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James Evans

22 year-old Economics, Politics, and International Relations graduate from the UK. Just spent 3 months solo (mostly) travel around Southern Africa, including 4 weeks of volunteering with the Maasai Community in Tanzania.

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town August 22nd 2016

Hello All, Here is my last blog and testament. Tomorrow, I will be flying home after an incredible trip from London to Cape Town via Paris, Amsterdam, Northern Tanzania, Zanzibar, Southern Zambia, Johannesburg and the South African Garden Route. Cape Town has definitely been the icing on the cake and I will be coming back for sure one day. It was a long 6 hour drive from Mossel Bay to Cape Town, but it was well worth the view once we came over the last mountain road and saw the outskirts of Cape Town lighting up the night sky. A trail of ruby red and diamond white lined the main road below leading to the city centre - and to my final destination. As we arrived late on a Saturday night, there wasn't much to do ... read more
View from the Back of our Hostel
Simon's Town Penguin

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay August 14th 2016

After 3 months, 5 countries, and thousands of miles north to the South of the World, I am nearly at my final destination; Cape Town. Since Johannesburg, Taylor and I have flown to Port Elizabeth, and taken the Baz Bus along the Garden Route. Our penultimate stop on this route, from where I am writing this, is Mossel Bay. It's a very quiet seaside town which is mostly filled with holiday homes for the rich from Jo'burg and Bloemfontein. However, we have found a very cool hostel to hole ourselves up in; a converted train on the seafront called the Santos Express Train Lodge. It feels like a very long time ago now that I was last sleeping on the train between Tanzania and Zambia. The only activity we have found to do here is to ... read more
SA in the Sun
The Donkin Memorial

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg August 5th 2016

Hello All! I am well and truly settled into my third and final country in South Africa. Taylor has arrived and we are currently sitting in our lodge by the waterfront at Port Elizabeth, having flown in yesterday from Johannesburg. As you could probably tell from the ending of my last blog, I had my reservations about Jo'burg to say the least. And with good reason. I had met plenty travellers in Tanzania and Zambia with more than enough horror stories of being robbed from car windows, muggings in the street, and even being caught between gang shootouts. Having said this, I had also come across enough South Africans that were quick to tell me that the "City of Gold" was not as bad as others made it out to be. Furthermore, Taf, my Zimbabwean university ... read more
Pre-Game Car Park Atmosphere
Ellis Park
Great Seats

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone July 26th 2016

Hello All! I have now been staying in Livingstone for a week, and tomorrow I will be flying to Johannesburg for the start of my 3rd and final leg of my journey, in South Africa. It's been a brief stop in Zambia but it's brought some of the best highlights of my trip. I arrived at Livingstone Backpackers hostel late Tuesday afternoon and instantly ran into a German backpacker who I had met in Lusaka for one night. He told me that he and a group of 3 Dutch girls, a German-Swiss, and an Irishman were heading straight to Victoria Falls for the evening to see the Lunar Rainbow. Every month, when the Full Moon appears, the moonlight is bright enough to light up the falls and cause a rainbow to appear over the spray. I ... read more
Another African Sunset
Vic Falls from the Bridge
The Zambezi River

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka July 21st 2016

Well that was a mammoth of a journey! Since my last entry, I have travelled roughly 2500km from Dar es Salaam on the east coast of Tanzania, to the Zambian town of Livingstone on the Zambian/Zimbabwe border. After being in a place where a trip "down the road" is a 3 hour journey, the UK is going to feel like a very small island indeed. If it's still recognisable by the time I get back. Seriously, I leave home for 2 months and we're leaving the EU; we have a new PM whom every aspect of the media is insisting on comparing to Maggie T; and now the Welsh are officially better at football then us. I suppose it was expected for the country to descend into chaos in my absence. Anyway, back to the matter ... read more
TAZARA's Interpretation of a Full English Breakfast
Life on TAZARA
Passing Landscape

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Bwejuu July 14th 2016

Hello All, I'm currently writing this from a very noisy hotel room in Dar es Salaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania, having arrived back from an incredible week in Zanzibar. Having flown into Zanzibar from Kilimanjaro, yesterday I got the ferry back to the Tanzanian mainland. The journey was so rough that at some points it seemed as though 'Yellow Submarine' would have been a more appropriate Beatles song to name this blog entry but luckily my stomach and the boat's hull managed to hold out. My time in Zanzibar was truly the start of my solo travels, as I was surrounded by so many people during my Maasai volunteering stint that I was never really alone. What I've discovered is Africa can be a very unforgiving place to be a solo traveller, even in the ... read more
Local Beach
Incredible Sunset
Beach Bar

Hello again, As promised, I am giving you a 2nd post about my Maasai adventure. Apologies that it's later than expected, after leaving the relative reliability of solar power in Ngorongoro, I am now trying to get used to the unpredictability of the generator power in Zanzibar. Power cuts are daily which means I have often had WiFi failure whilst writing this, causing myself to regularly re-write. I have never experienced a group of people that are so welcoming to strangers. From day one, nearly every Maasai man I came across wanted to know something about me, whether it was where I came from or why I was there (unfortunately, the women were always more subdued and shy, mainly due to the patriarchal society they had been raised in). Often I was also asked about my ... read more
Evening Relaxation
The High Street in Endulen
Honey Farming

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Bwejuu July 7th 2016

Hello All! I finally have found a corner of Africa with WiFi, a hammock, and an even rarer anomaly; a cold beer! I therefore will now attempt to give you a detailed summary of my past 4 weeks volunteering with the Maasai. Before I start, I will apologise that I am having to cram everything into one post; I will try to include as much as possible but unfortunately some may have to wait for my return otherwise I will spend all my time on this beautiful island of Zanzibar typing. You wouldn't want me to go through such hardship right? Since I did write my first post in Paris, I feel I should give a quick word on Amsterdam. It will only be quick though because thinking about Europe is going to make me teary-eyed. ... read more
Ngorongoro Crater
Giraffe Herd

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 3rd 2016

I was not going to begin these posts until I reached Africa but I feel that I need to just to let friends and family know that I haven't drowned in the Paris flooding and that the wet weather has by no means dampened my spirits (although the continuous threat from Air France staff to go on strike has certainly tested me!). The floods are not as dramatic as other parts of France and Germany, the only affected areas are the riverside platforms where various canal boats, bars, and river boat cruises are now inaccessible. Taylor and I were lucky enough to visit the Louvre on Thursday morning, by the time we left they were starting to close it all down. Having visited Paris a couple times before, I was more intrigued this time as to ... read more

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