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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route February 2nd 2020

Since September 2019, we not only have one home in the Seychelles....but South Africa is still our home too! I have to admit, I love the golf, diving, wine, food and especially the people and friends in South Africa. So any time we can, it's on to SA! This time, I'm three weeks in South Africa, but as Tanya is working, she can only join me for a week of fun on our side. I started in Shelly Beach before flying to Cape Town. So it's first to golf, this time two new courses for me, I name Mowbray Golf course as well as Stellenbosch golf course. I can now claim having play all the coastal courses South Africa has to offer on the latest Golf Digest Top 100 South Africa courses! Happy golfer! There is ... read more
Bubbles from Vergelegen, they produce only 1500 bottles per year, and I believe it's the best in a top Semillon!
Inverroche Gin experience!
Playing Pezula is always fun, specially when I nearly play my handicap!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route February 20th 2019

Like the ears of a horse, a true traveller is always alert to new places to visit. My South African colleague excitedly spoke of Capetown and even suggested the fantastic business class experience of Eithiopian Airways with a welcome drink of Champagne. I was sold on the spot. Nearer to my date of departure, Eskom, the sole electricity provider of Capetown went bust and needed to be rescued through government funding. Capetown was also facing long term water shortage from relatively dry summers. There had been massive fires and biomes had been destroyed. ( The wind direction was funny as some houses got fully burnt while the others next to it stood as good as new). The omens were not entirely good but can anything stop a determined traveler? I booked a 4 star hotel only ... read more
Cape Nature Reserve
Blood red orange juice

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route March 19th 2017

Von Mossel Bay geht es weiter in Richtung Wilderness, das nur eine halbe Stunde Fahrt entfernt liegt. Hier gibt es einen wahnsinnig schönen wilden Strand, der sich ewig entlang der kleinen Ortschaft zieht. Auf der Strecke hier her hat es wieder ein bisschen getröpfelt und die Luft ist feucht. Als wir ankommen liegt über dem Strand ein mystischer Nebel. Das also ist sie, die Feuchte, der die Garden Route ihre üppige Vegetation verdankt. Und in der Tat ist Wilderness ein wahnsinnig grünes Fleckchen Erde. Die Hügelkette, die hinter dem Ort aufragt ist komplett wild bewachsen und bis runter an den Strand zieht sich die verschiedenste Vegetation. Leider ist es direkt auch sehr kühl, sobald der Himmel bedeckt ist, denn am Meer herrscht nun mal immer Wind. Wir geben unser Gepäck schonmal in unserem kleinen Gästehaus ab ... read more
Der Strand von Wilderness
Der Strand von Wilderness
Paraglider landet am Strand in Wilderness

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route January 28th 2016

Up at 5.30am as we were being collected by Ranger Chris at 6.15 am for our early morning drive in the Gondwana Private Game Reserve. It was fresh outside and the sunrise was beautiful. The skies were varying shades of blue too difficult to describe. Once in the 4 x 4 Chris told us that we were going to drive where the “big 5” are. As we set off we saw the blue wildebeest ambling along. Then we saw the black Cape crows which look similar to crows everywhere. We saw and heard black shouldered kites and crowned lapwings which we remembered from our journey yesterday. Then a new bird - a Cape longclaw or an orange throated longclaw. As Chris pointed out, a very long name for such a little bird. As we were driving ... read more
Dung Beetle
Millipede with red poisonous feet

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route January 27th 2016

Up with the lark for our fourth day of adventure. Again a lovely breakfast of cereals, eggs, tuna, cheese, bread, salad and fruit which was eaten in a private part of the dining room. And of course the making of our packed lunch. During our breakfast time, Don and several of the other men crossed the road from the hotel to daven in the current Oudtshoorn synagogue. This shul on Baron van Reede Street was built in the 1880's. (See photos in overflow below.) Unfortunately the combination of tourists and local Jews were insufficient for a minyan (quorum) of 10 so they prayed the morning service together silently. On the coach by 7.45 am and Amos told us about our next port of call. We drove south from Oudtshoorn on the R328 via the Robinson Pass ... read more
Dias ship Caravel replica
put letters into the boot at The Post Office Tree mailbox
Lion lying in Gondwana nursery

