstone resort, which is a very luxurious, colonial style resort on the banks of the Zambezi. A small boat took Lindsay and I across the Zambezi on a very short ride to Livingstone island. We were welcomed with a maize drink and taken through to a clearing where we were told to leave our shoes behind, and put on a big black raincoat. We walked through muddy swamp land towards the edge of the falls, 100m ahead of us. It was exhilarating. We stopped close to the edge as Kelvin our guide gave us an introduction to the island. Already it was exciting to be close to the edge, in the spray of the falls, but we ... read more
Don't look down!
I'm watching you

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone July 21st 2013

Transport hubs are fascinating places. They always make me wonder where everyone is going and what they are doing. At 7am we arrived at Lusaka Inter-city bus terminal and it was already buzzing with people. 75% of Zambians are Christian, and our bus passengers reflected this rather well. When the bus left the station, within thirty seconds a man had stood up and started preaching to us about the gospel. He preached for about twenty minutes before he invited three other people on the bus to lead a prayer. Once he had finished, he made a collection so that he could get a lift back to the station and preach again on another bus. We later learned that this is not uncommon on the Mazhandu company buses! The journey gave us a glimpse of the countryside; ... read more
Beautiful Fauna

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone April 28th 2013

Take one ancient flat-bed pick up truck; stuff it with about 30 people, and their luggage; add 4 or 5 large sacks of grain for the nearby villages; make it drive approx 200miles at approx 30k an hour and make it stop every 500 yards to let one person off and 6 more on; let it run out of petrol twice, overheat at least once, and break down alltogether at some stage too; let it do all this in the burning heat of the midday sun and let them overcharge you (cos you're white) just for this whole privilidge.... and that my friends is public transport in Malawi..!!!! Possibly the most beautiful country in Africa but definitely the biggest ball-ache to get around. To be fair, they are in the middle of a petrol crisis - ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Songwe Village February 26th 2013

Days 15 - 22 River cruise in Botswana, the famous Victoria Falls, sunset cruise & walking with lions in Zambia & game watching in our campsite Hey guys, we have had some long bus days, with plenty of time to kill, and needless to say, this is quite a long detailed one. Just thought I would give you the heads up so you can go and grab a cuppa before starting. Saying goodbye to Kruger NP meant saying goodbye to South Africa. Botswana was our next port of call. We were told to watch out for wild animals, as here they were not fenced in and were free to roam as they pleased. Quite frequently Josh (our driver) would suddenly slow the truck down and beep at cows meandering across the road. ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone February 13th 2013

No photos today (well not yet) as too many to look through and select the best of the bunch! (Those who know Lou will know this is not unusual but we took loads and loads!) The day started with a monkey invading the room to steal sugar but because of that we were treated to a family of 2 adult and 2 young zebra grazing outside the balcony. Then we had breakfast folowed by a guided tour of the falls with the fabulous Arson (pic to follow). Wet doesn't even describe how drenched we were. The falls were faster and more full flowing than yesterday as there had been heavy rain and thunderstorms last night. Even so Lou managed to get really close to the river Zambezi at the top of the fall's Eastern Cataract. After ... read more

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