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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay May 29th 2019

Yesterday’s problem with our original accommodation being over booked and our ‘railroading’ to Battenburgs Guest House needed to be resolved this morning but we decided to leave it until we were asked for payment to see what might happen. We met a couple at breakfast from near Port Elizabeth who were going to Cape Town to fly and meet up with their family in Croatia. Their family have lived in Auckland for 20 years and the couple had visited NZ for the Rugby World Cup. They had retired to very small seaside place where they were 2 of 3 permanent residents and the closest town for shopping was 10km away. They said they enjoyed the isolation and freedom after living all their working lives in Johannesburg. A worker at the B&B had washed and cleaned our ... read more
The organ pipes
Seating for everyone
Main Street,Swellendam

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay March 31st 2017

Another 3 days went by since I wrote a blog post. But each day is pretty full, and I have a hard time to believe I have only been cycling for just over a week. I am still amazed every day by the scenery and kindness of South Africans. I spent two nights in Struisbaai, that place was so nice and I had a really pleasant surprise on the second night, the two Swiss cyclists that I had met on the road stayed there as well. So we went to the Cape again together and spent a really nice evening sharing stories. They traveled a lot on bikes and it was a real treat to listen to them. Again, it makes my little adventure seem very small in comparison. From Struisbaai, I could have stayed in ... read more
Cape Agulhas
another nice quote
Cape Agulhas Backpackers

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay November 26th 2016

Left villa at 10 to drive to Safari Park and discovered it was 5 hour drive instead of the 4 we thought. At this stage we wondered how we ever thought this was good idea. The Honda packed up with no view from rear window due to suitcases. Eventually arrived just after 3.30 only to discover we were too late for afternoon drive. However, place is lovely as is our luxury "tented" accommodation. Went for a wee snooze then went down for dinner which was definitely 5 star. In bed by 10 as will get alarm call at 5.15 to be ready for pick up at 5.45am. Forgot to mention that to get to our tent we have to cross a wee river and we do this by going on a pontoon bridge which is a ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay August 14th 2016

After 3 months, 5 countries, and thousands of miles north to the South of the World, I am nearly at my final destination; Cape Town. Since Johannesburg, Taylor and I have flown to Port Elizabeth, and taken the Baz Bus along the Garden Route. Our penultimate stop on this route, from where I am writing this, is Mossel Bay. It's a very quiet seaside town which is mostly filled with holiday homes for the rich from Jo'burg and Bloemfontein. However, we have found a very cool hostel to hole ourselves up in; a converted train on the seafront called the Santos Express Train Lodge. It feels like a very long time ago now that I was last sleeping on the train between Tanzania and Zambia. The only activity we have found to do here is to ... read more
SA in the Sun
The Donkin Memorial

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay May 9th 2016

Hello again! Nach unserer tollen Zeit in Capetown ging's weiter ins Weingebiet, genauer gesagt nach Stellenbosch. In einer Weinsafari mit dem Range Rover gings quer durch die Weinberge und natürlich durfte auch eine ausgiebige Verkostung nicht fehlen. Sehr zu empfehlen, seitdem trinken wir jeden Abend ein Flascherl ;) Prost! Danach verbrachten wir noch zwei sehr stürmische Tage in Mossel Bay aber das absolute Highlight bis jetzt begann erst heute: Gondwana Game Reserve Es ist so schön, dass es nur schwer in Worte zu fassen ist, aber ich versuche es trotzdem: wir wohnen in einem riesigen Haus mit 3 Schlafzimmern und 3 Badezimmern mitten in der afrikanischen Savanne, das Essen ist wunderbar, die Game Drives auch! Heute konnten wir bereits Nashörner, Hippos, Zebras, Kudus, Impalas und Springböcke in freier Wildbahn beobachten. Und angeblich gibt's es hier wirklich ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay September 4th 2015

Holy matrimony!!!!! Cage diving with great white sharks!!!!! I didn’t feed them my own chum so I was pretty happy about that. But being in the cage while they thrash about going after a tuna head on a rope definitely got the adrenalin flowing! These beasts were huge and scary and the visibility was terrible under water so that added to the excitement. 4.5 meters was the big one here and man when it just popped out of the water unexpected from the depths I really felt the power of this creature and respected the shit out of it. I have done shark dives on a weekly basis working on a scuba diving boat in the Bahamas and I have had hundreds of sharks in my hands working on a fishing boat in Australia, but this ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay September 3rd 2015

Jonas and Felix (the two German guys) were kind enough to give me a lift to Mossel Bay. Awesome! But first on our way out of Knysna we went to visit “the Heads.” It was a lovely view point where the sea met the lagoon where the town of Knysna rested. We also went through the town of Wilderness with the aim of enjoying the best pizza on the Garden Route! Well that wasn’t open til 1 and it was only noon so we kept on. Arriving in Mossel Bay the weather was gorgeous. Being on the sea we had a lunch of fresh seafood while looking over the bay at one of those little restaurants in the harbor. Yuuuuuuum…and then we found a sweet backpackers called Mile Crunchers. Seems appropriate for us! So there we ... read more
looking out to the ocean...great quality
very far away

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay March 4th 2015

At the Point of Human Origins. Mossel Bay, South Africa. One more day engaged in one more truly spell binding activity. I never knew that South Africa was so chock full of wonders, but I'm certainly finding this out. I won't even have scratched the surface when my visit here ends. Today we drove to Mossel Bay (Mossel means the same as mussel or shell fish, like oysters) just over an hour away from our town, along the rugged, sprawling Indian Ocean coastline. We were at a hideous golf course on the cliffs of Pinnacle Point where caves were discovered to contain the earliest relics of antiquity of human activity. We are talking here not about earlier hominids pre-cursors to Homo sapiens, but the oldest location known to have been inhabited by species we would recognize ... read more
Dr. Peter Nilssen archaeologist
A travesty... golf course and casino atop the oldest place of human activity
The caves at Pinnacle Point below the golf course

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay November 26th 2014

Arrived in the late afternoon at the Mossel Bay backpackers, we had a very nice supper at Kaai 4 with our French friends. A little authentic African restaurant at the waterfront which is adviced in the lonely planet. The next day we woke up early and left for a tree hours horse ride in the bushes, dunes and on the beach. Surrounded by the magic of the nature this ride was an amazing experience for both of us. Florence, who already could ride, had the pleasure to gallop with the horse on the beach. While Helene rode a horse maybe twice in her life finally found her balance after the tree hours. Mossel Bay was a short stop and the last stop of the Garden route.... read more
Amazing kitchen in the backpacker
Horse riding on the beach
Horse riding on the beach

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay July 1st 2014

I've discovered a few things while out here. 1 - the animals are smaller than you picture apart from great whites, 2 - almost everything is edible, 3 - everywhere smells of weed, 4- waking up to lions roaring will never get old but monkeys running across the roof will and 5 - I'd happily up-root and move here tomorrow. Cage diving with great whites was incredible! 4 metre long, 400 pound rascals butting and biting the cage. It sounds insane but it really was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I still can't believe I was less than a metre away from them! It was a 9 hour round trip to mossel bay but it seemed to fly by. We decided to cook for ourselves on the return trip as we have all ... read more

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