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Africa » Lesotho » Butha Buthe July 17th 2019

Ron was very excited to be travelling up the Sani Pass to enter a new country, Lesotho. Our driver from Roof of Africa tours picked us up in a four wheel drive, a necessity for tackling the pass. It took two hours of bumping along gravel roads, some with steep drops to reach the summit of the pass at 2873 metres. After crossing the border, Ron enjoyed a beer at the the highest pub in Africa, the only building at the top of the pass before we travelled on through the mountains of Lesotho. Lesotho is a landlocked country encircled by South Africa, just over 30,000 km square with a population of just over 2 million. It is considered the highest country in the world due to its lowest point being 1400 metres, hence "why Nepal ... read more
Enjoying a beer at the top of the pass
Frozen waterfall on the Sani Pass
Sani pass

Africa » Lesotho » Maseru September 29th 2017

Lesotho 9-24-2017 Maseru, Lesotho Sang hom sau nhu du dinh toi muon xe co tai xe dua di tham cac noi trong thanh pho nhu King Palace, palament , churches. Sau do di den Cultural village noi ma nam 1822 tu truong Mosshoeshoe tran thu tren ngon nui Thaba Bosiu de tao nen nuoc Lesotho ngay nay. Tu thanh pho Maseru thu do Lesotho den day mat 30’ va cach Maseru khoang 20km. Noi day co cultural village , gom nhung lang nho voi cac can nha duoc lap lai giong nhu nhung can nha ngay xua bo lac nay da o. Moi tuan vai lan co vu dan toc do cac nguoi trong thanh pho den bieu dien. Truoc tien chung toi leo nui Thaba Bosui. Nui nay khong cao lam nhung dac biet la ... read more

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top June 1st 2017

The highest mountain in Lesotho, the highest mountain in Southern Africa, the highest mountain in Africa for over 3100 km, the highest mountain in Africa south of Mount Meru in Tanzania – the highest south of Kilimanjaro if you believe the marginally inaccurate boasts of the tour companies who offer guided hikes up there. Thabana Ntlenyana reaches 3482 m and, unlike most of the other Drakensberg peaks, can be hiked in a single day. The view along the way is beautiful and constantly changing though kind of always the same. We had first viewed Lesotho from the top of Mont-aux-Sources, a slightly lower mountain sitting on the border that you climb via the Amphitheatre chain ladders above Royal Natal National Park in the Northern Drakensberg. The high peaks you observe from the South Africa side are ... read more
Thabana Ntlenyana summit
Shepherds having a bit of down time
The view of Sani Pass from the back of a bakkie

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top August 22nd 2015

Im lucky to do those hikes when I did because today is a drive up to Lesotho. I couldn’t imagine going another 21 km up as high as it is….F that. So the 1968 jeep will be doing the leg work today J The first stop was at an old trading post used for the Basotho people and SA peeps. On the way the views were stunning including the 12 apostles; plateaued peaks of which there were actually 13 so a new friend born in Paris, raised in Benin, and currently working in an embassy in Gabon said its 12 and then jesus is the 13th. Lolol. Each turn of the switchback has a name including the ice corner, suicide corner, OMG corner, and other fun monikers. At top a quick search finds the Maluti brand ... read more
12 apostles

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top May 26th 2015

Having picked up Yannick in Ladysmith, our travelling party had now increased to three upon leaving Clarens. No, we didn’t pick up a hot female hitchhiker, but we instead picked up Lee from the UK, a fellow solo traveller who was also staying at the Clarens Inn & Backpackers. Public transport around the Drakensberg is almost non-existent save for the sometimes-ropey long distance taxis which don’t go on a schedule but rather when the minibus is full. The best way to get around – or in and out of the Drakensberg – is by car. Lee didn’t have one – I did. Lee also needed to get towards Cape Town – I was ultimately heading for Durban which is a good place to start a journey to the Mother City. So again, it was a win-win ... read more
Basotho Family & House
Looking Down The Pass
Made It

Africa » Lesotho » Roma March 2nd 2015

6:00 a.m. Dawn is slowly breaking over the mountains outside my window. The air is so clear that I see the light as pale gold. The generator is turned on only from five to ten in the evening, so ay 10:05 last night it was pitch black in the room. The stars and moon shone brightly, casting just enough light to grant contours to the trees. A tiny puffy apricot cloud has just appeared above the mountain ridge horizon. With the growing light, I realized I was watching a sideshow. Due east was located in the sitting room. I quietly opened the glass doors and in the cool pleasant fresh air watched as a streak of bright gold slowly blazed into bright sun. The surrounding peaks had little cloudy gold crowns. 1:45 p.m. In the silence ... read more
Generous farmer
Kindergarten class
Form 6 and 7

Africa » Lesotho » Roma March 1st 2015

8:45 p.m. We have landed in the most unimaginable “hotel” ever! Out my window and patio door is a wide view of a Drakensberg escarpment and mountain, fully green and filled with darker green trees and bushes. My “room” is a bedroom off a large sitting room and kitchen, shared by Judy, who is in a loft. Ours is part of a set of four unique sitting-bedroom arrangements, each unique, once part of a farm with stables. Ramabantha Trading Lodge was one of the original holdings on a trail of trading posts established by one family in the early twentieth century. They still run the modernized business. When we arrived about 5:00, out of curiosity we all walked through the other buildings and people's rooms. Norm and Duane are in the converted stables, with rooms that ... read more
Golden Gate National Park
Chief and Assistant

Africa » Lesotho November 14th 2014

I’d never even heard of the Kingdom of Lesotho before I travelled to the Southern end of Africa, even though it was a British colony until 1966, but after spending 3 days in the company of the Basotho (a Bantu-speaking people) I would like to return one day to really get to know the country. When looking on a map you’d be forgiven for thinking Lesotho was a province of South Africa but it’s a micro-state which is very proud to be independent after a hard struggle to prevent absorption by the country that surrounds them. Out of all the micro-states I have visited it was the one that felt most like a country to me, there was a proper border and after crossing you notice a significant drop in the standard of living compared to ... read more
Crossing the Bprder at Ficksburg
Armed and Ready
The Traditional Hat

Africa » Lesotho » Malealea November 9th 2014

Yesterday, our stay in the Wild Coast was quite disappointed me. Today we travel northwards to another region that you should not miss; a small country called Lesotho. There, we will visit a very small town; Malealea. According Manda, this place is very great to hang out; here you can meet some traditional Africa. There is no access to electricity and we should be careful with using water. If you want to know if Malealea was disappointing, continue reading! Of course not! Malealea is not disappointing! Actually, it was also a great highlight of my trip. I wish that every day was so special. At 05:45 we had our breakfast before we went on the road, to the Malealea lodge. For the boarder, we took some lunch. While Lesotho is an own country we had to ... read more
The African Huts
The Golden Paradise

Africa » Lesotho January 14th 2014

I was supposed to spend 3-4 days in Lesotho, as my flight was arriving in Durban and it was close by, but in the end I spent more than one week there. It’s not because I wanted to, it’s more because transportation and infrastructures for tourists in that country are really underdeveloped. Therefore, for a week, I really travelled and experienced life as a local. However, don’t get me wrong, this country is just amazing with very friendly people, awesome scenery and nature everywhere. I would advise anyone, who loves nature, hiking, and who wants to visit a not touristy place, to go there. However, just be advised that the roads in the South and the East are bumpy so it will take hours to go from one place to another. If you are comfortable, driving ... read more
Nice children
Hike near Malingoaneng
Kelelo's garden in Malingoaneng

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