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route January 25th 2016

Woke at six before arrival into Johannesburg airport, and ate a hearty airline breakfast of omelette, cream cheese and salmon and my own rice cakes plus a couple of cups of coffee. We disembarked and, like many others, didn't follow instructions and didn't wait for the group leader. We went ahead to passport control by which time the others had joined us. We all stood in a line for two hours before we finally went through to collect our bags. We were greeted by a sign-holder who took us to the meeting point where we met the rest of our group who had come to South Africa the previous week. We also met our guide Amos, an Israeli who has spent the past 35 years in South Africa. He took us back into the domestic hall ... read more
Deep gorge beneath Storms River Bridge
Will the nice staff at Tsitsikamma really book a Free Holiday as the green sign says?
Rough Surf by the Garden Route motorway

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route March 10th 2015

Leaving the Reed Bed soon to make the long journey back to Cape Town. Where did the time go??? Almost four weeks gone already. In three days I'll be on a flight back to my island! Two very different worlds. What a great experience this trip has been. And you know I still have experiences that I want to blog about to share with you but haven't done so yet.... From the earliest visit, to the Nyanga and Gugulethu townships and the wonderful elder MADOSINI who played her music for us. To the VegTable and other eating experiences. Food here has been a big part of the memories . Here are .... The neighborhood in Wilderness, with its waters and the pounding surf at the beach. The Cango Caves and Map of Africa still to come ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route March 1st 2015

Playing catch up…. The days in between Time has slipped by, days have slipped by in fact and I've not blogged a word. After the Township tour I felt there was so much to digest that I couldn't just happily jot words down. That process is unravelling now and I'm finding the way to describe those many experiences. Part 1 of the Langa experience is now posted, the others will follow. This is catch up time. In another day’s time we head to Addo the elephant national park which I fully expect will be another whole new memorable series of experiences to be lived and recorded for the blog. So now, catching up …. In the evening after the Kirstenbosch and the Township visits, we were at a “fish braai” at the crazy-nice home of Alan ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route July 7th 2014

Geo: -33.9672, 23.6456Søndag 6. juli reiste vi fra Port Elisabeth - sto tidlig opp og kjørte vestover. Vi skal bruke 4 dager på disse 74 milene til Cape Town. Stoppet opp i Knysna, en sjarmerende liten havne- fiskelandsby. Vi ser at det er store forskjeller på svarte og hvite her langs kysten. De svarte bor i "ghettoer" i brakke-hus og skur utenfor bykjernen (har ikke sett noen stråhytter - he he ;-) ) Det er bare de svarte som arbeider - innen serviceyrkene... Inne i byene er det moderne, pent og rent. Vi leide oss inn på Protea hotell og tok en bedre middag på en fiskerestaurant like ved. Jeg spiste mitt livs beste paella - kan ikke måles med den spanske originalen. Helge bestilte fisk og fikk det på et stående grillspyd. Sjømat er i ... read more
Inni grotta
Ferdig med turen

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route July 5th 2014

Geo: -33.9672, 23.6456I dag var dagen det skulle hoppes... Vi dro tidlig av gårde fra hotellet og ankom etter ca 2 timer Bloukrans bridge i god tid før Helges hopp.. Her er det høyt og Helge gikk noen runder med seg selv - Jeg var helt bestemt på ikke å hoppe - det har ikke engang vært et tema for meg - men å bli med ut på broa kunne jeg jo alltids... Etter å ha skrevet under på diverse papirer og erklæringer m.m. vandret vi over til midten av broa. Dette var for meg mer enn nok adrenalinkick - å gå på en sprinkelbro ca 300 meter med 350 meter rett under meg var spesielt. Bena gikk som sirup og jeg tviholdt meg til rekkverket, mens hjertet gikk i full fart. Men, det var jo ... read more
Bloukrans bridge
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