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February 2nd 2020
Published: February 19th 2020
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Since September 2019, we not only have one home in the Seychelles....but South Africa is still our home too! I have to admit, I love the golf, diving, wine, food and especially the people and friends in South Africa. So any time we can, it's on to SA!

This time, I'm three weeks in South Africa, but as Tanya is working, she can only join me for a week of fun on our side. I started in Shelly Beach before flying to Cape Town. So it's first to golf, this time two new courses for me, I name Mowbray Golf course as well as Stellenbosch golf course. I can now claim having play all the coastal courses South Africa has to offer on the latest Golf Digest Top 100 South Africa courses! Happy golfer!

There is obviously not only the golf here. I spent some time with my friends at Vergelegen and Marianne. Vergelegen produce some stunning red wines....but also 1500 bottles each year of they bubbly. I believe this is the best produced in South Africa. You will not find it on any chart or competition. The production is so limited that they only sell at the estate, or at the restaurant...but good for me, they also ship to those in the know! next is their Semillon Blanc. Michel Rolland would tell you that this is today the best Semillon Blanc in the world...for acquired palates only!

Next little stop at Marianne. Here also some stunning reds....but also the bubbles. Messidor is only produced at 1200 bottles per year, another great one that you won't find in the trade or any competition! I also believe they have the best Cape Blend for the best price. Avoid the 2011 in favour of the 2014. I was a little on the I had play Mowbray in the morning...and was to play Stellenbosch early afternoon. But thanks to Soline, I'm the happy owner of the first 2015 Cape Blend bottle released in South Africa! As I often say, if you don't ask, you don't get!

Next, Tanya is back...and we are on the drive to the Garden Road! Not a first for us...and this one is a little rush due to the time constrain...and the fact that we both also want to spend as much time as we can in Shelly Beach! Enjoy the pictures! On the golf side, there was Pinnacle Point, Pezula, and the super exclusive Fancourt Links. Happy for me, I didn't have to open my wallet to play my third round at Fancourt Links...Don't ask! But what a day it was!

First time I'm playing Pinnacle Point with solid winds. It is supposed to be a nightmare....but I actually had a lot of fun, and lost close to no balls...happy me! last round was a beautiful day playing with nice people at Pezula...than rushing to the airport for our flights to home!

I don't believe in drinking and SA it can be a in George, we stay in the super basic Protea George, just because it is across the street from Fat Fish...and yes, that restaurant is super special! In Mossel Bay, I finally did the 2 hours Inverroche Gin School! The "school" is set in the grounds of the Protea Mossel Bay! Tanya is not much in Gin, so she enjoyed the fact that we were upgraded in the top suite of the property, simply gorgeous place in which I wouldn't mind to move permanently! On my side, a small group of 6 of us to play Gin makers at my favorite Gin place. I learnt a lot...drink a little and had so much fun!

next, back to our home for few days for Tanya, and a little more for me...on the program...great diving...lots of friends...and superb wine and food...ah life...hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Next entry coming soon, I know I'm a little late on blogging...I've got few more pictures of beaches to share with you!

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