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Africa » Namibia » Damaraland January 10th 2016

After a 5 hour drive, we arrived in Camp Kipwe in the Damaraland, named after the Damara Tribe. The Camp was very unique, nestled amongst an oasis of boulders protruding out of the desert. The bathroom which was attached to our tented lodge was outdoors with running water and quite well "appointed". Meals were good, staff helpful and they had a beautiful area on top of the boulders where you could sit with a glass of wine and watch a gorgeous sunset. Very romantic!!!! We did three tours while in the area: - visited a living museum where members of the Damaraland tribe provided a tour and demonstration of a traditional Damaraland village and culture. This was somewhat "amateurish" but we did take away some good understanding of how these people lived (better described as survived) ... read more
Dancing at the Living Museum
Ancient Game to determine who"gets" the village
Rock Paintings Twyfelfontein

Africa » Namibia » Damaraland October 23rd 2014

Leaving Solitaire was a chance to rinse the sand from between the toes and enter the twilight zone of Swakopmund, a German inspired enclave in western Namibian against the skeleton coast. Another dry morning greeted us at 6am and by 7:30am we had packed up and started out on the bikes, along a broad flat valley of brown grass, goats and the occasional bore water well. Challenging the boredom and bumping factor, we were passed by few air conditioned tourist buses and trucks on their way to the road works that started at the 17km mark, throwing up enough dust to give one a ‘London nose’ for the trip. By 10:30am we had knocked off 50km and racked our bikes for the long deserted descent down to Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. The arid environment of the ... read more
Walvis Bay Flamingo
Salt flats, Swakopmund

Africa » Namibia » Damaraland August 31st 2013

We leave Swakopmund at around 8:30, hoping to be at the bank as it opens to change some of the dollars we are carrying. Unfortunately, Saturday AM seems to be the time the locals descend on their bank, so the line is already 50 deep at that time. We head across the road and hit the ATM instead, fill up at the edge of town and head north up the coast. We are on a "salt" road, so called as it is tarmac covered in salt from the sea and very slippery when wet. We head up to Hentes Bay, very chilly at 14 degrees. Along the way, we encounter a recent skeleton coast wreck, now parked in the breakers and home to dozens of cormorants, white sided and common. We pause for a look round ... read more
Down to the Ugab Terraces

Africa » Namibia » Damaraland October 3rd 2012

Damaraland, Namibia, 1 September 2012 – Tom’s birthday After an excellent drive on sealed roads, we arrived at Damaraland at the Aba-Huab Camp at about 3.00pm. It was a simple camp by a dry river bed, with hot water (heated by the donkey method), a pool table and lots of sand – after all, we were heading towards the Namib Desert. All the members of our tour wished Tom happy birthday in the morning, presenting him with a card with everyone’s birthday messages. We all looked after him very well. For the evening meal, we had arranged ice cream with candles on top and sang him happy birthday. Georgina gave him a cap with the big 5 embroided on it and I gave him a DVD with images of Africa and African music on it. Damaraland ... read more
Aba-Huab our accomodation in Damaraland Namibia (3)
Aba-Huab our accomodation in Damaraland Namibia (4)
Aba-Huab our accomodation in Damaraland Namibia (5)

Africa » Namibia » Damaraland August 11th 2012

Another day on the road today so not a great deal to say. We hit the salt road north again after breakfast. Not far out of Swakopmund is a small community called Wlotzkasbaken that we had passed yesterday. It comprises lots of colourful houses and caught our eye yesterday, so when we got back a bit of research informed us that this town lives off grid, as it were, generating its own electricity, storing is own water and recycling it waste. On our way back north today we had a quick drive through and took some more pictures. Just after we turned off the salt road we came across an area of the desert that was cordoned off for filming. We know that two days ago when we went kayaking that they are filming Mad Max ... read more
Herero Village
With obligatory car

Africa » Namibia » Damaraland August 11th 2012

Before we say what we have been doing today a quick word on yesterday evening: when we got back to our lodge from the main block after dinner last night we stood on the porch admiring the stars and we were joined by a bat in silent flight swooping round catching the insects attracted by the porch light. Today we have had a day off from driving as we let the guides take the strain. This morning we were up early, very early to go out and see if we could find the desert adapted elephant. On the way we saw the usual springbok and ostrich, we also saw steenbok which is a very small antelope and loads of different birds. Our driver was very good at mimicking the bird calls to get them to sing. ... read more
Baby desert elephant

Africa » Namibia » Damaraland August 19th 2011

H – Kate has already mentioned in one of her blogs our visit to a Himba Village so I wont repeat that but I have added a few more photos of the experience for you to enjoy and some pictures of the Himba women covered in the iron oxide/butter rub and their amazing hair. On the subject of hair ... we have been on the move for several weeks now since my last haircut in Nicaragua and I really did need a haircut. When I saw the hair of one of the little boys in the village I thought why not – get a local haircut! If they can give him a cool Mohican style cut they should be able to do something for me. By the time they found the barber (he was in the ... read more
Team Haircuts - See How The Little Lad Wants Me To Have A Lollipop - They Do that At My Barbers In Californina Too!
Keep Your Eyes On That Lolly
The Local Elders Hold An Impromptu Meeting To Discuss A Lollipop Shortage

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