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Armed and Ready  

Armed and Ready

To make sure I bought Corn Flakes as soon as I could, just across the border
Country 73 - 3 Days in Lesotho

November 14th 2014
I’d never even heard of the Kingdom of Lesotho before I travelled to the Southern end of Africa, even though it was a British colony until 1966, but after spending 3 days in the company of the Basotho (a Bantu-speaking people) I would like to return one day to really get to know the country. When looking on a map you’d be forgiven for thinking Lesotho was a province of South Africa but it ... read more
Africa » Lesotho

Basotho Flag Basutoland was renamed the Kingdom of Lesotho upon independence from the UK in 1966. King MOSHOESHOE was exiled in 1990, but returned to Lesotho in 1992 and reinstated in 1995. Constitutional government was restored in 1993 after 23 years of military... ... read more
8th May 2015

Armed & Ready
The expression says it all...outrageous and impressive! Lesotho sounds like it opened its arms to you.
11th May 2015

Open Arms
Yeah it was a lovely place Dave, not sure if you've been but if not and you go stay longer than I did. All the best and keep dancing

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